Digital Marketing Services for EHR Companies

Electronic Health Record-keeping has doubled since the last decade in medical clinics and institutes, and it continues to rise. In addition, because EHR companies can offer much-required services to hospitals, surgical institutions, physicians, and doctors, the demand for promoting their services using digital marketing solutions has also significantly increased.

If your EHR Company cannot manifest the visioned goals, it is probably because of the lack of digital marketing solutions. With the constant transposition in marketing practices, it is not uncommon for specific procedures to be unfit. But digital marketing practices are noted to be an evergreen solution.

As an EHR company owner, you must adopt digital resources to stay ahead in the competition. At JDM Web Technologies, we are intuitive towards your needs as an EHR company, your target audience, and prospective clients. We have been in this industry with more than a decade’s experience and professionalism, and therefore, we only suggest the best to you.

Why should EHR Companies not Ignore Digital Marketing Services?

Blindly believing the vitality of digital marketing will get you way ahead towards success, and there is no changing of this. We stay in time where everything is digitized, and the internet has paved into becoming an important part of our lives.


The internet is the new playroom

Who does not have access to the internet in today’s digital world? In addition, 8 out of 10 people have a mobile phone with internet. The internet is a boon for us all, from surging social media to searching information on search engines. Therefore, using the internet through digital marketing means can help you connect with people better.


Greater potential for lead to customer conversion

According to a recent Google update, companies that use digital marketing services have seen a 2.8% growth in their revenue in the first initial months of use. This indirectly directs to the conversion of potential leads into customers.


Direct communication with your target audience

Unless you know if your customers are satisfied with your services or products, how can you improve your company’s status. If customers cannot get through to you, they will automatically turn towards your competition. On the other hand, EHR companies that have adopted digital marketing services and adapted their services around their clientele’s requirements have shown green signals in their growth.


More savings in the long-term

Digital marketing services are significant for EHR companies that are just starting, to save on your expenses, being on a budget, compared to other marketing solutions, digital marketing has proven to give you steady results in the long term at customizable budget-friendly rates.


Not limited to a few features

Unlike most marketing solutions, digital marketing solutions have an array of features. For example, email marketing, on-site and off-site search engine optimization, content marketing, social media management, online reputation management, and PPC advertisements are to name a few.


Boosts the brand name

It becomes easier for EHR companies to establish themselves as a reputed brand with digital marketing. As it helps expand the company’s reach beyond geographical boundaries, you can easily appeal to a greater audience. People will only trust brands with an established name on the internet, and digital marketing aids you in this.

Overall, why should you take up Digital Marketing?

  • As an EHR company, you know your record-keeping system is worthwhile for those who require it. But unfortunately, although you have your influx of recurring clients, new ones do not seem to knock at your doorstep.
  • You are an avid user of conventional marketing techniques, but your business marketing investments do not bring back positive returns because of digitization.
  • You want to open your target audience largely but are unsure how to do so.
  • You want to keep up with what your rivals are doing on different platforms and understand what could work the best for you as well.
  • You want simpler ways to convert potential leads into long-term customers for your company and keep up with their interests.
  • You want to invest a minimal amount in your marketing strategies but see significant results.
  • You wish to revamp your marketing solutions and approaches to stay up-to-date with the world and see a positive change in your ROI.

If you agree to even a single point, you must change to implementing digital marketing services. JDM Web Technologies can help you stay void of marketing doubts, assist in improving website traffic and maintain a steady inundation of revenue.

JDM Web Technologies digital marketing solutions for EHR Companies

Web design, pay-per-click advertising (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media are usually the most significant avenues to focus on for EHR companies.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

To fully grasp the significance of search engine optimization, it is essential to grasp the various components that makeup SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital, since it increases the visibility of your website and increases the number of visitors who become consumers. Your brand will benefit from it, as will the relationships you develop with potential customers and the authority and trust you gain in your industry.

JDM Web Technologies can help embed SEO features such as proper keyword usage, content polishing, off-site or off-page SEO, and local SEO to improve your company’s visibility and SERPs ranking.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, EHR companies of all sizes can benefit from social media marketing. However, unless you have a presence on social media, you miss out on a huge opportunity to connect with your customers and grow your business. Social media marketing done right can be a game-changer for your business.

Thus, as leading Internet marketing agencies, we can help to bring in new customers, build brand loyalty, and even generate revenue. Social media is one of the most successful free marketing tools available today because of how widely used and versatile it is.

Website designing

When a prospective customer visits your website, the first impression of your company or your brand is from the website itself. Therefore, competent and customer-friendly web design is a no-brainer if you want to present yourself in the best light possible.

Layout, content, images, search engine optimization, themes are just a few of the many factors in web design. While these may sound confusing and difficult, JDM Web Technologies can help you with it. We maintain well-executed web designs that act as the heart of your marketing initiatives and have the power to assist you in reaching your organization’s goals.

Online reputation management

Your online reputation largely influences what other people think of your company when they find it through a web search. As a result, online reputation management (ORM) directly impacts the information that consumers find. However, even if search engines are an essential part of ORM, it’s not all that it’s got to do. Negative business evaluations must be dealt with, and pleased customers must be encouraged to provide more positive comments.

Our comprehensive ORM strategies can handle this, and we have helped maintain the online reputation of several EHR companies before.

PPC advertisement

Since many organizations strive to establish themselves in today’s competitive marketplace, PPC (Pay-per-Click) has been shown to be an invaluable tool. As a vital aspect of online marketing, it gives businesses the greatest online platform. Furthermore, because of its rapid development, the success of online enterprises has been greatly aided. The advertiser pays the search engine a set amount each time an ad or campaign is viewed or clicked, promoting their business.

In other words, it’s a strategy to increase traffic without relying on natural means. PPC’s only objective has always been to quickly and precisely contact the intended population. For a successful PPC campaign, it is essential to use the correct set of keywords. PPC campaigns have become more convenient for small businesses because of the growth in the number of people using the internet and after hiring our services.

Email marketing

We highly practice email marketing to disseminate promotional materials through commercial emails to individuals who have consented to receive them from you. For example, we help email interesting newsletters that can share information with your contacts, increase sales, and foster a sense of community around your business.

Why Choose Us?

If you want to grow your business or attract new consumers, you will need to use online marketing. The best option is to hire a leading digital marketing agency like JDM Web Technologies.

  • Our work policies and strategies show our diligence and hard work, which is why we have a 99% client satisfaction rate.
  • We have a professional sense of knowledge and understanding.
  • We only make use of specialized skills.
  • Our team of experts has prior experience and skills in their niche.
  • We maintain transparency in our work and show actual results to our clients.
  • We make sure to incorporate our client’s perspectives and adapt them to their requirements.

EHR companies that need digital marketing services must reach out to us now! We offer advanced digital marketing solutions that can help your business grow globally. Where there is JDM Web Technologies, there is a success!


The advertising displayed at the top of Google results when you conduct a search are an example of PPC advertisements in action.

PPC is also advantageous because it enables you to get search engine results quickly. Rather than waiting months for SEO results, you can create a few PPC advertisements in a matter of hours and see them live and at the top of Google.

Investing in an internet marketing strategy relies heavily on a strong website. You need a professional-looking website that is straightforward for users to navigate.

As an EHR company, having a top-notch website is critical. In order to persuade a hospital or practice to digitize all of their information, you need a website that is up-to-date, functional, and professional-looking.

Yes because using social media to connect with potential customers (your audience) helps to break down boundaries. Your company’s image will be more humanized, and you’ll be able to communicate with potential customers on an even more personal level.

You only pay for your advertising when people click on them in the PPC model. Regardless of how many times your ads are shown, you only pay when someone engages with them.

There are many advantages to using this advertising approach, including the ability to quickly scale up or down as needed. With PPC advertising, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to obtain results.

SEO is the finest approach to bring in targeted visitors to your website. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of structuring your website in such a way that it ranks higher in search engine results.

A successful SEO plan can take months to bear fruit, so don’t expect to see immediate results. As a result, your website’s traffic might rise rapidly and massively as a result of your SEO efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a long-term endeavor, as well. A framework and procedure for the ongoing upkeep of your website and online presence, rather than a checklist.

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