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The education industry is one of the longest-running industries globally, and it is nowhere near its end. Each year, more and more educational institutes start their business, and the competition to stay on top of them all is cutthroat. No matter how many decades you have been in the education industry, no one will care for you today if you do not market your business.

Along with many other industries, the education industry has seen a massive surge in digital marketing in the last few years. We, at JDM Web Technologies, have been providing web advertising services to various educational institutes. As an institute, your job is to educate your students, while our job is to help you strategize digital advertising tactics to grow your business.

An experienced digital marketing team to work on your project

At JDM Web Technologies, we prefer quality over quantity. We have handpicked a team of experts with years of experience in their bags. Our digital marketing team will implement strategies that will propel your business into a long time success. We also keep up with various changing market trends that help us analyze and apply promotional strategy to help you become the talk of the town.

We offer our digital marketing services to various educational bodies

Universities & Colleges
Online Education
Coaching Institutes

Become a Market Leader in the Education Industry

To become the market leader, you will have to provide quality education to the children and know to market your services. If you are struggling to reach the desired demographics of your customer, your digital marketing strategies need to be examined and changed. One of the sure-fire ways to create an effective system is to work with an experienced digital marketing agency.

Many businesses in the education industry have taken to online platforms to market their services. With their infallible strategies, they managed to gain popularity among the masses. Our team will focus on helping you with various plans to bring in more web and foot traffic.

With a dedicated team assigned to work on your project, we will build a tailored digital marketing strategy. Whatever package you choose, our services will be tailored to your business instead of implementing a generic approach to your site.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions FOR SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES

Online Marketing Services in the education industry allow educational institutes to advertise and market their business and promote various educational materials that could be helpful to the students. Planning to market your business can get troublesome, so this is where a professional agency comes into play.

We would use a diverse range of digital marketing strategies and implement them into various online platforms of your brand and bring in more visitors to your website. We understand that various educational institutes might need different advertising strategies depending on what you are promoting. We have multiple packages to suit all your requirements.

Here are some of the solutions we provide in our education industry digital marketing services:


We also have a copywriting team who will make compelling content copies that you can use during promotions and advertisements for your business. Since ad copy only has a few words, it should be eye-catching, informational, and have substance to make people visit your website.

Social Media Marketing

No matter which business you take as an example to follow, you will notice that nowadays, most of their customer base comes from an ad they have come across on some social media platform. With multiple platforms available presently, it is the right time to create social media accounts and start promoting and advertising your products.

Educational apps

Most students love having all the study material sorted in one place. This is where an app comes into play. We will include your app link in the ad campaign and add the link to your app in the articles we write, social media promotion posts, etc.

Community presence

To further your business, having a strong community presence is vital. We will do that by posting answers to queries in educational forums, linking your website in the answers, commenting on other institute’s posts so that their visitors can click on your website link, etc.


Guest blogging

If you do not have a content writer on your team, we will work with our team of experienced content writers to write guest blogs and articles on your brand’s behalf and post it on public forums. We will backlink your website and other vital posts on these guest posts, compelling readers to click on them.

Mobile responsive website

Most of the students access educational websites from their mobile phones. So, it is imperative to make your website mobile-friendly. Our optimization expert will configure your website to be mobile-friendly to make navigation easier.

Website design and development

If you always depended on traditional marketing to promote your business, our web designing experts will create a website for you. We will optimize the website so that it is user-friendly and all the vital information is available and structured so that it is easy to find.

We will also implement image optimization, text optimization and make your business website accessible not only by computer but also with mobile and tablet devices. Having a business website makes your brand looks trustworthy, and it becomes the focal point of all your digital marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns helps you develop trust between prospective leads and your organisation. Email marketing activities can help you solve crucial enrollment hurdles while also establishing a positive first impression of your institution with prospective students when you give targeted, relevant, and automated content.

We help you keep students and parents engaged with your institution. Our team helps in creating personalized and compelling advertising material. Highlight the most recent news, events at your school, and analyse open rates, click-through rates, and other key performance indicators.

Search Engine Optimization For Educational Websites

Google has a soft spot for educational institutions. Because of their authority and relevance, their domains are among the most trusted on the Internet. Given their status as educational institutions, they have plenty of opportunities to connect to relevant websites that are likewise well-established, which is why university links are highly sought after.

The Big Question! Do Educational Institutes Still Need SEO Services?

Yes, educational institutions are required to manage their online presence in the same way that any other business is required to do. This is especially true given the growing number of individuals gaining access to universities; with more people and a greater variety of courses available than ever before, achieving high rankings for any university is highly crucial. The level of competition is increasing. With the availability of online institutions and other certification choices, the competition to be the first search result on Google will only become more severe. Education industry SEO must be carried out ethically to capture the latent power contained within university websites. And we know it better!

How are we leading the digital marketing industry?

You will find hundreds of digital marketing companies claiming to be the best when you look for it. What sets us apart from the rest is that you will have complete transparency of our services. We will keep you updated on every step of our online advertising journey.

We understand that not everyone has the same budget, so we have multiple packages so that all the businesses can avail them without putting a dent in their bank accounts. We also offer various time frames for the packages. You can choose from one-time or monthly packages depending on your needs.

JDM Web Technologies provides economical digital marketing services for small educational institutions. The extent of work is determined by the level of competition in the line of business and the present status of branding. The packages are created specifically for each campaign based on the amount of effort required to be effective. When it comes to our pricing structure, we are very accommodating. If you would like to chat with one of our sales professionals, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be delighted to be of service to you.

Looking For A Digital Marketing Expert For Your Education Business?

Let’s connect to discuss your business and online advertising possibilities. We have multiple digital marketing packages for you to choose from. Each package comes with a comprehensive list of services that will help your business achieve great heights.

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