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As an electrician, you might already how extensive and competitive the industry is, no matter which country you are from. While people always look to hire the best person in the business, finding you might not be easy for them if you have not put your marketing strategies in the place. With the increase in internet users every year, digital marketing is fast becoming the primary form of marketing for many brands, individual business owners. Whether if you have experience in digital marketing or not, digital agencies like us, JDM Web Technologies, will help you find your place in a saturated marketplace.

As an electrician, it is normal for you to not know how to market your business using digital channels. It is why digital marketing agencies exist, to help businesses become an industry leader by leveraging all available means of digital marketing and implementation in their businesses. We are a leading digital marketing agency that has already helped several other businesses in multiple industry verticals find their strong foothold in a competitive industry.

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    About JDM Web Technologies


    JDM Web Technologies is a digital marketing agency founded in 2009, with skilled professionals from several fields coming together to help businesses find their way in different industries. With more than 10 years in services, we have helped several small and big business find their targeted customer demographics, by applying future-proof marketing strategies. We take all your marketing requirements into account and create a marketing tactic that will open up a sales funnel for your business.

    As a digital marketing agency, we build industry-focused marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds and help them build a strong online identity. Having an online brand identity can be extremely vital for your electrician business. It does not matter how good of an electrician you are, word of the mouth can only bring in so much of business.


    Even though many digital marketing agencies try to start their strategies from scratch, we will take into account all the tactics that worked for your traditional marketing and would look for a way to implement them into our digital strategies. This way, your long-time customers won’t feel left out and you would be capitalising on strategies that have already been working for you.


    Our mission is to help businesses of size – small, medium and enterprise-level, to achieve their business goals. So we offer multiple packages of our digital marketing services, that way no one is left out and even small businesses can avail of our services without putting a dent in their bank accounts. Depending on their requirements, our clients can also choose to opt for only certain services instead of an entire package. However, we only come to an agreement after discussing in-depth about their company and budgets.

    Our Digital Marketing Services

    That Helps Your Business Stand Out

    As a leading digital marketing agency that provides services to businesses of all verticals and have clients worldwide, we provide a wide array of services. From developing websites to managing your online reputation, our services focus on the brand’s individual needs and the need of the hour. We create a unique and customised strategy that is tailored to your business so that we can represent your brand identity. This customised strategy already puts you ahead of your competitors and with our customer-focused services, you will be generating new business leads in no time. Here are the extensive digital marketing services that we provide to electricians:

    Designing and development

    Designing And Developing A Website That Your Customers Are Attracted To

    No matter what type of business you have or how small or big it is, having an official website can make a huge difference to your business. Your official website serves as the base for all your online identity and your customers are more likely to take you seriously when you have a website. Therefore, we will create an attractive yet functional website for optimum user experience, that will keep your website visitors engaged and keep them coming back to you. From creating enough web pages to describe your services thoroughly to implementing webpage optimization, we will do it all.

    If you already have a website, we will make sure to optimize your website for web crawlers to find and rank it higher on all the major SERPs. We will optimize your website text, images, videos, or infographics to fit the algorithm requirements. We will fix broken links, create internal links, add alt tags to all the images, and everything under the sun that is required to put you ahead of your competition.

    Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation Management for a clean a crisp online identity

    So when you are marketing your business online, you are also building an online reputation along with it. So, ORM becomes a crucial part of your business and you cannot ignore it. All the comments customers leave on your social media pages, or testimonials they leave on your website, we will verify before allowing them to appear on the online pages. Since your prospective customers will decide whether to hire you or not depending on these comments and testimonials, keeping a clean online reputation is crucial.

    Many a time, competitors often take the wrong steps and bing down business by leaving fake negative comments or asking people to do so. So we will moderate your comments and reviews and only allow the ones that are genuine. It will give you an idea and a chance to connect the customers that are genuinely dissatisfied with your service and fix it for them.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO to drive local traffic to your business

    Local SEO strategies can be extremely vital to your business as well as helpful in growing your online brand identity when your business is focused on a certain locality. With our local SEO services, we provide a wide array of services like creating a GoogleMyBusiness page for your business, including your business details to local online business directories, including up-to-date information like your electrician shop’s address, phone number and working hours for people to find you and contact you easily.

    Our local SEO is perfect for your electrician business, as your focus service area is your locality and surrounding areas. It is a great way to grab the attention of your targeted customer demographics. Since our marketing campaign is focused on providing you with all SEO benefits, you should start seeing an increase in your traffic within no time.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content Writing Services

    Content Writing Services for your business to keep your visitors engaged

    Most people keep coming back to a website when they get to read something interesting, informative or engaging. So, what if your electrician website and social media profiles had all three? Our talented team of content writers will skillfully create some of the most fun, engaging and informative articles that you have ever read. These articles and blogs will describe the services you provide and keep your readers engaged, and eventually turn them into prospective clients.

    We will write blogs and articles that you will upload to your website, web content that describe your web pages in detail yet simple terms. We will also write guest posts that you can upload to high DA websites with backlinking them to your website and engaging and quirky social media posts to connect with the customer demographics.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing to reach even wider customer demographics

    If you have never incorporated social media into your marketing, you will be surprised to see how easy it is to reach a wider customer base with these online platforms. We focus on creating social media profiles on various platforms for our clients because you may never know which platform might bring you your next customer. We will create social media profiles, while our designing team will be creating graphics for your social media profiles. You will be able to share these graphics and share fun and engaging captions along with them to tickle the curiosity of your desired customer base.

    No matter whether you are sharing a little business detail or running a discount on your services, there is no better place to announce it than social media profiles. Your social media is the perfect place to build a strong brand identity and answer all the questions your customers might have without making them wait too long.

    If you opt for our social media management services, we will also manage all your social media profiles and keep them updated for people to find you on their feeds or hashtag searches instantly. Depending on your requirements we will also be able to post multiple times a day to make your online availability consistent.

    seo and web optimization final
    SEO Services

    SEO strategies that will change the way your business behaves

    Implementing SEO strategies to everything you do online regarding your business is the need of the hour. We will create business-focused, tailored SEO plans for your business to cover all the crucial bases of your business. Instead of merging marketing strategies to your business, we will thoroughly go through your marketing pain points and come up with planning that will be applicable to only you. We will audit your website to make sure it follows all the SEO requirements. We will implement on-page, off-page and technical SEO on your website and other online platforms related to your business to ensure a constant flow of businesses to you.

    Within our on-page SEO services, we will make sure that all your web pages are aligned with specific elements like title tags, headings, content, and internal links with keywords, to improve search visibility. For our off-page SEO, our team of writers will write keyword-rich blogs and articles that will feature on your website and web content. Well-researched, keyword-rich content will help catch the eye of major search engine algorithms and rank you on top of the SERPs. Within our technical SEO, we will create internal links, backlinks, and fix any broken links and URLs.

    Why choose us?

    Finding a digital marketing agency is not a hassle, however, finding the one that suits your needs definitely takes time and research. While there are thousands of other agencies that you can go to, you might be wondering what is it that makes us stand apart from the crowd and makes our clients keep coming back to us. Here are some of the reasons why people love our agency, JDM Web Technologies:


    Friendly approach

    We make sure that even though we do not lack skill sets or talented team members, people still feel easy to approach us. It does not matter how long your query list is, or how long it takes us to come up with a strategy, we will always welcome you with friendliness.


    Skilled professionals

    All of our team members have years of experience behind them and they all know what to do with your requirements. We have industry experts who come up with some of the most unique strategies to make your business a successful one.


    Timely delivery

    Since we have some of the most dedicated team members, we will deliver all your project before the deadline and you will be happy with the result too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Social media is a huge platform to find things, and since half of the world has gone digital, so have their search options. Often electricians are contacted through various social media platforms, which has become a significant marketing trend.

    Post relevant to the electrician’s job, his details and reviews about them must be uploaded on social media to create better engagement with potential customers.

    Pay-per-click It’s a technique to buy online traffic. Advertisers are charged when their adverts are clicked. PPC is most prevalent in search engines, but it is now available on many channels, including Facebook.

    Websites are required to promote client contact and confidence with electricians. With JDM Web Technologies’ website developers and planned maintenance, electricians can construct or improve their websites.

    Facebook marketing allows electricians to connect with current and potential local customers. Adults who own a home spend between 6 and 7 hours a week on Facebook, so you want to be where your target audience is. JDM Web Technologies can manage your complete social media presence.

    Ready to Market Your Electrician Business

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