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No matter what industry your service caters to, digital marketing has changed how you promote your organization. Like any other industry, hospitals and private practices can hugely benefit from implementing digital marketing in their services which will help them attract more genuine leads. With the evolution of modern technologies, businesses are doing everything within their reach to keep up with the changing market requirements. One of the significant changes that companies, and several public and private establishments have seen in recent years is the introduction of digital marketing. It has helped establishments skyrocket their business in terms of leads. Digital marketing provides hospitals and private practices a platform to attract their fair share of targeted traffic.

About Us


We are a digital marketing agency based in India and serving clients globally by leveraging the latest tools and streamlining their digital marketing campaigns towards conversion optimization. Instead of focusing on providing all the services clumped together, we choose the ones that will generate quick and effective leads and interaction pertaining to your business model. Many brands have managed to create a consistent brand with our services, as we focus on the small details that they were previously unaware of. You can be assured of receiving world-class services that will turn your hospital and private practices into a profitable business model.

As your digital marketing agency, our job would be to help you cost-effectively find the right customer demographics. We provide 360-degree digital marketing services to businesses across various verticals and help them turn their incoming traffic to retainer clients. Even though many hospitals hesitate about implementing digital marketing into their operations, they are unaware of the opportunities it might open up for their business. Did you know that more than 55% of people going to a hospital or a private practice clinic search for establishment information online before visiting it personally? Hospitals and private practices generate billions of dollars annually, and if you are a part of the healthcare industry, there is always a window for you to make your breakthrough with our digital marketing agendas.

We create customized digital marketing plans for hospitals and private practices tailored to their organization and their locality so that they can find a broader client base. When you choose one of our packages, you will be able to get all the services you want, from website design to local SEO services and more. If you already have an in-house marketing team, we will coordinate with them to come with a marketing strategy that is not too far off from your traditional one so that there is a synchronization between both for your long-time clients.


Did you know that, for a hospital to connect with the people who might be looking for the treatments you provide, you would be able to make yourself omnipresent? So we help you achieve that by outranking your competitors and interacting and providing your customers with precisely what they are looking for. With our affordable and effective services, you can reach your targeted customer demographics and develop a better relationship with them. To ensure that organizations of all sizes can avail of our services, we offer multiple package options.

Our Digital Marketing Services

For Your Better Marketing Game-Plan

As a Digital marketing agency in a very competitive industry, we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled services that only make them come back to us but also help their business goals in the least time possible. We create marketing plans that ensure a steady flow of targeted traffic that will eventually turn into leads and long-term sales. We use innovative ways to include your call-to-action button on your website pages to entice a successful conversion. As much as we focus on increasing your web traffic, we also ensure that we are creating a successful sales funnel. Here are JDM’s top digital marketing services:

Website design and development

As a hospital and private practice clinic, your website is the primary platform where the potential customers will get information about the type of services you provide. We will create an exciting and interactive website with enough pages to discuss in detail the services available in your hospital. The website will contain the latest information about tools and technology you employ, doctors who work there, and other medical-related important information for the audience to understand and consume.

If you already have a website, we will run an audit to determine your website’s pain points, and we will work on it to optimize them. To ensure that your website ranks on top of all the primary search engine result pages, we will optimize it from top to bottom. From optimizing your website images to the right dimension to optimizing your text to fit the Google algorithm requirements for website ranking, we do it all.

seo and web optimization final
SEO services

If you aim to meet a business goal within a limited time, you cannot deny the importance of implementing SEO in your website and other social media profiles. SEO helps us create optimized content, including targeted keywords to help your content and website reach the people looking for it. Within our SEO services, you will receive on-page SEO, off-page, and technical SEO, including alt tags to your images, meta-tags to your website content, etc. We will also include headings, titles, fix broken links and conduct internal linking within the website to make it easier to find.

Since people might access your hospital and private practices website from all kinds of devices, we will optimize your website to work on all of it without experiencing any lagging. For us, user experience is crucial for a business to exist for decades, and no one likes navigating through a slow and unresponsive website.

Local SEO

For hospitals and private practices, local SEO plays a crucial role in their ROI and organizations’ performance. Most people visit a local hospital or one in a nearby location, so with our local SEO, people will be able to find your hospitals without hassle. We will include your organization name on online directories and GoogleMyBusiness so that when people are entering search terms relevant to the services you provide, your hospital or private practice will appear on top of the search page.

Within our Local SEO services, we will be utilizing our tools to include correct and updated information about your hospital location, contact number, and email addresses for the patients to directly contact you and book consultation sessions. Since local SEO prompt leads from people searching for a hospital in a particular area, it is to give your establishment a high conversion rate.

PPC advertising

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is a great way to attract more leads and higher visibility on all major search engine result pages. With our targeted PPC advertisements, your services and hospital’s website will appear on top of the search engine result page, prompting people to click on it when looking for a particular type of service. PPC advertising gives you immense control over your advertising campaign because you can boost your spending on ads for the areas that are generating leads and reduce it in the areas it does not work.

Many online marketers believe that PPC advertising is the affordable alternative to traditional marketing because it targets the people looking for the services you provide instead of targeting just any online visitor. With our PPC advertising, we will be able to help you increase your brand recognition among the public.

Online Reputation Management

Apart from all the technical services to help you break through the digital landscape, we also provide online reputation management services for our clients. As a part of our ORM, you will be receiving blanket security for all your online platforms, where we will take a proactive approach to weed out all the negative comments, reviews, and ratings about your business. Our data cross-indexing and email tracing will ensure that even if someone leaves a negative review, it is a legitimate one, and we will work on it to solve their issue. We will be able to find the fake negative reviews made to shame your business by your competitors and handle them professionally.

Social Media Marketing

When you opt to do social media marketing, you strive to reach even more audiences and potential clients as social media are the perfect platform to find people who might be looking for the services you provide. With over 3 billion active social media users globally, social media posts, when targeted to the right audience, has the power to make your business grow more prominent in no time. We will create informative health posts for your social media accounts that you can put out for people to find. We will include target keywords and hashtags to ensure that your posts reach the feeds of people looking for hospitals and private clinics.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to stay connected with people who have signed up for your newsletter. We will create intriguing and attractive email marketing campaigns within which you will be able to send regular medical-related updates to your website visitors, who have signed up for your newsletter. You will also be able to update them about their test results, send them details about new researches and other essential information to their emails. Email services are perfect for hospitals and private practices to remind your patients that you care about them and think of them.

Why Choose Us?

We provide world-class digital marketing services, and so do many other companies, so why should you choose us? Many of our previous clients, when first approached us, asked this question to themselves and us. With one consultation call with us, they understood what makes us stand out and why we have managed to stay on top of our industry for more than a decade. Here is what makes JDM Web Technologies a favourite among clients across the world and makes us stand out from the crowd:


Skilled professionals

We prefer working with people who understand that we strive to provide quality service, so we hire only skilled professionals. From our digital marketers to SEO specialists, our social media manager to ad campaign manager, our team is filled with professionals from each field with years of experience under their belts. Instead of figuring out how we should approach your business, we try to find your shortcomings and build a wireframe marekting schedule to it your business requirements.


Dedicated teams

Our dedicated teams make sure to work only one project at a time not to overlap any of our services with other businesses. When you opt to receive our services, you will have dedicated to working on your projects, and you will be able to contact them anytime you have confusion or queries. You will also have a dedicated customer representative that you can contact whenever you need post-service help or if you want to talk about upgrading the service package.



We offer complete transparency to all of our services at JDM Web Technologies. We will be providing you with regular updates on what stage your full-digital marketing requirements are at and where your money is going. If you want it, we will also provide you with regular updates with in-depth analytical details of how the implementation of services has helped your business grow and the organic leads your business have generated.


The world is going digital. People depend upon online platforms to seek information before they avail any service. If your hospital is not searchable online, it is quite possible that people don’t want to put their trust in your brand name.

Yes! We can use Google Local Listings for advertising all of your locations simultaneously. Each branch can be targeted using particular location keywords exclusive to that branch.

Yes! Our online reputation management (ORM) experts can help you fix your online reputation. Furthermore, we can work towards keeping a positive image of your hospital.

JDM Web Technologies experts have helped many hospitals achieve desired results through online marketing. To know more about our previous work, connect with our representative and request to see a demo.

That’s unlikely to happen. However, if you don’t like what we do, you can request to stop the service. You are not bound under a contract which means you can stop anytime.

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