Why and how to Pinterest?

For leisurely scrolling through Pinterest, you might have one word for it: aesthetic. This is a suitable way to describe Pinterest because it is a photo-sharing service and acts as a social media platform. And just like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, too, is a way for businesses to market their products and services.

Why Do Businesses Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is popular

Did you know that Pinterest is one of the top 10 most visited social media sites in 2022? According to reports, the majority of Pinterest’s traffic is from the female section. So, if your business is targeted more towards the female audience, for example, if it includes makeup, jewelry, or anything designed for women, then Pinterest is for you.

Sends significant referral traffic

Pinterest design can send significant referral traffic to your website, blog, or e-commerce store. It is also very easy for a marketer to increase Pinterest referral traffic and grow your business. Remember, many companies are still ignoring Pinterest, including many of your competitors.

Pinterest content lasts for a long time

Whether Facebook or Instagram, the content will die down after the profile creates each post. However, with pins, your targeted audience will be recommended with similar pins, bringing them across your content. The point is that Pinterest content lasts longer and makes things memorable.

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How to Make Pinterest Your Business Marketing Platform?

Make it relatable

Most of the audience on Pinterest is individuals looking for beautiful pins to pin or just to find some inspiring ideas and aesthetics. Hardly anyone is looking to buy a service or product. This is why most businesses posting only their products and services on Pinterest often don’t have a high chance of gaining traffic or creating brand awareness.

Make your pins relatable. If you are selling fancy stationeries like pens or pencils, use small videos showing how you create beautiful art or calligraphy with them.

Make your pins SEO optimized

Pinterest has a built-in search engine and is not much different from Google search. You can target keywords to implement on post descriptions, boards, or even hashtags.

Apart from SEO optimization, you should also optimize your business profile by adding a brand logo, an engaging cover photo, including your brand URL, writing proper brand descriptions, etc.

Create a content strategy

It doesn’t matter whether you are marketing through social media or video-sharing platforms; content strategy is necessary. Random links or videos/images could confuse your audience. Therefore, it is important to decide what content you will post and how often. Make sure you have also created enough content beforehand to keep posting them with a consistent flow.


Pinterest can be rewarding once you follow the best practices established by the platform. If you know Pinterest usage to its full potential, you can compete with any aesthetic businesses in the market at par.

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