All that you need for Your Website Optimization

From creating and designing a website to developing and maintaining it, endless processes, professionals, and hours are involved. But in all these processes you must involve optimization otherwise, your website will fail to meet your goals like generating traffic or getting found.

If you are building a website all by yourself and looking for everything that there is to a successful website, you must read this blog post. We have compiled a list for you but note that you have to learn more about each point separately to know better.

Google Analytics Setup

Once you optimize your website for SEO, you will want to see how your website is performing. Setting up your Google Analytics will ensure you get insights into critical site metrics that determine your site in search results.

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Google Search Console Setup

Google Search Console helps you understand your search traffic using various tools, useful for ranking in the search results. If your website is failing to perform, this tool will help you understand why.

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SEO Plug-in Installation (only if your website is built on WordPress)

WordPress websites can use various plug-ins, including SEO plug-ins, to make the site more SEO-friendly. WordPress will recommend you the most popular plug-in, which is Yoast SEO, which you have to download and install on your WordPress site.

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Identify your competition

Finding your competition using keywords is easy, but chances are, with each search result, you will find different competition. But this point is not all about finding three specific competitions but getting a general idea of how professional your website has to be to compete with them.

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Website Keyword Optimization Requirements

Long-tail keywords research

Researching long-tail keywords are important because they are specific, and implementing them will bring relevant traffic to your website. There are various tools that will help you with long-tail keyword research.

Search intent analyzing

Keyword alone is not enough; you must also find the search intent behind those keywords. A search intent tells you what the users are trying to acquire with the keywords. Once you have collected the search intent, you can make the content relevant to that search intent. This makes the users satisfied, and so does the search algorithm.

Keyword difficulty

Keyword search tools will provide you with scores by the keywords to show you the contents trying to rank using those keywords. Some keywords will have high keyword difficulty because a lot of websites are trying to rank using them. And it is not necessary that you go for the same keyword.

Optimizing tags for keywords

Apart from the main content, the Meta tags need to be optimized for keywords as well. Make sure you think it will rank your page for incorporating Meta tags.

Optimizing URLs for SEO friendliness

Vague URLs don’t do any good to the visitors, so why not change them and optimize them for SEO? And optimized URLs are not just good for SEO, but a lot of users find it easier to see what the page is all about.

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Website Content Creation Requirements

Content ideas

It is wise to create some ideas for content before you publish your first one. This way, it is easier for you to be consistent as you go. Content ideas can be inspired by your competitor’s websites or from keywords.

Content Creation Schedules

A content calendar will help you keep track of your write-ups and publishes in a frequency. Content marketing requires you to be consistent with your publishing for it to be effective.

Add Internal Links

Adding internal links means your audience finds other website content easily while reading one, and it also helps Google crawl and it indexes your content easily.

Add visual links

Adding visual elements to your content has nothing to do with SEO directly. But, it contributes to user experience, which in turn contributes to SEO.

Readable content

It may seem that writing content is easy, but writing for SEO is a skill in itself. For the most part, you should not use technical jargon if you want high readability. Because people who are reading your content is not subject matter expert necessarily, and they don’t want to keep looking for word meanings.

Reaching out for backlinks

Backlinks from other authority sites help you build your own authority. And with every boost of authority, you rank better in the search engines.

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Website Technical SEO requirements

Submit a sitemap

Submitting a sitemap means directing the search engine on how to crawl your webpages, as in, which webpage to crawl first. If you have a page you want the search engine to value more, this is the way.

Secure your site

Both your visitors and Google are looking for a site that is secure. And this is extremely important if you have an eCommerce store. Without a secure site, no visitor is going to add a payment method to your site.

Improve Site Speed

The site’s speed highly contributes to the user experience and in turn to SEO ranking. Note that the site’s speed may be affected by various factors, including the content of your website, optimization, elements, and mostly the hosting service.

It is not just important to offer a good speed on computer screens, but also to the mobile browsers.

Optimize it for mobile-friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is another factor that you need to check for a successful website. The more responsive your site across mobile devices is, the better user-friendliness you provide.

Identify crawl errors

It is likely to find crawl errors that prevent Google from crawling and indexing your site. And this is why it is important to ensure that you are optimizing and fixing each of them.


So, if you now feel like website building and maintaining is an overwhelming process, we understand. Learning all the stuff would take you months and another few months or years to experience trial and error.

But if you genuinely want your website to run within days, it is best to go for a professional website optimization service provider like JDM Web Technologies. We have everything covered when it comes to website optimization.

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Head Of Marketing At JDM Web Technologies

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