Importance of Google Indexing and How to Index Your Website Faster!

Almost all the site owners want to bring more organic search traffic to their site because it helps them rank higher and drive more sales. Organic search traffic plays a vital role in growing your business and website. According to the research claims, about 53% of your website’s traffic is due to organic search.

As long as Google indexes your site, you will be visible on the SERPs. But, getting your new site or blog indexed by search engines such as Google and Bing is challenging. You have to do something to your site to make it notable from others.

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Suppose you want to Google index your site. In that case, you have two methods to follow – sit back and wait for it to happen naturally, but it takes some time, and make it happen by rendering more time and energy to maximize conversion rate and enhance social presence. Once you get your site indexed, it induces more time to build the audience.

Importance of Google Indexing For Your Website

Do you want your website to show up in the search result? Then, it requires to be indexed. Do not assume that indexing the site once is enough. It would help if you kept re-indexing your website to be more visible on the SERPs and push down your competitors. Search engines such as Google do not update automatically, and they rely on spiders.

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It is nothing but the computer code, which every search engine sends out to crawl the web. Therefore, having a regular and efficient crawl rate is mandatory. The spider’s purpose is to look for the new stuff on the website and then update the already indexed version of the website. As soon as the spider discovers the new page or site, it requires figuring out what the page or site is about.

The keyword is no longer enough to index the website. Many biggest competitors add dozens of stuffing in the page’s Meta description. At present, Meta tag and keyword stuffing will get you penalized. You should be very careful and put enough effort into improving the site rank. Or else, your site will kick out of the index altogether. It means your website would not rank for any keywords.

Nowadays, search engines are more concerned with the overall UX (user experience) and the user intention behind the search. These things make the page experience a significant part of the ranking. Even though keywords still matter, many other factors play a vital role. It includes quality inbound links, valid code on all pages, and social signals.

None of these things will matter when the spider does not tell the search engines your webpage is there in the first place. It means the site would not show up in the search results. Thus, website indexing is essential. In simple words, indexing is the spider’s method of collecting and processing the data from the sites and pages during its crawl across the web. Your search result will improve with frequent indexing.

Keep in mind that the spider notes the new document/page and changes. Then, it adds to the searchable index the search engine maintains. If the page contains quality content, then it is added quickly. Therefore, never think that you can trigger an index by doing shady things such as building many links from outside sources and keyword stuffing.

The spider will watch whatever you do on the site. Usually, it processes the page’s content and locations where the search terms are placed. In addition, it analyses the aspects of Meta tag, title tag, and attributes for images. After that, the spider will add an index to the content. So, Google’s algorithm will work whenever the users look for the information by typing in search keywords.

It decides where to rank the page compared to all other websites relevant to those keywords. You should add the latest content to your site to make Google index your site multiple times. You can do the same thing for other search engines to rank higher. Scroll down the page to know more information about indexing.

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Reasons Behind the Not Index Site

Is Google not indexing your website? If yes, then your site will be invisible. You would not obtain any organic traffic when your site did not appear for any search queries. So, you will not reach the targeted audiences easily. Here are the reasons making indexing difficult.

  1. Accessing the duplicate content
  2. The site is indexed under a www or non-www domain
  3. Google has not discovered your website yet, which is familiar with the new sites
  4. Do not have sitemap.xml
  5. Response codes other than 200
  6. Blocked through robots.txt
  7. Lack of value top of Google’s index
  8. Page load time
  9. Orphaned pages

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How to Check the Index in Google

Are you worried about how to check whether your site is indexed in Google? If yes, then you should follow the things mentioned here.

  1. Visit Google and search for
  2. At the top, you will see the number that indicates how many of your pages Google has indexed
  3. Use to check the index status of the specific URL
  4. No result will suggest that the page is not indexed

If you are a Google search console user, access the coverage report to obtain more accurate insight into the website index status. Visit Google search console -> index -> coverage. Check out the number of valid pages with and without warnings. When these two numbers are zero, Google has at least certain pages indexed on the site. If it is not, you have some issues because no page on your website is indexed.

If you are not a Google search console user, sign up for free. It helps you get enough guidance to know whether you are traveling on the right path. First, access the search console to check whether the specific page is indexed. Next, you should paste the site URL into the URL inspection tool. Finally, you will see the URL is on Google if the page is indexed. Or else, you will witness “URL is not on Google.”

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Steps on How to Index By Google

Do you found that your site or web page is not indexed in Google? Instead of worrying much, you can try the following things. It helps you to make your site indexed.

  1. Navigate to the Google search console
  2. Go to the URL inspection tool
  3. Now, page the URL you want to index into the search bar
  4. Wait for some time because Google checks the URL
  5. Press the request indexing button

That’s enough! You will now Google index your site, but make sure you do the necessary things to make the spider find your site/page. The entire process is better when you publish a new page or post.

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Tactics to Follow To Get Your Page Indexed Faster

If you want to index your website on Google quickly, you should take advantage of these tactics because it effectively gets the desired result quickly.

  1. Setting up the Google search console, previously called Google webmaster tools, is essential. It renders in-depth details about your site regarding how it appears on SERPs. In addition, it reports to you when Googlebot has crawling and indexing issues with your site, and thus you will fix them easily and quickly. As soon as you activate the Google service, you send them a signal to index your site. Create and submit the sitemap to the Google search console.
  2. Set up Google Analytics because it is another excellent tool rendering comprehensive web analytics. It gathers and organizes the site traffic data and generates the report. It is similar to the Google search console, and thus no information will display here until the site has been indexed.
  3. Do not forget to have a blog on your main website because it helps with digital marketing. It renders information to your users and creates the content to maximize SEO rankings. Websites with blogs obtain 434% more indexed pages than sites without blogs for indexing purposes. In addition, those sites get 97% more indexed links. Make sure you have a blog with unique content and update the benefits regularly.
  4. Start link building because it is the primary SEO tool to maximize ranking. However, it is the best way to get your website indexed faster. Obtaining links from reputable and trusted sites assists Google is crawling more quickly. Make sure you find trustworthy sites which have authority on Google. Accessing unreliable and spammy websites may help Google index faster, but it will not impact your SEO.
  5. Networking and establishing a digital relationship with your targeted audience, webmasters, and business is essential to developing your online presence. It also maximizes awareness, creates links, and assists Google index faster. You can send emails, make a press release with a link to the website and write a blog to start outreach online.

Contact us if you need professional assistance indexing your website and enhancing its performance.

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