Digital Marketing Services for Deck Builders

Become a Leader in the Deck-building Industry Using Optimized Marketing Solutions

People love their homes more than life itself. They use their life savings to decorate their residence and want to install the most luxurious fittings possible. As a result, deck building services are always in demand since they can beautify the pool area or the backyard instantly. These attachments are quite popular in hotels and resorts too, because they provide the establishment with an opulent ambiance. The enormous demand for decks attracts a lot of companies, so to survive in the industry, you need a strong marketing and advertising strategy.

Why Should Deck Builders Choose Us for Digital Marketing Solutions?

We have been a leading firm in the digital marketing industry for years now. Our legacy has been built over providing customized marketing solutions to companies across different industries and locations. We treat each client with the optimum care and attention, no matter the size of their business or budget. You can rely on JDM Web Technologies to only put out high-quality campaigns, which adds to your reputation as a deck builder.

Digital marketing is hands down the most affordable and effective way of promoting your services. It can help you connect with new clients and increase your brand awareness amongst the masses. But, to achieve all of this, you need to have industry experts by your side. JDM Web Technologies provides end-to-end marketing solutions. We target every aspect of your online marketing agenda and ace it using our research-backed methods. With us, you can become a household name in the deck-building industry in no time.

Here are a few reasons you choose Choose JDM Web Technologies to market your deck-building business online.


Running a business comes with keeping an active eye on your finances. You may be afraid of losing too much money and not gaining adequate results initially. JDM Web Technologies allows you to avail the best digital marketing services within a small budget. We cater to businesses of all sizes, so be assured of finding a plan that suits you.


Result-Oriented Approach
The end goal of all marketing efforts is to gain more clients and, in turn, make more money. We use our marketing strategies to pair you up with organizations that would want you to build new decks for them. At the end of every cycle, we present you with real numbers that quantify your business’ online success. This gives you a well-defined perspective on how our services are benefitting you.
We’re also quick to rectify details when they don’t pan out the way you wanted them to. Your digital marketing techniques are revised constantly depending on market trends so that you stay on the top of your industry always.


Responsive Customer Care
When you work with a business in charge of curating your brand image, you might often have feedback to share or just general queries to discuss. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so our team will reach out to you as soon as possible whenever you need our assistance. You can call, e-mail, or text us on WhatsApp to always stay in touch.


Detailed Communication
Before taking up any projects, our consultants set up a meeting with you to understand your business better. We find out exactly what you expect from your digital marketing strategy to deliver the required. During this session, you can also discuss any ideas you might want to implement in your social media or walk us through your brand vision. Your business is important to us, and we go over every detail before we come up with a plan to market it.

JDM Web Technologies Digital Marketing Services For Deck Builders

Attract new clients and build a loyal customer base with the right marketing techniques

The world of digital marketing has been expanding exponentially. There are numerous resources and platforms for businesses to explore, but it all comes down to finding techniques that yield results for your specific needs. If you’ve just started out in the deck-building industry, then your focus may be to build a name locally. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned business owner, then you might want to try your hand at serving clients across the country or even internationally.

JDM Web Technologies understands your business and provides personalized solutions. Here are some of the digital tools we’ll use to boost your sales.

Guest Posting Services

People refer to numerous architectural blogs and interior decor websites before deciding on a deck design or builder. We put you at the forefront of their search. We partner with trustworthy bloggers and website owners and ask them to promote your business in the content that they put out. This way, people who are actually interested in availing your services will find your business from sources they rely on. This will be a boon for your conversion rates and spread the word about your services in the industry.

Local SEO

Since deck building involves a lot of physical work, it’s possible that you’d first want to establish your business in neighboring areas. To ensure that anybody looking for deck building services in your area is directed to your business, we deploy our local SEO strategies. Our primary goal would be to put you on top of the “Near Me” feature on search engines.

This will increase local traffic on your website and help you gather a new clientele.

Page Speed Optimization

Since the websites for deck building companies are heavy on pictures, it’s common for them to have a slow loading speed. This can be detrimental for your business because people usually click off websites within a few seconds if the desired page doesn’t appear. So how do we prevent this?

JDM Web Technologies’s tech team is well-versed with nuances of website development and management. They will increase your page loading speed without hampering the quality of graphics on your website. This will decrease your bounce rates and let you retain the attention of your website visitors.

Website Design

As a deck builder, one of the most important things to do online is flaunt your portfolio. Aesthetic appeal is a major concern amongst clients regarding decks, so we’ll create a website for you that’s a testament to your work. The website will have an excellent UI/UX design that makes way for easy navigation, but it will also have custom pictures and icons that directly relate with your line of work.

Our web design team will closely communicate with you so that your website has every feature that you want.

Social Media Marketing

Billions of people use social media platforms every day. Themes such as architecture, interior decor, and house renovation are quite popular amongst these online communities too. JDM Web Technologies will help you capitalize on people’s interest in these areas. We will create profiles on apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, where we promote your services. Our team will enhance your social media presence by posting attractive visual and textual content.

People interested in deck builders will come across your page and, owing to your consistent activity on these platforms, will be urged to follow you. From there, we will use engaging Calls To Action (CTA) and promotional strategies to convert the people who engage with your content into paying customers.


Every modern business owner dreams about their website being ranked on the first page of popular search engines. We turn this dream for your deck-building business into reality. We thoroughly research your industry to come up with relevant keywords. Then, we update the content on your website and blogs according to the latest SEO principles and make backlinks. This will help you outperform your competitors and appear on search results whenever a potential customer goes online to find a deck-building business.

We can also help you narrow down your regular website visitors to individuals who are actually a part of your target customer base. Some of the best by-products of this strategy would be higher revenue generation and positive word of mouth.

Website Redesign

You may have gotten a website built for your company in the past which is now struggling to stay at par with current market standards. Deck builders often attract clients from affluent backgrounds, so they will organically expect the best out of your business. JDM Web Technologies will revamp your website so that you don’t lose important data but can also enjoy new attributes. You will be assigned a dedicated expert who will carefully listen to your woes and develop solutions for your website accordingly.


Yes! Digital marketing is a necessity in today’s world. So, if you want to expand your business and generate a higher income, you must invest in marketing it online. As far as affordability is concerned, you will find no better match for your business than JDM Web Technologies. We specialize in promoting small businesses online. Working with a limited budget is never an issue with us; we try our best to provide you with the most value within the amount you decide to spend.

We have various methods of advertising your products online. You can go for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing, where you will pay a small amount of money every time somebody engages with your ad. We will make sure that your funds are put to good use by adjusting your PPC settings, especially for your target customer base. This method provides a high ROI, so we suggest you discuss putting out PPC ads for your business with us.

Decks, patio arrangements, and home decor, in general, is a trending topic on Instagram. We will post quality content on your behalf that your audience will love. Instagram offers a wide range of features to business profiles which we will use to enhance your brand image. This will increase your followers over time and help you gain a fair share of Instagram popularity!

Yes! Your website must get fixed urgently because staying dormant for too long may have disastrous results on its search engine page rankings. Our tech team will assess your website and restore its functionality as soon as possible. In fact, we can even add new and appealing features to it! Contact us now to know more.

Absolutely! LinkedIn is essential for B2B marketing, and we help you build a profile that generates interest within your target customer base. We will help you put out engaging posts and optimize your page to appear on the top whenever somebody searches for deck builders. This will help you network with managers and owners of hotels.

Yes! Some help from the experts will help your business take off on social media easily. We will fill up your page with commonly-searched keywords that relate to your area of work. This way, the content you produce will receive the attention that it deserves. A streamlined social media strategy is the way to go for you!

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