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Anyone working in the banking industry is likely aware of the necessity to communicate with and attract consumers using social media platforms. People are increasingly turning to the Internet to conduct research on potential credit unions. Therefore, many credit unions are turning to digital marketing services to increase their presence on the internet and capture a larger share of their local market.

To see genuine results, though, you’ll need more than just a website – you’ll need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help take your credit union to the next level. A comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes an optimized and professional-looking website, SEO, PPC, and a social media strategy will be required if you want to remain competitive in today’s fast changing economy.

About JDM Web Technologies

With over 100 clients worldwide, JDM Web Technologies is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency with a 99 per cent customer satisfaction record. We are a well-known digital marketing agency that works independently, with clients present globally in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, etc. and our headquarters in India.

Our Team

Our team members are chosen solely based on their subject competence and years of combined experience. With our professionalism, we follow not only ongoing trends but also create new ones. We will always be there to help you stay ahead of your competitors in all streams.

Why should credit unions opt for digital marketing services?


Digital marketing is more vital than ever for credit unions. On Google, the word “credit union” receives between 118,000 and 300,000 searches every month. Credit unions are clearly in strong demand online! If you want prospective members to find your credit union, you must be present online– and you must outperform your competition.


In today’s world, having an internet presence is critical to gaining new members. If you want to see actual results, having a website isn’t enough – you’ll need a digital marketing strategy to help take your credit union to the next level.

JDM Web Technologies Online Marketing Strategies for Credit Union Companies

Do you require a credit union marketing agency that will assist you in being found on the internet and increasing the number of applications you receive? In order to bring more leads and new members to your website than ever before, our specialists employ their extensive knowledge of digital marketing tactics. Your credit union will benefit from their expertise in email marketing, social media, blogging, ad text, SEO, and search marketing, which will provide your credit union unrivalled visibility. We get your company’s name in front of people in a way that they can’t avoid.

Google AdWords

We will produce ads that will appear on key search engine sites with an ‘ad’ tag, making them visible to your target market, using our PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. It will entice customers to discover more about your business by clicking on a product or a link to your website. We will create landing pages, optimise your bid numbers, and create adverts to attract more customers and generate a sales funnel.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing and online advertising is search engine optimisation or SEO. To guarantee that the correct clients find you, we’ll apply SEO strategies on your company’s websites, including your official website, social network pages, and Google My Business page. Our solutions will help you optimise your web pages to be mobile-friendly.

Online Reputation Management

Our digital services are proactive and quick to respond. We provide online reputation management services such as link audits, link removal, social monitoring, promotion, and blocking unfavourable content, to name a few. Our employees will promptly respond to customers’ enquiries about your company and assist them with any problems they may have.

Email Marketing

JDM Web Technologies’s direct mail marketing services can help you design the right message and deliver it to those already interested in your product or service. We use tailored messaging to make your marketing efforts more cost-effective and successful.

Website Design & Development

We will construct a website for your credit union if it does not already have one. You will sign up in collaboration with our website design team to create a professional website that will act as the online face of your credit union. A website enables potential clients to be able to trust you by learning more about your services and easily locating you online.

We may perform a website assessment if you currently have a website but have trouble ranking it high in search engine results. This audit or website evaluation will assist us in determining what is wrong with your site and determine the best optimisation technique to use. The website audit is one of the most important methods for identifying problems within your website. We’ll go over each page of your site, looking for optimisation flaws and putting our strategy into action.

Social Media Marketing Services

It has been assumed that unique social media accounts will have risen from 3.6 billion to more than 4.4 billion in the next five years. These numbers illustrate that social media advertising may produce much more leads than traditional marketing when done appropriately. We can assist you in developing and implementing social media advertising campaigns with appealing themes and visuals to attract more customers.

Our social media managers will create Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for you if you don’t already have them to reach as many people as possible.

Why Choose Us

Known for our focus on financial institutions and the digital strategies that deliver the best return on a credit union’s marketing investment, we are a renowned credit union advertising agency that provides measurable solutions for PPC, SEO, Content Marketing, and Integrated Marketing campaigns for credit unions nationwide.


Dedicated Resources

We are a one-stop digital marketing agency for all of your marketing needs. You won’t have to hunt for each service separately because we provide complete 360° digital marketing solutions. We can design a full-proof strategy and save you thousands of rupees by providing as many services as possible under one roof.


10+ Years of Experience

With over 100 clients and more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we are currently one of the greatest digital marketing agencies in the country. We offer digital marketing services to a wide range of companies, and many of them have seen a large rise in their web traffic after working with us.


Advanced Tools & Unique Strategies

We’ve worked at it for quite some time and finally broken the code. After exhausting all other methods, we devised our procedures that would work. We’ve figured out how it works and how to use it for your credit union to get the outcomes you want.


Affordable Packages

We provide a variety of digital marketing packages, with rates varying depending on the services you choose. Depending on what you need to rank higher in Google searches, you’ll get different services with a package. You can pick between a one-time and a monthly solution depending on the bundle you select. Many of our former clients were so pleased with our one-time marketing package that they opted for monthly marketing. JDM Web Technologies provides both services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most definitely! Social media marketing is one of the trending digital marketing strategies that has helped several credit unions come to fame. It’s been proven time, and again that credit unions that do not utilize social media marketing methods do not have a reputable online presence.

JDM Web Technologies advises credit unions to keep their emails crisp, short and to the point. Mentioning the purpose of your writing an email is also a must.

Facebook is one of the earliest social media apps that has over a billion active users. JDM Web Technologies can help credit unions connect, engage, and interact with potential customers by effectively sharing relevant content on Facebook.

Content can be in any form. Content marketing does not just mean blogs but also includes posts, stories, videos, graphics, podcasts, webinars etc. To help credit unions, JDM Web Technologies is the best digital agency.

One of the most common mistakes that credit unions make when marketing digitally is inconsistency. Results do not arrive in a day or a week. With JDM Web Technologies’ consistent efforts, you do not put in any promotional effort and focus on the business front.

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Connect with our digital marketing professionals right away. We have assisted numerous businesses, like yours, in expanding their operations. Discuss your company plans with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Take a deep breath and wait to see the results.

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