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If you are a doctor establishing your clinic recently, you might be struggling to attract a good number of clients to your business establishment. No matter what kind of services you provide and how well-trained in the medical field you are, most people prefer to visit their trusted family doctors for any health-related issue. As a doctor, you want to provide world-class services to people who need them while also building your brand name. To find the people who require your services, you would have to market your business to the right people. As a doctor, it is okay if you are not familiar with how digital marketing works and how it could benefit you. As a leading digital marketing agency, we will help your doctor’s clinic and your business to attract more genuine leads over time.

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    Many doctors often hesitate to implement digital marketing in their business because they believe that whatever service they provide, they will be able to attract more target patients with word of mouth from their previous clientele. However, that is not true; at the age when all the information is available online, people take to online platforms to search for a doctor or doctor’s clinic in their local area before visiting it personally. Digital marketing, when done correctly, can reach the biggest volume of your targeted customer demographics, and your business will grow exponentially. We have previously worked with several hospitals, and medical professionals helped them grow their establishment and make a prominent breakthrough within their locality.


    We are a team of skilled professionals who have been working in the digital marketing industry for decades collectively. As a global, leading digital marketing agency, we have helped several businesses achieve their marketing and business goals in the last 12 years by creating customized marketing schemes for them. We incorporate your traditional marketing ideas into our digital marketing agendas so that your customers from all age groups feel equally welcomed to your clinic.


    Ever since our launch in 2009, JDM Web Technologies have managed to help many small businesses find their position in a saturated market and many unicorn startups to reach their desired customer target. With some of the best marketing tools in our possessions and our skills under our belt, we construct digital marketing strategies keeping the market in mind instead of just implementing useless elements. As a doctor, our services will help you retain your old patients and find a new patient base within your locality and surrounding areas.


    Since we offer a broad range of digital marketing services within our wide package ranges, you will be able to choose the one that fits with the services you provide the most. Even if you have never tried implementing digital marketing before, we are more than happy to help you understand our services fully before you can place your order. From designing a website to online reputation management, we provide several essential services for a business to gain momentum.

    JDM Web Technologies Digital Marketing Services for Doctors

    With hundreds of digital marketing agencies available to help businesses, you might wonder what makes us stand out among the others. Here are some facts about us that will help you understand what makes us the favourite among many business owners for their digital marketing requirements:

    Local SEO to make your business visible to the target clientele

    As a doctor, you would be targeting clients that are in your local area or nearby areas. In such cases, Local SEO comes in handy, and so we provide local SEO services to organizations. Within our local SEO services, we will create a GoogleMyBusiness page for you, as well as include your name in local business listings. We will also feed your business’ updated contact information into the system to make it easier for people and Google to find you and rank you. Carrying our Local SEO in your doctor’s website and business listing helps people find you and get in touch with you when seeking medical help.

    Social Media Marketing to help you generate more genuine leads

    With more than 50% of the world’s population using social media platforms, you cannot even begin to imagine how many leads you will be able to generate through social media. So we create social media accounts on all of the major platforms, create keyword-specific content targeting them to your customer demographics. We will also include hashtags so that people who are in need of your services will be able to find you through targeted hashtags. We will also maintain an open channel of communication with your clients who have questions regarding their health and your service and looking for recommendations.

    Keyword research and analysis to filter out your target audience

    When we create content for your website and social media profiles, including keywords is what makes people find you. We leverage multiple tools and technology to ensure that your content and business are right where they should be. We will do extensive keyword research with our state-of-the-art tools and analyze them to find the ones that will fit your business the best and rank you higher than your competitors.

    Email Marketing to stay connected to your subscribers

    When people visit your website, most of them will subscribe to receive regular updates or newsletters from your service. We will create intriguing and informational newsletters, send your subscriber updates about any new services you added to your services, etc. Within our email marketing services, you can also choose to send important updates to your clients, invoices, updates about their medical history, etc.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content writing services for relevant blogs and articles

    Our content writing team will create informational and relevant content like blogs, articles, social media posts, and guest posts with targeted keywords in them. You will be able to include these blogs and articles on your website to assert your dominance on the field and guest posts in public forums to generate organic leads. The guest posts will be backlinked to your website content for any interested audience to find your business. You can go through our featured case studies and client testimonials to get an overview of how we have previously helped multiple doctors achieve their goals regarding marketing their services.

    Online Reputation Management to help you stand out amongst the crowd

    When you are conducting business online or have a brand identity online, maintaining a good reputation is what makes your brand stand out amongst the crowd. While you are busy serving people, saving lives, you often do not get time to focus on what your clients are saying about you. So we provide online reputation management services within which we will keep track of your clients’ comments, reviews, and ratings. If we find any fake reviews, we will moderate those reviews and weed out the fake ones.

    Website Design: We create websites that convert easily

    As a doctor, your website is the primary address your clients and patients will be able to reach you. So we create websites that are easy to navigate, has all the correct and updated information about your business and your credentials, and is attractive to people of all age group. Our web design team will take time to optimize your website so that people can access it from their preferred devices – mobiles, tablets, and desktops, without experiencing any lagging.

    We will create as many web pages as required to describe the services you provide and how you can help people in need. We will include relevant information from medical journals, images, and even short videos to make your website favourable for algorithms. With our neatly designed websites, you will be able to reach your desired customer demographics as soon as possible, as well as outrank your competitors. If you already have a website but haven’t been used it in quite some time, we will optimize your website to meet the google algorithm requirements.

    seo and web optimization final
    SEO services that create a functional sales funnel

    SEO services in the right place at the right time is how most websites get ranked on top of search engine pages. Our SEO specialists will carefully implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to ensure long-term results for your doctor’s business. Within our SEO services, you receive facilities like keyword analysis, the inclusion of targeted, long-tail, and LSI keywords in your website content. We will fix broken links, update your URLs so that web crawlers recognize your website. We will also optimize the size of your text to be consistent, images to fit the algorithm requirements, etc. Since our SEO specialists stay on top of all changing SEO trends, we are well-versed in predicting the next change that night happens and apply strategies accordingly to make your website future-proof.

    Why choose JDM Web Technologies as your digital marketing agency?

    We understand that choosing a digital marketing agency comes with a lot of responsibility; however, it should not stress you out. We believe in providing quality services over quantity, so we choose to work with companies when they are extremely in need of it. We also make sure to provide them with the option to choose from the services they want. Our packages are flexible, and you can choose the one that fits you best.

    If you believe none of our packages fits your requirements, you can call our customer representative and get a tailored package created for you. Apart from having over a decade of experience in the digital marketing industry, here are some of the reasons why many businesses keep coming back to us:


    Dedicated team

    Since we work with multiple businesses from across different types of industry simultaneously, instead of mixing up all the projects, we assign a team per project to make the process a professional and perfect one. When we take your project, we will dedicate a team to you comprised of digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, content writers so that you can start seeing results as soon as possible. You will be able to contact your customer representative to get any of your queries or confusion cleared.


    Free consultation

    Before starting to work on your project, we will provide you with a free consultation call, where we will discuss your business scope, where you see your organization five years, and what kind of services will fit you the best. You will be speaking with experts, and together we will arrive at a conclusion where you will find the right marketing package for you.


    Regular updates

    Our job does not end; once we deliver your project, it stretches until you start seeing any results. We will send you regular updates on how our digital marketing services are impacting your business and how well your traffic has increased. We will provide in-depth details, and analytical reports for you to understand how implementing our services has changed the way your business performs.



    We believe in being transparent with our services, so you will also be able to keep track of where your money is going with our detailed reports. Whether you want weekly, i-weekly, or monthly reports, we will provide you at your convenience. Unlike other agencies, we will not ask you to sign any contracts, and you will be free to leave the partnership any time you are not happy with our services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, without a doubt! People are looking for doctors in their neighbourhood. They use the internet to do so. Hence, it is important that your online presence is strong so that people can find you easily.

    Offline advertising confines you to a specific geographical area. People who pass by your offline advertisement banner may be interested in watching it. However, having an online presence allows you to reach a wider audience and is not limited to a specific geographical location. You can deliver online consultations, provide treatment via video conference, and always remain in constant contact with your patients.

    Over the last ten years, we have assisted many doctors in developing an online presence and increasing their connection with patients. You can chat with one of our representatives and request a demonstration.

    No, you can simultaneously run both if your budget allows. You can map the results of your online promotions through our monthly reports.

    Start with a basic digital marketing bundle and work your way up. Our expert can assist you in determining your monthly digital marketing spend based on your goals and budget in order to achieve better outcomes.

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