Best Practices for Creating Successful Text Ads for Google

You can’t deny that Google text ads are still very prominent and convenient to use the online platform for marketing strategy for your business. Thus, Google text ads are straightforward to produce and are one of the least expensive forms of digital marketing.

But, writing effective Google text ads needs Good knowledge about the advertisement section. PPC ads require creativity to attract the maximum audience. So, let’s discuss the specification of Google text ads:-

What Are Text Ads?

Google Search Text Ads

A text ad is a form to convey your business in the market through an advertisement on the digital platform. So, you can advertise your business on the Google networks in all the places from where your ad can appear in digital marketing, including Google sites and websites that partner with them and other places like mobile phone apps. You can also create ads to appear on search networks as well as display networks.

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Significant Components of Text Ads Include:-

Text Ads
  • Headlines: – you can add up to 3 headlines in your text ad and up to 30 characters each. Headlines are the first thing that people notice in your ad.
  • Display URL: – this consists of your website address and an optional path field where you can give a name to your landing pages of URL. So that customers can easily reach your product.
  • Ad Description: – in the description field, you can add the information related to your product or service and other related assistance you provide to them.

Let’s discuss where you can advertise your text ads: – Google network has divided into two groups to give more control over where they want to show their ad.

  1. Search networks
  2. Display networks

Search networks: – these are the Google search results pages, other Google sites also like maps and shopping sites, and the search sites are partners of the Google ads.

Display networks: – in this Google sites include YouTube, blogger, Gmail, plus many other thousands of partnering websites across the internet.

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Features For Creating Successful Text Ads On Google:-

Successful Text Ads
  • Create compelling and genuine ads: your ad must be able to bring your customers to the business in a 100% natural manner. Well, many people mistake copying the fake ad and containing the wrong information regarding the product.

Few points to prepare genuine and compelling ad:-

  1. Be particular as much as possible regarding your product and service. Use the exact phrase for your advertisement that customers might be looking for.
  2. Your ad contains three main heads: – headline, URL, and descriptions. So, use your keywords in all three heads.
  3. Always be clear about your service and use compelling words to attract a maximum audience to your service or product.

Use catchy headlines that work for all devices: – the headline is an essential factor of any advertisement and most often the first thing people see:- catchy and trustworthy ads can easily catch to increase the CTRs and conversions.

Following tips to prepare tremendous headlines for your ads:-

  1. Always keep your heading unique and straightforward. Try to enhance all your keywords in the headline and follow with your unwise selling point.
  2. Use different headlines for targeting separate locations and keep your advertisement heading super local. Mention your city and area names in the ad to target.
  3. Make sure your heading is readable on all the devices.
  4. Try to put your brand name in the heading to increase the brand value.

Power of ad extensions: – ad extension generally allows you to add some extra information regarding your business relevant to your customers. While taking the help of extensions will help to improve your ad performance.

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Following Are Nine Extensions That You Can Use In Your Text Ads:-

nine extensions text ads
  1. Site link extensions: – this type of extension will take people to the other pages of your sites.
  2. Location extension: – This location extension allows you to add the location on your ad.
  3. Structured snippet extensions: – in this, you can highlight your aspects of the product or service by using the structured snippet extensions.
  4. Call extensions: – including call extensions in your ad will help your customers call you directly. So mention your business number on your ad and get your phone ringing.
  5. Message extension: – message extension and call extension are just similar. While adding your number, customers can directly message you after clicking your ad. At the same time, messages are a more straightforward and convenient way for interested buyers to get into your store.
  6. App extensions: – if ads show to people who are browsing via mobile phones and the extensions allow them to link their mobile app to your text, ads will also help increase the number of downloads of your app.
  7. Callout extensions: – in this extension, you can highlight the incredible offers you offer to buyers in your text ads.
  8. Price extensions: – these extensions included the extra snippet of your business details in your ads.
  9. Promotion extensions: – in this extension, you can display the deal of the product in your ad, and it is valid for a particular period.

Test your ads for success: The best kind of PPC professionals in the industry are those who go for A/B test their ads creatively, especially in the title.

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Some Few Ways You Can Test Your Text Ads:-

Test Text Ads
  1. You can conduct the draft campaigns to run a predefined experiment by applying changes to the campaign. If the results are positive, then you can apply the change in the original campaigns.
  2. You can create and test deviations such as changing the CTA from ‘call now‘ to ‘book now.
  3. You can also choose the change in ad rotation setting in the Google ads dashboard.

Final impressions:-

Presenting and creating the best text ads most probably lies in your creativity and articulation skills. Complete knowledge of all the latest Google ads rules and extensions are also required to make your ad more visible in the online market. So, always remember that delivering suitable text ads to your customers at the right moment will help to get more and more leads to your business.

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