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HealerPedia is a directory of leaders that are making Americans healthy. One can find non-profits and health professionals on this site and connect to look up the latest health initiatives. The posts on the website deal with varied health topics like pain relief, organic food, diet and herbal tea. The vision is to give the spotlight to people who will help the customers in being disease free. They post podcasts related to general health and events that are taking place to promote well-being. Their free weekly newsletter provides workout tips, recipes and stories on healing. One can also find doctors, practices, spas as well as providers for certain related products.
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Healer Pedia The number of keywords ranking in Top Pages results (Increase Ranking in Google.com )

Tamalpais Community Acupuncture 1st Page
Healing Add Through Food 2nd Page
Origins Healthcare Center Sugar Land TX 2nd Page
Therapydia SF 2nd Page
HealerPedia Reduce (76.35% to 42.84%) Bounce Rate, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate 2018 Bounce Rate 2019
76.35% 42.84%

Increase Number of Backlinks (Healer Pedia)

Backlinks 2018 Count Backlinks 2019
Referring domains 17 77
Dofollow 10% 94%
Domain Rating 1 9
Backlinks 17 1,725
HealerPedia growth 2 to 17 Domain Authority, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Increase Domain Authority

DA 2018 DA 2019
2 17



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