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When running a daycare facility, it’s easy to think that internet marketing is the last thing you should be focusing on. However, in today’s world, digital marketing is no longer an option but rather a need for any business. When parents nowadays can hire tutors online, how can we believe that they will not look for a childcare centre for their child on the internet?

If you haven’t shifted your marketing operations to the digital domain in this age of the internet, you’re missing out on some of the most important trends that will continue to emerge. Digital marketing will not only assist you in gaining greater exposure for your centre, but it will also assist you in establishing a reputation for your daycare centre on the internet.

Who are we?

With a common aim in mind, we’re a team of digital marketers working together. We want to assist daycare businesses in increasing the effectiveness of their online marketing tactics, services, and strategies by providing them with the required resources. Our online marketing professionals create visually appealing websites that will assist your daycare centre in getting off to a strong start with promotional analytics and measurable results from the very first day of operations on the internet. To provide our clients with proven results, we build and implement cutting-edge marketing programmes.

In our years of experienced working with daycare centres worldwide, we have built a team of committed marketers, project managers, designers, developers, and writers to execute projects. JDM Web Technologies has built a reputation as a dependable and knowledgeable company for both small and large organizations throughout its 15-year history.


Our Goals
Our mission is to help our clients’ daycare centres reach their maximum brand potential by adopting thorough web marketing strategies. Before we start working together, you should be aware of JDM Web Technologies’ capabilities.

We’ve developed a sharp ability to market each firm in a way that draws attention to its unique selling qualities, thanks to our years of expertise as a pioneering digital marketing agency. So, if you’re looking for an online marketing agency that can handle everything, look no further.


Our vision and mission
Everything, we believe, revolves around you and the impression you want to leave on parents, children, and others. Your pleasantness has aroused our interest, and we’d like to learn more about your daycare centre and how we might help.

Why choose us?

As we have been working with several daycare centres, we have tried and demonstrated that digital marketing plans and methods are effective in this industry. Having a solid online presence and an up-to-date website is critical for daycare businesses since the information you present on your website is the primary way by which most parents decide whether or not to buy your services.

Our experts can help you assist you in developing a solid online presence by setting up or monitoring your social media accounts. You may post videos about your childcare business and explain what makes your service superior to you competitors. We will employ local SEO to improve the ranking of your website, hence increasing the trustworthiness of your company.

Digital Marketing Strategies To Promote Daycare Centers

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to strategies to get high rankings in search engines. When someone looks for daycare providers in your region, you want to make sure your facility appears on the top ten rankings, and SEO can help you do that. Our SEO experts carry years of experience in promoting and helping many daycare centers rank high on Google.

Video Content Marketing

Your target consumers are parents looking for daycare services. We doubt you’ll be able to attract new consumers if you don’t spend enough time, money, and effort promoting your daycare facility online. You must post videos of your daycare facility and its everyday activities on the internet to let prospective consumers learn more about you. Video blogging can assist you in accomplishing this goal!

PPC Management

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a method of advertising in which you only pay when a lead clicks on one of your ads, resulting in higher-quality leads. PPC management encompasses everything from keyword research to targeted channels (such as Google, Bing, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to split testing and campaign optimization of adverts and landing sites. We plan, manage, and evaluate your PPC ad campaign to obtain the best possible results.

Website Design

Digital marketing for daycare requires a website that is both functional and appealing. The website’s slick and user-friendly interface should immediately convey why your company is the best option for daycare. It should give the viewers a gist of everything their child receives at your center and how they will benefit from it. Since we have developed stunning websites for various daycare centers, we understand exactly what is required. Our website developers are experienced to design and developing mobile-friendly SEO websites.

Online Reputation Management

The reputation that any daycare center has developed and its input from the parents determine whether it succeeds or fails. After all, any parent would not prefer taking any risks with their children’s goodwill by giving responsibility to a daycare center with a negative reputation. If you can build yourself as a trustworthy brand, your center will be more profitable. Our team of online reputation management (ORM) experts assists you in keeping a continual check on both positive and negative comments generated about your business. The specialists can also assist you in responding appropriately to happy emotions and dealing with unpleasant emotions in a mature manner.

Social Media Management

In the future years, almost 3.6 billion people will be using social media. According to the statistics, that number will rise to 4.4 billion people by 2050. Thus, social media advertising can produce much more leads than any other form of advertising. Consequently, we can assist you in developing and implementing effective social media marketing campaigns that feature appealing aesthetics and exciting themes to attract more clients. Our social media marketing specialists will create accounts for you on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that you may reach as many people as possible. We’ll assign your daycare center a dedicated social media supervisor who will post often, manage your accounts, and communicate with your followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve been in the digital marketing sector for over 15 years and have consistently been regarded as the best digital marketing agency. Businesses can choose from a variety of packages. Each plan includes customized services that all large and small organizations can easily choose as per their requirement. We work on a no lock-in policy where you do not have to sign a contract to work with us. You pay as you go and continue till the time you enjoy our services.

Yes, internet marketing can help you produce more leads, even if you’re just getting started. We offer digital marketing solutions to organizations of all sizes and locations, assisting them in moving to the digital world. Small daycare centres can benefit from our web marketing services to get in front of potential customers.

The cost of online promotions varies depending on the the level of promotion necessary, and the length of time the services are required. Our sales team will give you a word depending on your specifications. The longer you avail our services, the more favourable the charges become.

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We know what works and what does not! Get in touch with our experienced digital marketing team today to learn how to help you get your daycare centre to the next level.

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