Digital Marketing Services for Flooring Companies

As a flooring company that has been around for a while, you might have been experiencing your business slowing down from the previous decades. If you have not upgraded your traditional marketing to digital marketing, it is normal for you to be unable to reach new customers. Our digital marketing service helps you retain your old customer base and find and attract new customers with unique marketing plans.

Digital marketing has already helped businesses all over the world to achieve their business goals as well as find their desired customer demographics. It exposes your business to a set of people who are looking for some specific services. Even though flooring is a very profitable business, you would have to know about your targeted customers, if you want it to be successful in the long run.

About JDM Web Technologies


JDM Web Technologies is a digital marketing agency with teams of skilled experts with multiple years of experience in content writing, digital marketing, advertising and we will make use of our experience to create a functional marketing strategy for your business. We have already worked with several businesses in different industry verticals in our 12 years of existence and helped build a strong customer base in the long run.


Hiring a digital marketing agency provides you with the opportunity to focus on your core business operations, while the digital marketing team handles the marketing and advertisement campaigns. Our campaigns will build brand awareness, increase sales and drive organic traffic to your website. The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency also saves you a lot of money than hiring an in-house team.

We provide end-to-end digital marketing strategies, with several services that you can opt for to enhance your brand identity and stand out among your competitors. As your digital marketing service provider, we will ensure that all your digital marketing needs have been covered and you are receiving result-driven services. If you are unaware of what digital marketing can do for your business, you can always call us for a consultation call and we can go from there.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Your Flooring Company

Attract more traffic and increase sales

Businesses hire a digital marketing agency for several reasons, while someone might one people who are already skilled in the industry, for others it might be because they cannot afford to hire and train an in-house team from the onset of their business. Whatever the reason maybe, digital marketing agencies like JDM Web Technologies is perfect for anyone who is looking to make most of their digital marketing campaigns in less investment and seeing high ROI.

We provide 360° digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, catering to a wide range of industries, and help you expand your business online to achieve success beyond your expectation. Here is how JDM Web Technologies is assisting businesses in achieving their business goals in no time:

Website design and development

The first step to running a successful digital marketing campaign is to have proper channels and your business website is one of them. Your business website is where your brand building starts from, it is an online identity that helps people put their trust on your business. As a flooring company, your website will contain useful and informative content like the type of tools you use, how you complete each project.

Your website is where people mostly visit to know more about the services you provide. So our web designing team will create your website not only easy to navigate but also to load faster. We will make sure that your website follows all the SEO guidelines so that web crawlers will be able to find it easily and rank it higher in the SERPs.

seo and web optimization final
SEO Services

After creating a website, the next stage we will focus on in following SEO guidelines and optimising your website. Our SEO specialists will go through each of your webpage and other online pages to ensure that it is optimised to the T. We will optimise the text, images, videos, and URLs so that everything in your website is uniform and upto the standard. The websites we create will follow SEO procedures and it will be accessible in multiple devices, whether your customer is looking for via their mobile, table or desktop devices.

We will implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO so that you will outrank your competitors on the SERPs and attract more organic customers. Our SEO strategists stay up-to-date with all changing SEO trends so that they can prepare future-proof SEO strategies for you.

Email Marketing

For people who are not available on social media platforms, email marketing is the most trusted and easiest way to reach them. From creating fun email content to informative ones we will handle it all. We will creating promotional emails, or informational emails including weekly or monthly newsletters to ensure that you are providing exactly the services they are looking for. It will allow you to build relationships with leads, and your current and past customers. You will be able to stay connected with your audience, and reach them in real time, without any hassle.

Local SEO

As a flooring business, you will be mostly focusing on your local and surrounding areas. Local SEO, in such cases, is extremely helpful in allowing you to reach people who are in need of your services. With our customized local SEO services, we will create your business a GoogleMyBusiness page, include your name in online business directories and include updated information to your GMB pages. This will allow potential customers to find you and contact you easily every time they require your services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been one of the greatest players currently in determining how a business performs. Many small business actually have got their start in one or the other social media platform and utilizing it to reach your targeted customer demographics is the greatest decision you could make for your business. We will help you create social media profiles in multiple platforms, help you create social media posts with targeted keywords and hashtags.

Our social media marketing specialist will ensure that all of your social media posts highlights the service you provide and your USP to attract the right demographics of customers.

PPC Marketing

Pay per click or PPC Marketing is a great way fro your flooring business to attract organic customers at a low cost. We will create targeted ads for your business and whenever people search for relevant term for the services your provide, your business name will appear on top of organic results.

We will also prepare ads to appear on targeted search engine results. It will help you attract more customers, and you will only need to pay whenever a potential customer clicks on your ads. This is the only form of marketing with which you can get instant result if you are anxious to try out digital marketing.

Online Reputation Management

When you are focusing on creating an online marketing strategy, your online reputation is something that you should not compromise. What people talk about your business online is what your prospects will see, when they come across your page. Our ORM team will keep an eye on reviews, comments and ratings left by your previous customers. If they are unhappy with your services we will ensure to get in contact with them instantly to solve whatever problems they are facing. We will work hard to solve their issues so that your ratings remain flawless.

Since many a times, negative reviews are left not by previous customers but by people hired by your competitors to dirty your business name, we will set up a moderations system, so that your social media profiles and websites filter out only the genuine reviews, whether they are positive or negative ones.

8-Content Marketing
Content Writing

Without any content in your website, social media profiles, creating a digital marketing strategy is nearly impossible. We have a content creation and management team who will create informative and attractive content for your blogs, articles, social media profiles.

We will create guest posts so that you will be able to post it to high DA websites and backlink it to your website blogs or articles in a way to attract organic visitors. Creating informative blogs and articles area great way to enrich your visitors with flooring knowledge. It also proves that you are experienced in your business and you know what you are talking about. Customers love doing business with someone who is aware of their industry, so informative blogs will bring you loads of traffic.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the leading digital marketing agencies globally and we have already worked with several established and small brands. From helping them develop their unique website to managing their online reputation, we have helped business scale impossible heights with our services. Even though, you will find several other digital marketing agencies out there, we stand out for several reasons and out client testimonials speak for that.


Skilled professionals

We are a digital marketing agency with years of experience under our belt. All of our team members, whether they are social media marketing experts or content writers, we have handpicked with years experience even before they joined us. This ensures that all our clients receive the best digital marketing strategies to outperform the competitors.


On-time delivery

Since we have a quite large number of professional working to create digital marketing strategies for brands from different verticals, we deliver the projects to our clients on time always. Depending on the packages you choose, the delivery time might vary, but we will always make sure that we prioritise your project and deliver before deadline.


Customisable packages

One of the best things about our services is that, you would be able customise the packages depending on your requirements. We will create customised packages, tailored to your needs so that you are only receiving help with marketing with the services that you wish for.


24/7 customer service

Since we serve clients all across the world, we are available 24/7, no matter where you call from you will always be able to get in touch with our customer service representative.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s unrealistic for service providers to anticipate outcomes in a single day. As time goes on, one can notice major and good changes. With the support of JDM Web Technologies, service companies may ensure that their efforts remain constant.

One of the most common content marketing blunders is reverting to old tactics. Instead of putting forth a sales pitch, focus on showing your services and assurance of customer satisfaction.

Email marketing is one of the most efficient means to engage the audience. Even if the client does not open the email, they will still see the subtitle and your floor repair service provider name.

That’s unlikely to happen. However, any time you are unhappy with our services, you can request to pause and we will hand over all credentials to you.

Ready to Elevate Your Floor Repair and Cleaning Business?

As a flooring company, you are well aware that the competition is fierce. In addition to local competitors competing with you for the top organic rankings, big-box shops make it tough for you to get the right customers simply by virtue of their brand recognition. Get in touch with our digital marketing experts today!

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