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With its user-friendly interface and advanced tools to chalk out target audiences and more than two billion monthly users, Facebook is the perfect platform to advertise your company. If you aim to launch strategically targeted ads with creative content, Facebook is the ideal place to start.

We offer the perfect package to provide your advertisements with a launchpad on Facebook. With our Facebook ad and PPC Management services, we strive to create lucrative and strategic ads for your target audience. We curate innovative content for your ads, launch them on Facebook and regularly track their performance analytics, providing a holistic solution for all your digital advertising needs.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of Facebook advertising, our package and its advantages!

Why Invest in Facebook Ad Services?

Investing in Facebook advertising has a lot of benefits. Here are some of them:

  • It gives you access to one of the most prominent and sought-after social media networks and millions of subscribers.
  • Facebook has competitive cost-per-click rates that are approximately $0.97 on average.
  • It encourages you to create ads that specifically target certain demographics among Facebook users.
  • You can have your ads reach up to 1000 users on Facebook at a cost of $7.19 on average.
  • With a hyper-active social media site like Facebook, you can be sure to direct hundreds of viewers of your ads from Facebook to your website. This gives an immense boost to your website traffic.
Facebook Ad Services

We Execute Our Ideas from Start to Finish


We provide guidance from qualified social media experts trained to analyze social media trends and statistics to develop the most effective ad for your business.


We have years of experience in developing strategies based on your objectives, target audience and brand image.


We develop ads with a creative approach, keeping in mind Facebook’s user demographic, your market and an increase in your website engagement.


Our package also includes extensive knowledge of your competitors so that you can launch a strong ad campaign on Facebook, keeping a close eye on your rival businesses.


Our package offers advanced technology supported by AI and machine learning to analyze your ad performance and engagement and come up with suitable future ad strategies.

We collaborate closely with you to determine the audience you wish to attract with your ads, how to best connect with them on Facebook and the innovative strategies required to do so. We also have trained experts tracking your ad’s performance analytics regularly and comparing them with your competitors’ performance data.

If you choose to trust us with your advertising, we can guarantee that we will work with your best interest in mind and ensure a successful outcome with innovative ads and a boost in engagement.

How Do You Know If You Should Hire Facebook Ad Management Services?

You might need clarification if you need to hire Facebook ad services for your venture. This social media giant is a necessary step forward in your advertising endeavors, and it is advisable to hire an ad management service if your aim is any of the following:

  • Save time on your Facebook marketing campaign.
  • Receive expert guidance from professionals who are trained in developing Facebook ads.
  • Give competition to rival businesses.
  • Create strategic and lucrative Facebook ads that are tailored to your target demographic.
  • Optimize clicks on your ads and track your ads’ engagement data regularly.

Facebook ad management services like ours provide you with:

  • Qualified social media experts to develop and analyze your ads
  • Creative solutions strategized to target your preferred audience
  • Mobile-friendly ads on Facebook
  • Setting up and running a Facebook Advertising account
  • Advertising solutions customized for your needs and targets
  • Personal consultations with Facebook experts
  • Regular reports of data analytics from your ads

We use key performance indicators (KPIs), including click-through rates, cost-per-click, reach, engagement and impressions, to track how your ads are faring on Facebook. In addition, we employ the use of Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics to check your network and site performance. We use these results to figure out how to optimize future campaigns and improve your content for a wider reach.

Facebook Ads Manager

We use Facebook Ads Manager to boost your ad campaigns on Facebook. This software will incorporate Facebook Pixel, a small code attached to the header of each page on your website. Pixel tracks all who visit your website, which pages they engage with and what they do on your site. It is an ideal tool for remarketing campaigns for old website users, strategizing to attract new audiences to your website and increasing site traffic.

Facebook Ads Manager
Google Analytics

Google Analytics

This is an important tool to measure your ad performance on Facebook regarding how it increases website traffic. Google Analytics measures how many people visit your site every day, how many of them are new, how long they are spending on each page on your website and more such vital data to analyze the success of your ads.

We offer ad management services that aim to reach your target audience and improve brand awareness and engagement. We help you develop suitable ads according to what you want your audience to connect with. Whether you have an in-store app you’d like your audience to download, a video you would prefer to receive more views on or a Facebook event you want more of your audience to respond to, we’ve got you covered. We have the experts to develop ads suited for each of your targets.

Types of Target Audiences

Our ad management services mainly utilize three different kinds of audiences, usually seen on Facebook.

Saved Audiences

These include identifiers like age, location, preferences, behavior and demographic. Businesses advertising on Facebook can use such key identifiers to their advantage to promote their brand and reach their target group from a broad audience.

Custom Audiences

These include the people who engage with your ads on Facebook, visit your website and watch videos or other content posted in relation to your brand. Advertisers can track the data and utilize it to reach this specific audience with whom engagement is high.

Lookalike Audiences

These are the people who have not engaged with your brand yet, but who share the same demographics and interests with either your Saved Audience or visit similar pages and websites as your Custom Audience. They can be influenced to switch to engaging with your business with intelligent and innovative ad content.

We offer comprehensive packages designed to suit the best of your advertising needs and target your market with our creative and unique ad content. Our industry experts have years of experience to guide you in terms of strategies and optimizing your reach. We use multiple software to analyze various KPIs and track your performance on the social media platform. We aim to provide a customized solution to increase your website traffic, remarket for your old audience and attract new customers with our unique ad management. With us, you can be guaranteed to boost your brand awareness and get the most lucrative deal!

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