Google SEO News: Google Search Rolls Out New Spam Update – Part 1

On June 23, Danny Sullivan confirmed that a spam-fighting Google algorithm update is ready to roll out. Unlike other updates, Google announced that this update would be completed in one day.

“As part of our regular efforts to improve our results, we’ve released a spam update to our systems. This spam update ends today. Next week comes next. We’ll add this tweet to the thread when it happens,” Google added.

Google did not specify what kind of Spam it is trying to combat with this update; instead, it simply linked to its general spam prevention policy to make the point. When announcing this update, Sullivan added a link to an April blog post detailing the results of Google’s recent anti-spam efforts.

What Was The Need For The New Spam Update?

Google releases spam updates regularly to keep a check and maintain the quality of its search results.

However, it is unlikely that a genuine website that adheres to Google’s SEO guidelines will have anything to fear in the wake of these spam updates.

What Does Spam Mean To Google?

Search engine giant Google has a strict definition of Spam that includes poor quality web pages that trick visitors into installing malware on their systems or provide personal information.

Even websites that adhere to Google’s guidelines are susceptible to spam attacks from hackers. If a website is not adequately secured, it may be serving Spam to users without the users being aware of it.

What Are The Consequences?

As per Google’s annual report, hacked Spam is increasing rapidly. If your website’s ranking suddenly drops due to today’s or next week’s update, it would be wise to check your website’s security and look for signs of a possible attack.

The content of a website that has been affected by a spam update is either demoted in search results or removed entirely from Google’s index.

More than 99 percent of visits from search results are, according to the company, spam-free, thanks to its automated systems.


According to the company, Google’s automated systems prevented 25 billion spam pages from being indexed in search results every day last year. By the time Google introduces the annual spam-fighting report, we will almost certainly have a better understanding of the impact of the June 2021 spam updates.

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