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If you’re thinking about entering the field of social media marketing and need the best support, JDM’s adept Charlotte social media marketing specialists are here to help. We handle every campaign using innovative social media marketing tactics to cater to its unique needs in the best possible manner. Our tailored solutions are what you need to elevate your conversion rates.

Charlotte Social Media Marketing Services

Our broad range of Charlotte social media marketing services meets the needs of businesses of all sizes

Social Media Marketing

When you want to harness the full power of social media, choose the services offered by our Charlotte social media marketing team. With the help of our diverse range of social media marketing services, you can achieve significant results in terms of more conversions with minimal efforts on your part.

Facebook Marketing

Numerous brands, from multinational companies to local businesses, focus on Facebook marketing because of the incredible growth opportunities available with the platform. Our Charlotte social media marketing professionals will use advanced marketing tactics to help you grab the attention of Facebook users quickly and entice them to visit your site.

LinkedIn Marketing

Do you think that it’s very difficult to connect with similar businesses and foster relationships with them? It becomes easy when you use the LinkedIn marketing services offered by our Charlotte social media marketing experts. We’ll also help you highlight your brand’s professional side, which will help you grab the attention of the platform’s users.

Twitter Marketing

If you want to spread the word about your business quickly and connect with a wider audience efficiently, Twitter marketing should be your go-to option. However, achieving success with Twitter marketing requires a robust strategy which will be developed by our Charlotte social media marketing pros when you use this service.

YouTube Marketing

Countless individuals prefer to watch videos over any other form of content and this is perhaps the biggest reason you should focus on YouTube marketing. Whether your objective is to build your email list, increase your conversion rates, or elevate your sales figures, our Charlotte social media marketing specialists are here to help.

Pinterest Marketing

By implementing an effective Pinterest marketing strategy, not only can you acquire more leads than your business rivals but can also take your brand awareness to another level. Our Charlotte social media marketing team will help you position your brand as a hub for inspiration which will automatically draw the attention of your prospects.

Instagram Marketing

You need to create engaging visual content to run a powerful Instagram marketing campaign and make the most out of it. Our Charlotte social media marketing analysts have years of experience in Instagram marketing and can take care of everything related to it, from developing your strategy to publishing captivating posts.

Set To Reach a Wider Audience with Charlotte Social Media Marketing Services?

Use our data-driven Charlotte social media marketing services, start getting noticeable results quickly

Why Is It Important To Hire JDM as Your Charlotte Social Media Marketing Company

No matter which side of social media marketing you want to explore, we have you covered


Decades of Experience in the Industry

Many of our Charlotte social media marketing analysts have been associated with the field for decades. Having seen all the stages of transformation of the field and having utilized many different social media marketing tactics, they’re well-positioned to manage any type of campaign, irrespective of its complexity level or scope.


Proved Social Media Expertise

To date, our Charlotte social media marketing professionals have helped hundreds of clients attain their social media marketing goals in terms of more conversions, better sales figures, etc. Their reviews serve as testimonies to our exceptional expertise in the field. Therefore, hiring JDM means having the best team handle your activities.


Unmatched Knowledge of the Domain

Besides having robust experience in the industry, our Charlotte social media marketing specialists also possess exceptional skills in handling all kinds of activities associated with many social media platforms. With such a knowledgeable team on your side, you get an assurance that you’ll get the best ROI on your marketing dollars.


Measurable Outcomes

The ability of our Charlotte social media marketing team to generate measurable results is one of the top factors that make JDM the best social media marketing company in Charlotte. Even if you hire us to handle a small campaign or to manage your activities on an hourly basis, we’ll give our best shot to get you real results.


Support Around The Clock

Whatever activities our Charlotte social media marketing professionals carry out, they’re backed by our highly knowledgeable technical support team. Not only does this help us deliver top-notch services but also helps our clients get peace of mind knowing any issues with their campaigns will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Why You Must Invest In Social Media Marketing For Your Charlotte Business


Improved Brand Awareness

With conventional digital marketing methods, not only does your cost go up quickly but you may also need to wait for a significant period of time to improve your brand awareness. On the other hand, social media marketing helps you connect with your target audience efficiently and let them know what your business does.


Elevated Engagement

If you want to improve engagement, you’ve to focus on building a strong community of followers first and this is exactly where the importance of social media marketing comes in. You can easily communities of followers on your chosen platforms by carrying out activities such as campaigns, contents, and other promotional events.


Better Brand Reputation

The implementation of a powerful social media strategy can do wonders in improving people’s perception of your brand. When you establish your brand’s authenticity and let your target audience understand that you can go the extra mile to cater to their varying needs, it sets you apart from your competitors.


It Is Cost-Efficient

Social media marketing has become a sought-after option for numerous start-ups and small businesses mainly because it doesn’t require a hefty budget. You can always start utilizing the power of social media on a low budget. Even if you choose paid promotions, your overall cost will be significantly lower than other digital marketing methods.


More Volumes of Inbound Traffic

With social media marketing, you get to use a number of tools to drive large volumes of traffic to your site. Additionally, you can monitor the analytics of your chosen platforms to spot the most valuable source of your traffic. Once identified, you can specifically focus on them to boost the volume of your inbound traffic.


Increased Number of Qualified Leads

Social media marketing helps you highlight the key benefits of your offering to your target audience efficiently. While not all but some of them will certainly be interested in buying from you and/or completing your desired actions. When these individuals arrive at your site, you can use some CRO tactics to convert them.

How Much Budget Should You Have For Social Media Marketing Services for Business in Charlotte

Usually, the hourly charge of a premier Charlotte social media marketing company stays within a range of $150 to $199. For many of these agencies, the minimum project value starts from $1,000 and goes up depending on factors such as the total number of social media platforms, competitiveness of the industry, etc.

Basic Social Media

You should purchase our basic social media package when your key objective is to make your prospects in and around Charlotte aware of your business and its services and/or products. When you purchase this package, two social media platforms of your choice will be fully tackled by our Charlotte social media marketing experts.

Advanced Social Media

Our advanced social media package is equipped with all the features required by mid-sized company owners to beat their business rivals by acquiring more leads than them. As part of this, our Charlotte social media marketing analysts will handle three social media platforms and craft a maximum of 20 monthly posts and 10 custom image posts.

Enterprise Social Media

You need to opt for our enterprise social media package when you want to place the offerings of your large business in front of the prospects from across the country. With this package, our Charlotte social media marketing professionals will manage five platforms and provide you with up to 30 monthly posts and 20 custom image posts.

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