On-Page SEO Factors And Guide For 2024

The way your page or website is optimized can have an impact on its ability to rank high. There are three ways to rank your website high:- technical SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail page SEO factors.

Let’s discuss the essential factor for on-page SEO.

  • On-page SEO basics
  • How to create SEO content
  • How to optimize your content
  • Advance on-page optimization
  • On-page SEO tools

1. On-page SEO Basics

We make sure you understand on-page SEO, how it works, and why it is essential.

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO is also called On-site SEO. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages on the search engine to rank higher on Google. It encompasses the optimizations to HTML source code and visible content.

Why is it important?

Google looks at your website page’s content to determine whether it is relevant to the user query or not. Part of this process implicates glancing for keywords.

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2. How to create SEO content

SEO Content

Before you start making the technical optimization of the keywords placed here and there, you need to create the vital content that Google wants to rank. So, for informative content, you need to target the main keywords for ranking on Google.

Four things keep in mind while writing the content:-

  • Be Relevant
  • Be Thorough
  • Be Unique
  • Be Clear
  1. Relevant Content:- Relevancy is the most crucial part of On-page SEO. Here relevant content means aligning your content with search purpose. Many fail to give searchers exactly what they want, which lowers the chances of ranking from slim to none.
  2. Be Thorough:- Well, having a good quality of content that extensively aligns with the search intent will be a good start for your website. If you want to be on the top rankings in Google, you need to deliver the best and most promising content. It means covering all the necessary points that the people want to see.
  3. Be Unique:- It is valuable to give what searchers precisely want, but it is also integral to bring something unique and new to the table. If you fail to do so, you will lose many users who are interested in reading boring and old content. So add creativity and uniqueness in your content for the top rankings on Google.
  4. Be Clear:- no matter how well your content must be or thorough, unique maybe, but if it is not clear, then no one will read it. So, your content must be straightforward and directly hits the stoners.

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3. How to optimize your content:-

Content Optimization

Formulating that type of content that Google and searchers want to see must be hard. So, now all you need to optimize the technical stuff like meta tags and URLs.

Optimize your content with these elements:-

Include keywords in the title:- Basically, heading1 will wrap up in a page title. So, consequently, why including the keywords in the title has been popular SEO reasoning since forever.

Use short, descriptive URLs:- If you go for short-term and descriptive URLs, it will help your searchers understand what a page is about before clicking anywhere.

Optimize your title tags:- Well, having a compelling title tag is essential as it helps you indicate your website on search results. Title tags must be efficient and unique for the top rankings on Google search.

Write compelling meta description:- google mostly showed a page’s meta description as the descriptive snippet in the SERP.

Optimize your images:- images can help you rank in Google image search and send more traffic to your website. Three-step checklist to optimize your images:-

  • Name images appropriately
  • Use descriptive alt text
  • Compress images

Add internal and external links: Linking your website with relevant internal and external resources helps visitors navigate your page and find more information.

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4. Advanced on-page optimization:-

On Page SEO

Whatever we have wrapped so far is enough to optimize the pages well, but there are still other things to do. If your page is working well but still needs to upgrade more with your on-page SEO, here are a few advanced optimizations.

Optimize for featured snippets: – snippets featured are those types of SERP features that mostly show near the top searches of results.

Embed kink magnets:- links always remain an essential factor in the top rankings of Google. While linking to build the off-page SEO, not an on-page SEO, you can easily add more links by including the linkable snippets on your web page.

Get rich snippets with schema markup:- basically, rich snippets are those search results with additional information below the title and description and URLs.

Improve topical relevance:- This Google considers a page more relevant for the search queries when it contains other relevant content besides the keywords.

Run a TF-IDF analysis:- TF stands for term frequency, and IDF stands for inverse document frequency. By running TF-IDF, it analyzes your and other relevant top-ranking pages.

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5. On-page SEO tools:-

On-page SEO tools

Here are some of the free tools to help you with everything above; before wrapping up things, take a look:-

Yoast SEO: – Add the titles, meta descriptions, OG tags, and structured data to posts and pages.

Ahrefs webmaster tools:- Find the missing issues with title tags, meta description, alt text, and OG tags across your website.

Ahrefs SEO toolbar:- Analyze the structure of other top-ranking pages.

Meta tags.io:- Preview your title tags, URLs, and meta description will look in the search results.

Shortpixel:- Compress and optimize images.

Rich results test:- Check whether the structured data on your page to see if it is eligible for rich snippets in the SERPs.


If you follow the above instruction, you will most likely be better at optimization than the competition. Keeping in mind that satisfying search intent is critical, it surely helps you achieve massive traffic on your page.

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