Indented Search Result and Its Impact on Your SEO Strategy!

Do you feel that something is different in the SERPs (search engine result pages)? Well! You are right. Recently, Google has rolled out intended search results after several months of testing. Since it affects the organic search results, the entire SEO community is shocked. This new change will apply to an estimated 40% of the SERPs.

Whenever you search for something, you will discover at least two links or listings appearing together. Both of these links are from the same domain. But, the first appearing link is the primary link relevant to the search query. The second link is the secondary indented link, supporting the primary link. It is usually called indented search results.

Never confuse indented search engine results with site links because many people do this and confront so many hassles. Sitelinks are the additional links placed under the main link to render more details and information. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to understand the indented SERP before building your SEO strategy.

Or else, you will face unwanted troubles and become unable to reach the targeted audiences. For example, suppose your competitor has a sizeable chunk of the SERP. It will not be much easier to put them down. They use an effective SEO strategy to get enough site traffic and achieve their goals quickly. In addition, it indicates that the leading brands will consume more visual space and encourage affiliate marketing campaigns.

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Please keep reading to know about indented search result and how it impacts your SEO strategy!

Indented Search Result – What Does It Mean?

Indented search results are the search snippets. It showcases additional pages from the domain, which Google thinks, are relevant to the search query. Almost all digital marketers and website owners wish to show up their website on the first page of Google because it helps them earn more traffic and sales.

With the recent Google rollout, you will have the chance to display multiple pages in the search result even if one of your pages ranks higher. The additional search results will appear under your site’s main search listing for the rendered query. The search algorithm will target the pages with the related keywords and content to the search query. Then, it displays them underneath the main search result.

Keep in mind that Google is always trying to show the most relevant and appropriate content to the searchers to provide the best experience. Indented results let Google group together similar web pages from the website to address the query in a better way. It is entirely different from the snippets. In addition, it is not the same as the site links.

Reasons for Google Indent URLs

Intent URL

Even though the feature is new, indented results may enhance organic CTR and better meet the searcher’s requirements. Like the site links, it renders users multiple page options from a similar domain. In addition, the second indented URDL below the main listing will maximize the likelihood of delivering the relevant answer while the query is on the board.

You cannot tell Google which pages to feature in the site link and thus use Schema Markup to assist Google in understanding the content of every page. After that, whenever the searcher types in the board query, Google can render them a vast array of results to assist them in reaching the right destination faster. Indented search results work in the same pattern.

Information that Google uses to determine the results in this indented feature is unknown. However, it makes sense that it is the combination of search intend gleaned from the query, things Google knows about the page from its content and Schema Markup, and personalization based on Google’s information about the individual searcher.

Why Are Indented Search Results Important For SEO?

Search Results for SEO

According to the recent report, about 40% of all indented searches appear on Google search result page 1. Even though the feature is new, the data may change over time. On the other hand, it represents that Google is making a concerted effort to render more relevant answers to the queries for users at the top of the SERPs. Therefore, it attracts users and instantly accesses the appropriate question.

Like the feature snippets, implementing the indented searches is the central part of Google’s drive to minimize the effort and time required to find the potential answers. In addition, the indented search results will reduce the diversity of the website appearing on the results page. So, it brings the biggest impact on the websites that currently rank near or at the bottom of the first page.

On the other side, the lower-ranking websites will push down the page or off the front page completely whenever the intended results are displayed. Do you know that space on Google’s first page is the hot commodity? A huge competition is among the companies to reach the top position and greatly enhance the customer base.

By taking the benefits of the indented search result, you will maximize your click-through rate. In addition, you will push out your closest competitors. But, unfortunately, you may end up being the one getting pushed out of the significant spots on the SERPs when your domain is not ranking high for the vital keywords.

Whenever ranking higher in Google search, indented search results have raised the stakes. Getting your site to rank for positions 5-1 in Google search is vital than before. It is because indented results will lead to fewer domains being displayed simultaneously. When you optimize the site for the indented search, it will double and triple your coverage on the first page of the SERPs. For instance, if the average result page has ten blue links, obtaining four indented results will push four competitors off the page. So, you will rank higher and get more traffic in a short time.

In simple words, websites that follow the best SEO practices will already obtain the most benefits as they rank high to get the indent. It means they will push out the competitors and bring the extra clicks as the search result.

Sites, which are not ranking well, require competing with the additional results displayed above the fold before users scroll down to their search listing. Overall, indented search results make it tough to carve out your space on page 1, especially when you are already there.

So, you will now know the reasons behind the importance of indent search in the SEO strategy. By keeping vital things in mind, develop the best SEO strategy to reap more benefits.

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How Do Indented SERPs Impact SEO?

SEO experts search and find the potential ways indented SERPs affect SEO to help digital marketers and business owners travel on the right path. Go through the below section carefully to know the specific areas affected by the Google search results change.

Help the Brand to Rank Higher

Rank Higher

Even though indented SERPs do not replace site links, brands with effective strategies can improve their chances of pushing their competitors down the SERPs. Several listings will appear above the fold for their branded and non-branded keywords. In addition, the brand’s work with the influencers and affiliates will witness increased visibility.

However, you do not lose your affiliate network altogether because of the desktop SERPs adjustments. The experienced and skilled SEO consultant always suggests working with the high-authority and reputable affiliates to handle the changes quickly and rank competitively. JDM Web Technologies are the reliable destination to seek help from SEO experts. They analyze your site’s SERP and craft the best SEO strategy to boost ranking.

Develop the Best Internal Links

The legitimate SEO Company will focus more on enhancing the internal linking for the topic-related content to deliver the best user experience. Rather than returning a single search result for the user query, it is nesting more specific and related links to make it easier and simpler for the searchers to find the potential information or data they look for.

internal link

Creating the content cluster is a prominent example of internal linking. It comprises the pillar page and various other topic pages. The SEO agency has approved this strategy as it helps keep every content page connected under a single topic without getting into the keyword cannibalization trap. Even though there is no assurance that the topic pages will nest under the pillar page on the search engine result page, it is the best destination to start.

How to Optimize For Indented Searches

Do you not have any pages showing up as the intended results? Well! Doing certain things will improve the likelihood that Google will pick them in the future. Firstly, ensure the relevant pages are interlinking to and from each other.

Next, the page must cover similar topics, targeted keywords, and syntax with different user intent. While optimizing for indented SERPs, think about the type of questions every page can answer. Check the keywords, which rank for on page one.

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