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Our adept team of Detroit social media marketing professionals strives to help business owners increase their sales figures by harnessing the power of social media. With us on your side, you can totally forget to invest in expensive digital marketing methods. Our data-driven Detroit social media marketing services are just what you need to build a large, loyal customer base.

Detroit Social Media Marketing Services

Generate qualified leads quickly with our broad range of Detroit social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing

A large number of businesses across industries trust the expertise of our Detroit social media marketing analysts when they need to generate noticeable results out of their social media marketing activities. Our unparalleled knowledge of the whole social media spectrum enables us not only to meet but exceed client expectations.

Facebook Marketing

With the largest number of MAUs, Facebook has become an extremely effective platform where you can connect with a vast audience and place your services and/or products before them. Irrespective of your particular objectives of trying Facebook marketing, you can count on our Detroit social media marketing specialists to help you attain them.

LinkedIn Marketing

Let our Detroit social media marketing experts handle your LinkedIn marketing activities and see how easy it becomes to present your offerings to different groups of professionals. Our team will also help you reach similar businesses on the platform so that they can also help maximize the reach of your offerings.

Twitter Marketing

Without a strong strategy, it’s hardly possible to make the most out of your Twitter marketing efforts. Fortunately, our Detroit social media marketing team has been developing and executing innovative Twitter marketing strategies for years and has already helped businesses of all types and sizes achieve their Twitter marketing goals efficiently.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has the power to help you showcase your offerings to a massive number of people in a cost-effective way and build your brand awareness quickly. Depending on your exact requirements, our Detroit social media marketing pros will create the right types of YouTube ads to ensure they’re seen by most YouTube users.

Pinterest Marketing

A huge number of people view Pinterest as the best source of learning about new concepts, innovative products, and more, and hence, use it regularly. This essentially means that by promoting your offerings to these people in the right manner, you can send many of them to your site and boost your conversion rates.

Instagram Marketing

When carrying out Instagram marketing activities, our Detroit social media marketing analysts always consider it a priority to create content that’s both engaging and informative. Not only does this type of content help improve brand recognition and user engagement but it also helps grab the attention of many Instagram users efficiently.

Ready to Boost Your Sales Figures With Detroit Social Media Marketing Services?

No matter which platform you desire to explore, our Detroit social media marketing services have it covered

Why It Is Important To Engage JDM as Your Detroit Social Media Marketing Company

Our team of specialists is capable of supporting your brand in every possible manner


Unequaled Social Media Prowess

If you want to put the power of social media to use, you must have a proficient team to handle your activities. Over the years, our Detroit social media marketing analysts have gained unparalleled proficiency in managing all sought-after social media platforms. You only need to let us know your goals and we’ll take care of the rest.


Unrivaled Experience in the Field

Our Detroit social media marketing company takes immense pride in having some of the most experienced social media marketers in the industry as our team members. When you entrust JDM with a project, our adept Detroit social media marketing professionals will put their best foot forward to get you the results.


Extensive Domain Knowledge

Not only can our Detroit social media marketing specialists manage a broad range of social media platforms but they also have a deep understanding of each of them. Their outstanding domain knowledge enables us to come up with the most effective strategies for individual platforms and cater to our clients’ unique needs.


Quantifiable Results

As long as JDM is on your side, you can rest assured that not only will your campaign generate noticeable results but you’ll have all the details at your fingertips as well. The detailed reports we’ll share with you periodically contain several key performance indicators such as improvements in engagement, the growth in inbound traffic volume, etc.


Support 24/7

At JDM, we consider offering top-tier technical support as one of our main priorities. Even if you entrust our Detroit social media marketing team with a small, local campaign, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll be managed with the utmost professionalism. Our dedicated technical support team that works 24/7 will ensure that it runs flawlessly.

Why Utilizing Social Media Marketing Should Be a Priority for Your Detroit Business


Strong Brand Awareness

With the implementation of the right social media marketing strategy, you can reach many individuals with varying backgrounds and place your offerings before them. By posting informative and engaging content, you can easily encourage them to share your posts with their own groups. This practice will ultimately result in strong brand awareness for you.


Robust Customer Engagement

Once you become connected with your target audience, you can utilize several social media marketing tactics to increase your engagement. For instance, running a social media contest or sharing the news of your special deals with your prospects will greatly encourage them to interact more with your posts and brand.


Elevated Reputation of Your Business

Today’s individuals need proof of the authenticity of a business even before they start interacting with it. And with social media marketing, it has become easier than ever to establish your authenticity on the platforms. By implementing a strategy that revolves around the real people behind your business, you’ll be able to enhance your brand reputation quickly.


It Is a Low-Cost Method

With social media marketing, you don’t necessarily need to have a large budget to generate substantial results. Even if you desire to utilize organic marketing methods only, you can still get good results. If you utilize a combination of paid and free methods, you still won’t need to break the bank.


More Volumes of Traffic to Your Website

By placing important keywords and key phrases in your posts, you can increase their reach to a great extent. When your engaging and informative posts appear before a large number of users, you can rest assured that many of them will go to your site to find out more about your business.


Significant Volumes of Qualified Leads

Social media marketing has gained unmatched popularity for facilitating fast and direct communication with almost anyone. This essentially means that you can present your offerings precisely to the groups that you want as your customers. By convincing those people about your offerings’ unique features and benefits, you can motivate them to complete your desired actions.

How Much Should Social Media Marketing Services Cost For Business in Detroit?

You should be ready to pay a fee between $100 and $149 when you engage a premier Detroit social media marketing company to take care of your social media marketing activities on an hourly basis. In case you want to take the project-wise route, you should have a budget of at least $1,000.

Basic Social Media

When your primary goal is to outperform your business rivals in or around Detroit by attaining more recognition than them, you should buy our basic social media package. All the activities of two social media platforms of your choice will be handled by our Detroit social media marketing experts as part of this package.

Advanced Social Media

You should go with our advanced social media package when you need to drive significant numbers of qualified leads to your site within a short period of time. Our Detroit social media marketing specialists will create a maximum of 10 custom image posts and 20 monthly posts and manage three of your platforms.

Enterprise Social Media

If you want to take the ultimate approach to make the most out of your social media marketing dollars and take your enterprise to another level, our enterprise social media package is your best option. Under this package, five of your platforms will be completely handled by our Detroit social media marketing professionals.

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