Top 21 Online Marketing Ideas For The Holidays

The number of digital enterprises has been increasing at an incredible pace since the pandemic. Because the world population was forced to buy everything online during the lockdown phase, most people realized how convenient this is. So, today, online shopping is trending among the masses over its offline counterpart.

There’s no saying how much we enjoy shopping during the festival season. So, this time is a great opportunity for online businesses to take advantage of customer hype. However, in case you’re a novice in the field or are yet to establish a name in the online market, some handy marketing tips might help you. So, this article discusses numerous holiday marketing ideas for online enterprises.

21 Ideas to Take Your Online Holiday Marketing To A Whole New Level:

Here are 21 brainy ideas that will take your online marketing to a whole new level this festive season.

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Start Early

Research the internet to find out what your users are really looking for during the holiday season. Accordingly, start your festive preparation early. Keyword research and competitor analysis will help you study your market position and use the holiday time as an opportunity to rank higher in the market.

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Review Last Year’s Holiday Campaign

Reviewing how well your holiday marketing campaign worked the previous year is a great idea to improve it now. Understanding your target audience and what they prefer from past purchases will give you an edge to enhance the product line and find better strategies for marketing.

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Be Prepared For Competition More Than Ever.

That numerous online enterprises are fighting for the top position in the market is hardly a secret. So, analyzing your competition well before beginning and preparing for a decent race is a must. Like they say, ‘the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in battle!

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Native Advertising

A pivotal component of online marketing, native advertising allows you the perks of building the customer’s trust. It is a write-up penned in the form of an article or editorial but that which naturally endorses the brand. This is one of the most suitable strategies to adopt during the holiday season.

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Remarketing refers to bringing back the customers who visited your website without making a purchase. If you have the details of a customer who changed their mind at the last step, you can use it to follow up on them. The best way to bring back customers is to understand why they left the site in the first place. Try different solutions to their possible backout reasons and encourage them to come back again.

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Video Content Marketing

Video marketing is the most brilliant idea to garner customer attention during the holidays. Using a video, you can give a personalized touch to your products and your brand as a whole. In addition, customers enjoy receiving creative holiday greetings from stores. So, ensure your video is of the best quality and has a holiday theme.

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Paid Campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns across major platforms like Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook help you gain customers quickly. Especially during the festive season, you can find a lot of ad campaigns active on these platforms. So, developing innovative ad campaign ideas is necessary to stand out from the rest.

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Holiday Gifts and Rewards

Who doesn’t love a holiday gift? It makes you feel special to receive a gift. So offer gifts and rewards with a holiday theme with every purchase that exceeds a certain amount. A token of gratitude and affection, these are a clever way to bring in more customers to your store. Not only does it promote the holiday spirit, but it also encourages your customers to purchase more than they need.

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Laser-Targeted Email Campaigns

You cannot overstate the importance of email marketing for an online business. It is considered the highest-returning channel in digital marketing. So, make sure to pen the catchiest headlines for your emails and personalize your message in the email. So long as you connect with the user by providing useful information, your email marketing is headed in the right direction.

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Host a Holiday Special Contest

A holiday contest is an excellent way to drive traffic on social media. Some of the best examples in this regard are festive quizzes, hashtag contests, and photo caption contests. Not only will you earn more popularity with this strategy, but you will also get an opportunity for better engagement with users.

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Show Gratitude

Do not forget to be grateful to your customers as they bring you a reputation and success. Small acts of gratitude, like a free shipping service, can benefit you in huge numbers. You can also consider mindful strategies like extending your service to late shoppers and offering last-minute deals.

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Creative Hashtags

This is an innovative strategy for social media marketing. You can use creative hashtags on platforms like Twitter and Instagram to promote your services and create awareness. From gift ideas to decor items, there is plenty of opportunity to exploit in this regard during the festive season. Creative hashtags remain on the user’s mind, which means you will get better site visits and higher conversion rates.

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Focus On Shopper Emotions

Holidays bring back memories, and there’s an amalgamation of emotions all around. You can utilize this to your advantage by making an emotional appeal to your marketing strategy. Remember, hearts won are dollars earned!

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Give Your Website A Festive Look

Redesigning the look of your website to match the holiday season is a fantastic way to attract customers. Use banners and pop-ups highlighting a sale and festive calls to action (CTAs). The fresh look will give customers the feeling that the celebrations have begun already!

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Offer Gift Cards and Gift Wrapping Services.

Here is another way to personally connect with your customers. The best marketing strategy for any business is to make your customer realize how important they are to you. You can try out different ideas during the holiday season to achieve this. These include offering gift cards, thank-you cards, and a gift-wrapping service. These are tricks that will make them come back to shop more.

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Festive Ads

While ad campaigns can be used for marketing during any time of the year, you can particularly benefit from them if you use a bit of creativity. Make your pay-per-click ads festive during the holidays that match the day’s theme. For instance, you can combine horror and humor when you pick a Halloween theme. These eye-catching details grab customer attention instantly.

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Social Responsibility

Another point to bear in mind is to be socially responsible while running an enterprise. If you are involved in charity work, eco-friendly services, and other activities that add good to the world, you are bound to earn more reputation the right way. Holidays are about sharing your blessings with everyone, so make sure you maintain that spirit in your service.

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Push Notifications

Push notification is the latest innovation that positively impacts a marketing venture. You can use this fabulous feature during the holiday season to send greetings, sale ads, discount offers, and more to the customer. These notifications are much more trending than emails these days and should be utilized the most for your profit.

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Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s no news that most of the conversion for an eCommerce website occurs via a mobile device. This is because over 90% of the world’s population uses the internet on a mobile phone. So, one of the most necessary things to ensure is that your website is optimized for the best mobile experience during the festive season. Improve your page speed and optimize mobile messaging to ensure that users stay on your site until the purchase.

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App Store Optimization

If you own an online business, having an app representing your business is a brilliant way to earn more customers. With phone apps being popular recently, more customers prefer installing an application and directly availing a service than visiting the website. This also gives a personalized feeling to the customer. But having an app is not all. Optimizing the app for the best user experience, especially during the festive season, will help your business thrive.

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Collaborate With Influencers

Last but the least negligible point is to realize the value of influencers. With the advent of social media, a huge number of people follow their favorite influencers online. Moreover, almost every influencer is active on social media during the festive seasons. So, partnering with popular influencers can reap benefits for your online enterprise in driving traffic.


In a nutshell, the right kind of marketing involves several factors that require equal attention. You need to plan and prepare early so that you can implement these fruitful ideas effectively. We assure you that by adequately executing these strategies, you can use this holiday to rise to fame within no time!

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