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Social media marketing gives you an incredible opportunity to improve your SERP rankings and make more conversions. Our Cleveland social media marketing specialists will create quality posts for you along with the relevant keywords. This will place your posts in front of your target audience. Posting such content regularly will help ensure that your brand becomes credible and authoritative in your industry.

Cleveland Social Media Marketing Services

Let the world know about your brand with our comprehensive range of social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is all about using social media platforms to build your brand and increase your sales. Our Cleveland social media marketing professionals will help you publish great content on your chosen platforms, engage your followers, analyze the results, and run social media ads. All these will result in more leads for you.

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook marketing, you can foster direct relationships with your target audience and promote your brand to them. The platform comes with a plethora of free tools and apps that can be used to achieve your Facebook marketing goals. Our Cleveland social media marketing analysts will manage all your Facebook marketing aspects.

LinkedIn Marketing

Being the world’s largest professional platform, LinkedIn has become a sought-after resource for countless brands that want to connect with professionals. Our Cleveland social media marketing experts will help you get the most out of this platform by expanding your network and exposing your brand to a massive number of connections.

Twitter Marketing

By implementing the right Twitter marketing strategy, any business can boost its brand awareness, capture more inbound traffic, and improve conversion rates. Our Cleveland social media marketing pros will create informative, concise posts and publish them on the platform with the right and relevant hashtags, letting the users know about your brand.

YouTube Marketing

While YouTube is a premier source of entertaining content, it’s also an essential tool for digital marketers. With YouTube marketing, not only can you promote your brand but can also drive large volumes of qualified traffic to your site. Our Cleveland social media marketing specialists will create powerful video content for you.

Pinterest Marketing

On Pinterest, users purchase products they stumble across organically at a significantly higher rate than several other social media platforms. Our Cleveland social media marketing experts will create the right pins for you so that users can easily find them and make their buying decisions. This will also help you capture qualified traffic.

Instagram Marketing

To succeed with Instagram marketing, you need to prioritize posting high-value content and that’s exactly where the prowess of our Cleveland social media marketing professionals proves to be very effective. We’ll help you humanize your content, showcase your offerings, and interact with your target audience. This will help achieve your goals without hard selling to anyone.

Ready to Expedite Your Growth with Cleveland Social Media Marketing Services?

Use our Cleveland social media marketing services to capture more leads than your competitors

Why Is JDM Your Ideal Cleveland Social Media Marketing Company

Regardless of your industry, you can count on the team at JDM to rule it


Robust Social Media Expertise

Whether you want to focus on all the leading social media platforms or just a couple of them, our Cleveland social media marketing analysts have you covered. With our decades of experience working with social media, we’re well-positioned to help you make the most out of every aspect of it.


Unparalleled Industry Experience

Social media marketing involves a large number of different complex aspects navigating which requires both expertise and experience. Many of our Cleveland social media marketing team members have been working in this field since its inception. So, you can rest assured of getting the most effective services from our team.


Solid Domain Knowledge

Taking a look at our portfolio will help you understand why JDM has become the number one Cleveland social media marketing agency over the years. The long list of our past clients comprises businesses of all kinds, from start-ups to large organizations. Having achieved a diverse range of social media marketing goals, we’re confident to provide you with the best services.


Quantifiable Results

With JDM as your Cleveland social media marketing company, you can forget to do guesswork about the results being generated from your campaign. Each month, we’ll send you a detailed report containing several metrics. Some of these include the improvement in your number of followers, enhancement in user engagement, and changes in your inbound traffic.


Around The Clock Support

In the extremely competitive field of social media marketing, you need to ensure that your campaign runs flawlessly. You also need to identify new opportunities to expand its reach before your competitors do it. However, with JDM by your side, you won’t need to think about it as our Cleveland social media marketing specialists will take care of everything.

Why You Need To Invest In Social Media Marketing For Your Cleveland Business


Increased Brand Awareness

With social media marketing, you can place your brand and its products and/or services before a huge number of viewers. When such a large number of individuals regularly see your informative pieces of content, they’ll start sharing them with others. This will rapidly improve your brand awareness while increasing your reach.


Better User Engagement

In today’s world, a brand has to prioritize user engagement to outperform its competitors. And social media marketing brings you an incredible opportunity to boost your user engagement. By staying connected with your present and potential customers regularly, you can also expand your customer base within a short span of time.


Improved Brand Reputation

Since social media marketing allows you to reach your target audience easily, you can show it your brand’s human side easily. Authenticity plays a huge role in growing a brand and social media is perhaps the most effective method to demonstrate it. By sincerely catering to the needs of the target audience, you’ll improve your brand’s reputation.


It’s Cost-Efficient

You can join almost all leading social media platforms for free. The only cost you’ll need to bear is the cost of engaging a team of Cleveland social media marketing experts. Therefore, you can build your brand organically as long as you want. If you want, you can start using paid methods down the road.


More Volumes of Website Traffic

When you merge SEO tactics with your social media marketing efforts, you can easily capture large volumes of qualified traffic. For instance, our Cleveland social media marketing professionals always incorporate high-value keywords into the appropriate social media posts. This helps the users find these posts quickly and after that, they typically visit the brand’s site.


Large Numbers of Qualified Leads

One notable thing about social media marketing is that you can place your brand and its offerings in front of your target audience efficiently. You can also share the USPs of your offerings with them. If your target audience finds them useful, it’ll naturally visit your site, giving a boost to the number of your qualified leads.

How Much Should You Pay For Social Media Marketing For Business in Cleveland?

If you run a small social media marketing campaign and want a top Cleveland social media marketing company to manage it on an hourly basis, you should be ready to pay anything between $100 and $149. However, factors like how many platforms you want to target, how many posts you need, etc. will influence your actual cost.

Basic Social Media

Our basic social media packages are the best options for small businesses in Cleveland looking to capture more local customers. As part of these packages, two of your chosen social media platforms will be managed by our Cleveland social media marketing pros. You’ll also get a maximum of 10 posts each month.

Advanced Social Media

We’ve created our advanced social media packages to help mid-sized business owners increase their SERP rankings and make more conversions. By purchasing these packages, you’ll have three social media platforms managed by our Cleveland social media marketing analysts together with up to 20 monthly posts and 10 custom image posts.

Enterprise Social Media

If you run a large business such as an e-commerce store and want to place your products in front of the entire nation, you should choose one of our enterprise social media packages. Under these packages, our Cleveland social media marketing professionals will completely manage five social media platforms of your choice.

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