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Since social media platforms are melting pots of varying types of people with different behaviors and backgrounds, social media marketing brings you an incredible opportunity to reach a large number of people outside of your existing customer circle. Our Chicago social media marketing experts will help you reach as many individuals as possible. Contact us to learn more about our Chicago social media marketing services.

Chicago Social Media Marketing Services

When it comes to increasing your brand’s recognition and traffic, choose JDM’s Chicago social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing

Social media is among the most cost-effective yet highly powerful marketing methods. When done right, social media marketing can increase your brand’s reputation, inbound traffic, and sales with little to no cost. Our Chicago social media marketing specialists have mastered all aspects of this method, and hence, are the best ones to help you get the desired results.

Facebook Marketing

With a massive audience, Facebook has now become one of the largest digital marketplaces. Whether you want to go with organic posts, paid advertisements, or both, you can count on our Chicago social media marketing professionals for the best services. We can also help you integrate Facebook marketing with your other marketing channels.

LinkedIn Marketing

If you want to target a large number of professionals, then you must focus on LinkedIn marketing. Our Chicago social media marketing team will incorporate the right keywords and key phrases into your About tab overview that represents what your brand does. This will help you connect with your target audience quickly.

Twitter Marketing

With Twitter marketing, it’s possible to promote your brand and its offerings to a diverse range of audiences. Our Chicago social media marketing analysts will publish appropriate Tweets at appropriate times to capture the attention of your target audience. We’ll also evaluate your competitors’ strategies to create an effective marketing strategy for you.

YouTube Marketing

Since YouTube is getting more and more popular day by day, you need to add it to your marketing mix to maximize your reach. Our Chicago social media marketing experts will create and upload informative videos related to your brand and its offerings on it. This will help you attract more subscribers.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is all about posting branded content on the platform. This will help you build brand awareness, connect with your target audience, and capture more inbound traffic. Our Chicago social media marketing specialists will help you capture the attention of individuals who come for buying inspiration, helping you reach potential customers.

Instagram Marketing

With Instagram marketing, you can maintain your relationships with your prospects and existing customers. The platform also provides you with excellent selling acceleration opportunities. Our Chicago social media marketing pros will help you connect with a vast audience, which wants to purchase from different brands and stay connected with them.

Set To Build Your Business with Chicago Social Media Marketing Services?

Outperform your competitors quickly with JDM’s top-rated Chicago social media marketing services

Why Should You Hire JDM as Your Chicago Social Media Marketing Company

From prowess and experience to resources, we have everything to help build your brand


Massive Experience

At JDM, we only employ Chicago social media marketing analysts with several years of industry experience. As a result, our team has several decades of combined industry experience that becomes immensely valuable in making our social media marketing campaigns successful. By hiring JDM, you get to leverage this massive experience of our team.


Unmatched Social Media Expertise

Regardless of the social media platforms you want to target, you can rely on our Chicago social media marketing professionals for the best services. Not only are our team members already certified, but they also continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge by attending seminars and conferences hosted by industry-leading organizations.


Measurable Results

Whatever activity our Chicago social media marketing team carries out for our social media marketing campaigns, we use a number of KPIs to evaluate their effectiveness. This helps us create new strategies to make the campaigns more successful. We’ll share those KPIs with you in the form of monthly reports.


Robust Domain Knowledge

Our Chicago social media marketing pros have already helped a large number of top brands achieve their social media marketing goals. Therefore, they’re well-positioned to help you with any aspect of social media. Whether you want to improve your brand awareness, increase your traffic, or make more sales, we have you covered.


Support 24/7

Without constant monitoring, it’s nearly impossible to make the most out of a social media marketing campaign. That’s why the technical support section of our Chicago social media marketing team works 24/7. The technical team is responsible for ensuring that each of our campaigns runs without any errors and delivers optimal performance.

Why Should You Prioritize Social Media Marketing For Your Chicago Business


You Can Improve Your Brand Awareness

Since a massive number of individuals use social media these days, you can reach them efficiently by prioritizing social media marketing. By posting valuable content about your industry, brand, and offerings, you can easily draw the attention of your target audience, taking your brand awareness to the next level quickly.


You Can Get More Engagement

When you have many followers and you share real information about your brand and its offerings with them regularly, they’ll automatically become engaged with it. With the help of user-generated content, you can easily demonstrate the authenticity of your brand, which will boost both your user engagement and brand awareness.


You Can Grow Your Brand’s Reputation

By addressing your existing customers’ concerns and replying to your prospects’ queries in a timely manner, you can let your target audience know that your brand is a customer-centric one. Since people love to stay connected with customer-centric brands and purchase from them, it’ll help boost your customer base quickly.


You Get the Results in a Cost-Effective Manner

When it comes to social media marketing, most platforms give you two options: organic and paid. If you go with organic social media marketing, you won’t need to pay anything to capture the attention of your target audience. And if you choose the paid method, the cost will be significantly less than several other paid marketing methods.


You Can Capture More Inbound Traffic

Irrespective of the social media platform you use, you can always include a link to your website when publishing posts on it. So, if your content is valuable and your offerings help your target audience meet their needs, they’ll automatically go to your site to learn more about your brand, giving a boost to your inbound traffic.


You Can Attract More Qualified Leads

With social media marketing, you can target different types of prospects to expand your customer base. By posting informative pieces of content, you can capture the attention of many of them. Many of them may feel interested in connecting with you. You can try to convert them by letting them know the USPs of your offerings.

What Should Be the Cost of Social Media Marketing For Business in Chicago?

On average, a leading Chicago social media marketing company should charge anything between $100 and $199 if you hire it on an hourly basis. Just remember that your overall cost will depend on several factors such as the number of platforms you want it to work on, your campaign’s goals, etc.

Basic Social Media

If you have a small business in or around Chicago and you want to outperform your local competitors, you should opt for one of our basic social media packages. When you purchase these packages, our Chicago social media marketing analysts will completely manage two social media platforms of your choice.

Advanced Social Media

These packages are the perfect solutions for mid-sized businesses like manufacturing units that want to expand their customer bases quickly. As part of our advanced social media packages, our Chicago social media marketing pros will take care of three social media platforms. You’ll also receive a maximum of 10 custom image posts and 20 monthly posts.

Enterprise Social Media

Our enterprise social media packages are designed to help large businesses capture the attention of prospects from the entire country. With these packages, our Chicago social media marketing experts will help you get the most out of five social media platforms together with a maximum of 20 custom image posts and 30 monthly posts.

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