2024 Guidelines on How to Steal Your Competitor Backlinks

When searching for improved organic search traffic in any industry, search engines prioritize only two primary factors: content and backlinks. Other aspects are not much difficult to understand. But, there is much confusion regarding finding out the best way to improve search engine rankings. So, in this article, we will emphasize backlinks and how to acquire some of the impactful links using the SEO power suite.

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How Does Link Building Help?

Link Building Services

Backlinks play an important role in ranking in the search engines, but they also benefit from organic rankings.

  • Backlinks can help to bring targeted and valuable traffic from websites.
  • They are great for branding to get your target audience familiar. People will see your brand related to the products or services.
  • Backlinks provide the impression that you have n permission in your given industry.

We can say that most of the industries online, including yours, high-ranking websites, are not actively implementing link-building strategies.

Reasons To Steal Your Competitor Backlinks

Competitor Backlinks
  • Industry Citations: Search reputable industry citations where other reputable brands are mentioned and get a slice of their audience who might like what you have to provide. It works towards building authority as a brand in the industry and goes to the website for services and advice.
  • Quality Backlink Profile: You always need to improve the quality of your backlink profile with more relevant backlinks from websites in your niche. The backlink profile is nothing to underestimate, for a quality profile is a sure path to improving your rankings and reputation.
  • Visibility Booster: It helps increase the visibility at the places where the audience in your market can find you. Your competitor is taking views and customers from the places from which they got the backlinks.

Learn about Your Competitors Before stealing your competitor’s backlinks; you need to learn more about your competitors.

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So, Who Are Your Competitors?

Let’s start with your competitors. You already have some idea who they are. So, if we are talking about SEO, then the best way for us is to define competition is by looking at who’s compete for relevant keywords. So, you need to come up with a list of relevant keywords you want to target with your web content. It would be best if you searched keywords by using tools. When you get ready with keywords, then do a google search of the keywords on it. Then, check which sites are ranking for those keywords. Those sites are your competitors.

There are two types of competitors:-

  • Domain level: These are the websites that compete at the fundamental level and not only for a keyword or two. It means that there will be competition between you and that website for many search terms across the web page.
  • Page-level: These are the business websites that don’t compete entirely but still your competitor with a keyword or two.

Methods To Find Your Competitors.

Find Competitors

Using Ahrefs: To find your domain-level competitors, go to the explorer tool and enter your domain name. It will show a list of domains listed according to the many common keywords. Make a sheet of a domain name for future purposes.

Go to the keyword explorer and find the primary keyword you want to target to find page-level competitors. It will appear in the list of websites that compete with you for a particular keyword. Make a list of all page-level competitors.

Top 10 Ranking Pages For Keywords: To find competitors, you can also use Google search engine results to know the domain level and page-level competitors. You need to enter the keyword on the search bar, and you will get the list of top 10 ranking websites for keywords. You will get an idea of all your competitors.

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What Are Your Competitors Doing?

Competitor Analysis

After knowing about your competitors, you need to take a complete look at what they are doing. You will have to access more detailed information such as their site traffic, loading page speed, and backlinks. For this, you need competitor tracking software. The software is the best source to beat your competition since it allows you to check competitor websites and precisely what SEO strategy you have to win to perform better than them in search rankings.

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Upgrade Your Competitor’s Content

Content Writing

When you give a complete look at your competitors, you can find out their strengths and weaknesses.

Follow Strengths

Your main competitors are on the top of search engines. You should feel confident that they are using the top optimization techniques to rank higher. You can check their pages to see what they do to rank high.

If your competitors appear to be doing specifically well and all of their content is long-form instead of short-form, you should conclude that the long-form content in your website helps you rank higher on search engines. But, you don’t need to copy the approach with your content. You don’t need to steal ideas from your competitors, but examining the competitor’s strength can help you create your content strategy.

Enhancing On Weaknesses

No doubt, your competitors will do many things well but no one of them is perfect. You will find any aspects where they could improve. If your competitor is not enough addressing user intent for a specific keyword, you can make a piece of content that does a good job answering the query.

Competitor Backlinks

A thing you learn from a website traffic checker is the number of backlinks from competitors’ sites. Backlinks are the links from external websites which go back to the page on your website. This referral provides the content more credibility with Google that leads to higher rankings.

Create New Backlinks

Backlinks have a high impact on SEO, and you will want to ensure that you get at least a few of them for each piece of content you put out. A technique for earning backlinks relates to industry websites and requests them to check out your content. If they admire your content, then you might get the link to it on their pages.

What is the good number of backlinks? Generally, it would help if you were more related to the quality of your backlinks than the quantity. Choose some backlinks from highly credible websites worth much more than many backlinks from forums or social media.

Take Existing Backlinks

Making your supply of backlinks is a good idea, but do you know that you can also take some of the competitor’s supply in the process? There are many ways to shift the traffic from a competitor’s website. But, one best way to change the traffic on your website is to steal their backlinks.

While you are approaching the external websites to request backlinks, you can target the website recently linked to your competitor. If you get any broken lines on competitors’ websites that require refining, you will get a piece of content that would be a suitable replacement. In this way, you people are not only getting backlinks, but you are also helping to upgrade those sites.

Develop Web Design

Develop Web Design

How you design your website has a significant impact on SEO. A bad web design dissuades users from sticking around and doesn’t get high search rankings on Google. So, the best way to beat the competitors is to have a high-quality web design. Web design has many things to consider, but two main aspects getting things exemplary is page speed and responsive design.

Page Speed

Website Page Speed

About half of our users will relinquish a page if it takes more than three seconds to load. That’s why your pages must load quickly. The best way to do this is to compress your images, such as large, high-resolution images can significantly slow down your loading speed.

There are some techniques to increase the loading speed:-

  • Using HTTP compression
  • Applying script reference and style sheet
  • Store your web pages
  • Decreasing 301 redirects

When you analyze a competitor’s website’s traffic, you can see how quickly your competitor’s pages are loading and how they accrete against your own.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

More internet traffic comes from mobile phones, so there is no doubt that mobile optimization plays a vital role in gaining traffic. The fact is that Google ranks content based on how it appears on the mobile phone.

Most of the sites neglect mobile optimization, which is the biggest mistake. So, if your competitor made this mistake, then it is perfect for you. But, if they don’t do it, it is essential to exceeding your responsive design.

The best way to check how your competitor’s mobile layout accumulates is to compare them with desktop counterparts in the website traffic. If desktop traffic is often higher than mobile traffic, then it may indicate an issue on mobile.


No doubt, SEO is time-consuming and difficult. There are several ways to make SEO better than competitors but using one best way is not easy. But, your competitors might be trying to do the same thing. They might be already rival you with better keywords, rankings, traffic, and many more. It means that they are already ahead of the competition. But, they allow marketers looking to increase their SEO traffic.

Then, it is clear that you can copy what they have already done. So, it would help if you stole backlinks. Backlinks are essential when it comes to ranking high for organic searches, which you can easily do. Steal your competitor’s best backlinks and try to replicate their strategy. Then, hijack their keywords and see which keywords they have used. Ensure to make your content better than they do by expounding on their posts and adding more value.

At last, you need to make sure that you are faster than your competitor to get the majority of clicks and traffic on your site. If you want organic traffic on your site, you can spy on your competitors with the above steps.

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