All About Website Redesigning: Complete Guide

Do you know the role of websites in an entrepreneur’s professional life? A website acts as your organization’s card, and it is essential to create a good impression for the company at the very first chance. This is why websites are a must to be kept up-to-date with ongoing trends, genuine information, and trending designs that match the vibe of your organization. For example, imagine that you own a fashionable clothing store, but the website is very dull and out-of-date. Of course, your target audience will not be entertained by it and will prefer an exciting and unique website. Thus, having a proper website design is very important to liven the mood of your customers and create impressive engagement.

With a website redesign process, you can get all that you expect. To help you understand the significance of a website redesign strategy, this blog will guide you and answer your doubts. Remember that a website redesign process can help increase converted leads if you follow all steps accurately.

What is Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a technique of making and updating your website’s content, layout, format, and navigation to boost efficiency and convert more visitors. According to new research, 50 per cent of consumers believe that website design is critical to a company’s entire brand. In addition, many visitors regard your website as equally vital as the items you sell.

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Many organizations update their website to accommodate more visitors as their business grows. Others spend money on a website redesign as part of a more extensive rebranding effort. Whatever the reason your organization is considering a website redesign, the project itself is a significant job, not to mention a necessary one to get right given the crucial role your website performs in your branding and marketing image.

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When Should You Redesign Your Website? 

Before you decide to redesign your website, you must establish certain factors to ensure that your website needs a makeover in the first place. It will be a waste if you redesign something that does not require redesigning. You must redesign your website if you tick off the bullets mentioned below. If your website meets the following characteristics, then it’s time to think about starting a website redesign process.

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The Previous Revamp Was Over Five Years Ago

In five years, a lot can change, including what visitors anticipate from a website. What boasted as a terrific website five years ago is unlikely to compete now. So if it’s been over five years since you last updated your website, it’s time to do so.

Because your brand’s aesthetic and product offers are likely to have evolved slightly, you must keep your website system up to date.

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Your Brand Logo and Branding Have Changed

Your brand logo and branding are two elements that help people recognize your company. Loyal clients look for these elements, and they play a significant influence in what distinguishes your firm. If you’ve altered your logo and branding, modified the color scheme of your business, or even entirely changed the style, it’s time to plan a website redesign approach.

Your brand logo and branding should always reflect your website because visitors can become confused if they don’t.

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Your Website’s Usability Is Out Of Touch

If your controls don’t work, your navigation bar isn’t up to date, or your links don’t redirect, it’s time to plan a website overhaul. Users will only stay on your site if it works well. For instance, if your navigation bar does not direct readers to relevant pages or if the links are broken, now is a perfect moment to begin some website redesign measures.

You will not only be able to change the functionality, but you will also be able to improve the style of your navigation bar and re-evaluate your most relevant pages.

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You Are Displeased With the Performance of Your Website

Although you can’t entirely blame a website’s design for poor site traffic, it does impact the metric. Google seeks to provide consumers with the best pages that match their queries. To pick the finest sites, Google considers relevant information and which website will deliver the best user experience.

You can even hire professionals to provide online user experience analysis to assist you in determining where your site falls short.

User experience influences your search engine ranking, which is critical for increasing site visitors.

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Your Website Is Not Mobile Responsive

Users can view your webpage from their phone and enjoy the same experience as they would on a computer if it is mobile responsive. Users will be unable to click buttons if your site is not mobile responsive, and photographs may appear skewed or excessively huge. Mobile traffic rose by 222 percent between 2013 and 2018, and it looks set to continue.

With so many customers accessing your website via smartphone, mobile responsiveness is more vital than ever. If you don’t already have a mobile-responsive website, it’s time to start thinking about a website makeover. Not only is it crucial for users that your site be mobile-friendly, but Google announced in July 2019 that they have begun employing mobile-first indexing.

Because of this change, Google now uses the smartphone edition of a website for ranking and indexing, making it even more critical that you have a mobile responsive website.

But if you tick off the bullets mentioned below here, you do not need a website redesign. So, if you have a successful website that meets the requirements, you do not need to worry about redesigning it.

  1. You just redesigned your website three years ago.
  2. Your website is generating a good number of leads.
  3. Your website is seeing an increase in traffic and conversions.
  4. You are happy and content with the way your website is performing.
  5. Your website’s functionality works effortlessly.

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Steps To Redesign a Website

After coming this far, you should have a solid idea of whether you need to build a website redesign procedure for your website. If you’ve decided that you do, this five-step procedure will show you how to rebuild a website.

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Examine Your Current Website Thoroughly

Auditing your present site is the first step in any web redesign process. It’s impossible to tell exactly what your website needs unless you know it already has. So you should go through your site from top to bottom, looking for everything from design flaws to broken links.

Here are some things to check for during the website makeover process:

  1. Buttons that have broken
  2. Inconsistencies in design
  3. Locations where your logo should be updated
  4. Unresponsive images

However, you must complete one major step during your website audit: Examining Google Analytics to discover how individual site pages are performing. You can figure out what’s working and what’s not by checking the traffic stats for your web pages. For instance, if your blog receives little traffic but your primary content pages function well, you should ask more questions to determine why.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Is your blog getting little attention because of its design?
  2. Why do visitors click on your content pages?
  3. How long are they on the page?
  4. What pages are they going to look at next?

You can start piecing together what makes specific pages effective and what you need to change on other sites to make them likewise successful. When everything is said and done, at the finish of step one, you should have an idea of which pages require design help, which of your branding needs to be updated, and which of your functionality needs to be updated.

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Determine the Objectives You Wish To Achieve With Your Website

Occasionally, the design of your website will assist you in achieving your goals. When visitors visit your site, they frequently form opinions based on its structure and usefulness, making your design crucial. You should revamp your website related to the objectives you want to achieve.

For example, if your primary purpose is to sell things, you should build your website to direct customers to your eCommerce pages. On the other hand, if you just want to keep users on your site’s pages, you should build your site with participation in mind, including videos, photos, and interactive elements. Because your goals determine site features, functionality, and more, determining your goals can help you build a specific plan for your website design.

Creating a website that fulfills it will be practically tricky without a defined target in mind. However, when you have a clear objective in mind, it will be much easier to create a website that will help you achieve it.

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Get Ideas from Your Competitors

Let’s be clear: you should never mimic the designs of your competition. There is, however, no harm in gaining inspiration from them. After all, they are your competitors: you occupy the same client base.

Examine what works for other businesses in terms of usability and content. Consider the following questions:

  1. Do they have a lot of pictures?
  2. What themes do they have in their navigation bar?
  3. How is their navigational setup?
  4. Do they really have a website?
  5. What features of the website do you particularly enjoy?

Answering these questions gives you ideas for your site and what aspects you want to incorporate. Without inspiration, you’ll be haphazardly designing your website. In addition, looking at your competitors’ websites will provide you with ideas for design features that you may not have considered before.

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Draw A Diagram Of Your Website’s Hierarchy

Before you begin your website makeover, make a hierarchical structure of your site pages to identify how you’ll categorize each of your pages. For example, you may want to develop a different design for sub-pages and a different design for pages under your sub-pages. For example, if you sell clothing for everyone, you might create a few generic pages for every category.

This design will most likely differ from the one you use to showcase each specific product. You’ll be able to assess how many alternative designs you need when you develop a website hierarchy or a plan for your site pages.

The idea is to have a list of designs you will require for your website. For instance, your list could look like this:

  1. Design of the homepage
  2. Design of the contact page
  3. Design of the About Us page
  4. Design of a category page
  5. Design of a sub-category page
  6. Product page design

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Employ a Professional Website Redesigning Agency

When you own your firm, it’s impossible to think about anything else than that. That is why it is to your best advantage to employ a website redesign firm to handle the process for you. It will not only relieve your worry, but it will also ensure that the job is done correctly.

When you employ a website redesign business, you may expect them to do all of the aforementioned tasks, from researching competitors’ websites to developing your website’s hierarchy.


Phew! You’re now ready to start planning, designing, building, optimizing, launching, and analyzing your new website. Use these five steps to rebuild a website that will attract more customers, impress more visitors, and generate more sales.

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