How to Do Keyword Research for SEO in 2023 with Intelligent Tricks?

Today’s topic is “Keyword Research,” which is an essential part of SEO Services. It is the most required task before starting an online marketing campaign, whether for SEO or Pays Per Click Advertising campaign.

Imagine so, if no one is searching for what you are writing about, you want to get any traffic how hard you plan to obtain. That is why we are here to help you with the most innovative tricks and tips for Keyword Research.

Let’s start to understand more about the keywords research and how to analyze it in the following process:-

Process 1:- Basic Keyword Research

Basic Keyword Research  

In this keyword research, we deeply know what exactly keyword research is for your business.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases searched in the search engine bar of google. They are also called ‘SEO keywords’ or Search Terms.

Keywords research is the procedure of understanding the business module and finding the right product or services keywords that can bring more traffic and sales for any business. It then involves analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing the best opportunities for your website growth.

Why Is Keyword Research Vital?

Keyword research is the only way to figure out what the users are searching or typing in the search engines. We need to avoid those content that nobody searches for in Google. Many website owners make such blunders, and it most likely to affect the website and couldn’t sustain maximum traffic on Google as per the study says.

Keyword research also enables to answer any questions about:-

  • How tough it will be to rank for this. Keyword?
  • How much traffic do I get from this keyword if I use it?
  • What kind of content should we write to rank for this keyword?
  • People who are searching for this keyword will likely become my customers?

The answer to these questions should be wise to solve the battle of fewer customers for your website.

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Process 2:- How To Find The Best Keywords Ideas?

Best Keywords Ideas

This keyword research starts with how much potential a customer is thinking while searching for your business or website. Once you know, you can then use the keyword research tools to expand those ideas and find more suitable keywords.

It is quite a simple process if you do things correctly and accurately.

  • You must have enough knowledge of your industry.
  • All you need to understand how keyword tools work and how you can get the best out of it
  • Must know the process of how to utilize the keywords in the content.

In the process, you will go through a few actionable techniques to improve more knowledge for winning keywords for your website.

  1. Seed keywords:- Seed keywords are also known as the foundation of the brainstorm keywords research process. These keywords will define the niche and help you to find your competitors. In this case, every keyword research tool asks for some seed keyword, which later generates the list of keywords for your website.
  2. Look for the keywords your competitors rank for:- The best way to know about competitors is by looking at which keyword already has traffic, and it helps you start the keyword research quickly. Checking from competitors can be an excellent source for keyword ideas but still many keywords which might not be your competitors using. Hence, you can try to find keyword research tools to target the maximum audience.
  3. Keyword research tools:- There are many tools to find the keywords, such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Sheeter, Keyword Surfer, a Chrome extension. Google Keyword Planner is enough to get many keywords ideas, and it is a very well-known keyword tool and free to use.
  4. Niche study:- Till now, we have studied much to generate almost unlimited keyword ideas, but still, at the same time, it keeps you in the box.

You can solve this theory by studying the niche in detail about the place. You can browse these sites industry forms, groups, and Q&A.

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Process 3:- How To Analyze The Keywords?

Analyze The Keywords

Having infinity ideas of keywords is all well and good. But still, you don’t know which one is the best one for your site. After all, going through all the keyword ideas by hand would be an impossible task.

So, let’s make things simple by adding the SEO metrics to narrow things down, and it will separate the wheat from the chaff before it adds to your content calendar for your website.

Five Main Keyword Metrics You Can Go For It:-

  • You must have enough knowledge of your industry.
  • All you need to understand how keyword tools work and how you can get the best out of it
  • Must know the process of how to utilize the keywords in the content.

In the process, you will go through a few actionable techniques to improve more knowledge for winning keywords for your website.

  • Scan volume: – in this process, the search volume will tell you the average number of times the keywords have been searched in the Google bar per month.
  • Several clicks:- People who search for something in Google might not click all search results or top-ranking pages. That here click metric keyword explorer comes in hand. This process tells you the average number of monthly clicks on the keyword search results.
  • Traffic potential:- In this keyword, if you rank for the page, that probably also ranks all kinds of related keywords research.
  • Keywords difficulties:- Professionals SEO Services typically assesses the rankings by the difficulty of a keyword manually. That is why looking for the top rankings to target maximum traffic on the website. Here are the accounts for various factors to judge how hard or easy it will be:-
  1. Number of black lines
  2. Domain ratings
  3. Content length and freshness
  4. Use of targeted keywords, synonyms, entities
  5. Search intent
  6. Branding
  • Cost per click:- This cost per click shows how much the advertiser is willing to pay per pay click for the keyword.

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Process 4:- Target the Keywords

Target the Keywords

For any keyword on your list, you need to create the right kind of page and content to address it. While how to do and understand is the most crucial phase in the keyword research process. Well, with these two simple steps, you can do it:-

  • Identify parent search
  • Identity search intent topic
  • Identify parent search:- Might be you are wondering whether you should create different pages for each keyword or target all the keywords on the same page? The answer to the question lies with Google is how they see the keywords. It depends on Google whether it sees them as a part of the same topic or sees them as individual topics.
  • Identify search intent topic:- If you run an online business or store with a website, you need to understand which blog post or product page will target the keyword research process.

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Process 5:- Prioritize Keywords

Basic Keyword Research

In this process, prioritizing keywords is not the final step in the keyword research process. It is more than that when you go through the above steps and understand more deeply about the keywords. As looking for the keywords, analyzing metrics, and grouping them take a look:-

  • What would be the estimated potential of the keywords?
  • How tough will it be to compete, and how would you take it as a rank?
  • Do you already have content on the related top? If not, then how you create to promote the competitive page?
  • If you already rank for this keyword? Then how could you boost up traffic by improving your rank in a few positions?
  • If the traffic may likely convert into leads and sales or just about the brand’s awareness?
It states that how these processes are essential. While going for search volume, traffic potential and difficulties, and search intent all are important considerations. You must understand what traffic from the keywords will be beneficial for your business.

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Process 6:- Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research Tools

Before wrapping up the things, let’s discuss some of the popular keyword research tools that will help you to understand the above concept clearly.

  • Google keyword planner
  • Google trends
  • Google search console
  • Ahrefs webmaster tools
  • Keyword generator
  • Keyword difficulty checker
  • Keyword rank checker

Keywords explorer:-

After checking all these sites, you will indeed find the best keywords for your website. Find thousands of keyword ideas in seconds and filter those keywords that report the keywords that matter to your website. Assess those keywords as traffic potential for your site and rank the website with ease.


We tried hard to keep everything simple and easy as much as possible. We have covered all the basic keyword research concepts and plan your content strategy easily for your website and get maximum traffic at Google.

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