Explain How Can A Developer Learn About Web Design?

Being a developer, you want to learn in-depth about web design. Becoming a web designer is a daunting task until you do not have an interest. The perfect balance of technical knowledge and artistic/design ability requires developing the experience users love. It means you should be strong on both the technical and creative sides to shine in the web design field.

Unlike before, you have tons of resources online and offline to improve your knowledge. As you have been working as a developer already, you have enough scope to boost your skillset and expertise. Knowing what to do to improve your skills is enough to achieve your goal quickly. Here, you will learn the steps developers need to follow to learn web design.

Focus On the Web Design Theory

Your journey to become a web designer starts by learning the web design theory. As already mentioned, you have too much online stuff and courses. Engage with the option where you feel comfortable and understand the concepts clearly. Understand the foundational principles for developing a good website, including color theory, user experience, and structure.

Even though there are many different ways to teach web design theory, joining or attending the web design course or boot camp is beneficial. You can follow the web design boot camps as a developer because it is a short and intensive educational program. Within a few weeks, you will complete the course and get enough fundamental ideas.

Remember that learning the web design theory is completely different from studying various forms of theoretical learning as the web design field is constantly evolving. Thus, a good web designer should commit to education continues to become updated. Try to be familiar with the fundamental of visual design such as grids, color, shape, texture, and line.

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Develop both Soft and Hard Skills

Here are the primary technical skills you should possess to learn web design.

  1. Visual design for learning the fundamental design principles
  2. UX (user experience) to build the wireframes and access templates
  3. Graphic design and web design software
  4. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  5. SEO, digital marketing, and social media

Alongside, you must need soft skills such as time management, communication skills, and client management. It helps you keep yourself organized and effective in the web design work. Try to balance hard and soft skills to achieve your goal quickly.

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Understand the Basics of HTML

HTML is one of the must-have skills for web designers. It renders the directions for how the images, content, and other website elements display in the web browser. It does not need to be professional in HTML. Having some familiarity with its working is enough to grab more benefits.

Usually, HTML tags are the basic instructions the browser accesses to generate the site. Tags control the headings, links, images, and paragraphs. It affects the layout structure and helps your site appear in the organic search rankings.

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Familiar with the Foundations of UX and UI

UX brings the site to life, which turns the site from the static arrangement of elements into something engaging and attractive. The content, color scheme, layout, visuals, and content come together to serve the audience.

UX design is all about precision and evoking feelings. No one will connect with your brand if you fail to provide the best and smooth user experience. You must know the basic UX principles: user personas, information architecture, user flows, prototyping, and wireframes.

Likewise, familiarize yourself with the user interface (UI). It is the mechanism of putting the piece of technology into action. The reliable user interface elements on the site let the users put efforts into motion. Two important principles of UP are simplicity and intuitive design.

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Know About the Web Design Tools

Before starting working as a web designer, you must learn various web design tools. More powerful and efficient web design tools and software developed and launched over time. As a result, web designers will create functional and beautiful websites quickly. Developers who want to be web designers recommend learning the following tools.


WordPress is the long-time leader of all website design skills. Every web designer should possess adequate knowledge of the tool. WordPress powers about 27% of all the internet’s websites.

In CMS, it holds 76% of the market share worldwide. You will find more than 1000 in-built themes and plugins in WordPress. It gives you enough flexibility and freedom to develop, edit, improve, customize and optimize the websites. Spend adequate time to know deeper about the specific tool.


Web designers should have the capability to make stunning and creative images. It is because the website is not just about the content and layout. It should have attractive elements to attract the audiences’ attention. Therefore, web designers must learn Photoshop.

It allows you to work with a limitless array of colors and gradients to render vivid prints, patterns and images. You will find the new software frequently in the field and thus be ready to learn everything.

Sketch and Dreamweaver

The sketch is one of the primary tools for developing interfaces and prototyping. It is used for user interface designs. The sketch helps you a lot while working with the graphics and vector drawings.

Dreamweaver is another vital part of the Adobe Suite, which every web designer must be familiar with. It lets you code your site design directly even though you are not a programming pro. You will develop a responsive and attractive design with read-made design templates and other tools.

Apart from these, you should have knowledge of InVision studio, Google Web Designer, and other tools. It simplifies your path towards web design learning.

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Work On the Web Design Projects

Once you feel you are ready to design, start to design the websites. Never worry about committing mistakes because mistakes help you grow further by finding the possible way to travel. It sharpens your skill in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When you build more sites, you will become a better web designer.

When you indulge in the web design program, you experiment with whatever you want and know its result. In addition, you can interact with the site the way the user might. It helps you to develop solid web products from scratch.

You can even build a site for a fake company or business. It is the best and most creative way to develop your design chops. Then, you can even add it to your portfolio.

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Why Should A Developer Learn Web Design?

So far, you have read the journey involved in learning web designing. Here, you will witness the reasons for a developer to learn web design. Improving the knowledge as a developer will unlock many opportunities.

Boost The Website Attractiveness

A good web developer can distinguish a beautiful and creative website from the horrible one because they know how to design the best site. As they know planning and spend more time developing the website projects in real-time, they know the right path to travel on. The developer with the eye as the visual expertise and knowledge can boost the website aesthetics more. So, the website becomes more refined.

Easier To Design a Responsive Website

One of the essential things for attracting huge audiences and gaining a higher ranking in SERP is having a mobile-friendly website. So, companies often look for such kinds of professionals. As a developer, if you learn web designing and design a responsive website, you will easily attract more clients. In addition, you can provide the best outcome within the budget and timeline.

Can Bring Next-Generation Trends

Developers who learn website designing will get enough ideas on the upcoming technologies. It helps them render new dimensions to the web development industry. For example, they develop a responsive website for laptops, desktops, tablets, and wearable devices. As you know the modern CSS, HTML, and scripting technologies, you will handle the upcoming trends effortlessly.

Showcase High Performance

Both search engines and people are searching for high performance. The website’s load speed plays a vital role in the critical performance parameters. So, a web developer should learn image optimization and other innovative UI element design tools and techniques to meet the website visitor’s needs. It also helps you rank the site higher and get a huge ROI. Learning web design will familiarize you with these things and fulfill the customers’ growing needs.

Can Include Material Design Trends

Material design is usually depending on geometric shapes. It brings realism and depth to the website. Therefore, when the developer has expertise in web design accessing material design, they will provide an excellent outcome for the project. In addition, material design involves less designing and more coding. Thus, it makes the programmer’s life much easier than before.

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