Digital Marketing Services for Industrial Companies

With over 10 million industrial factories worldwide, and their number is overgrowing, finding your place in the industry requires more than the quality of work you provide. From running your business efficiently to promoting your business simultaneously, you cannot compromise in any front of your business. As an industrial company, no matter what marketing strategies, or lack thereof, you have implemented in your business before, we will identify your pain points and start working on them immediately. We are a top-of-the-class digital marketing agency providing marketing strategies to industrial companies and helping them increase their traffic, revenue, and brand reach to customers.

Why should Industrial companies not ignore Digital Marketing Services?


When it comes to deciding whether you should ignore digital marketing for your industrial company, rather the question should be, can you afford to ignore it. With more and more businesses getting to online platforms to promote and advertise their business, you cannot afford to ignore it because most people today look for business information online before physically visiting a store or a company. Therefore, without implementing digital marketing, your customers will not be able to find your business online and eventually, they will lose trust in your brand.


Many industrial companies think that digital marketing is not beneficial for them because they don’t see instant results with it. However, with digital marketing solutions, you can expect to see results in 4 months, and it is usually long-term. When we are crafting digital marketing strategies, our focus is on our clients. So, even though we offer you the latest solutions to make your business stand out, we will still take your advice and the way you want to craft out the strategies.


A robust online presence of your business will allow people to find you online and engage with your business. It is also easy to open a communication channel and create a dialogue with your customers when you are available on digital platforms. Digital marketing allows you to connect with your customers and expand the reach of your industrial company among the community so that whenever people might require your services, you are there to serve them.

JDM Web Technologies Digital Marketing Solutions for Industrial Companies

That Enhances Your Brand Identity

Our marketing procedures help you enhance your brand identity and keep in touch with your customers in a more formal yet casual way so that they feel connected to your brand. With our end-to-end digital marketing solutions, we offer a wide array of in-depth services that ensure businesses of their long-term goals achievement and outranking their competitors. Here are some of the exceptional services that we provide to industrial companies with our digital marketing solutions:

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a digital marketing solution that we implement where we optimize your website pages and social media profiles. We use various aspects of SEO like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO to ensure that we are following all the procedures for Google and other search engines to rank your site higher on the search engine results page. With our on-page SEO, we will create and include meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags to images and optimize all the page content to make it easier for web crawlers to like your website.

We will create blogs, articles, website content, and guest post with targeted keywords for our off-page SEO. We will also create backlinks that you will be able to include in guest posts, which you can post to high DA websites. These guest posts are a great way to attract organic traffic to your website, with informative and engaging content.

With our technical SEO services, we will fix any broken links, create URLs, and help you internal link all the contents of your website pages.

Social Media Marketing

If you want to reach a broader range of potential customers without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, social media is the way to go about it. Social media is a place where businesses can connect with the desired customer base, while customers can find the companies of their liking with a click of a button or by selecting a hashtag. This is why our social media managers will work together with copywriters and graphic designers to create social media posts for different platforms that reflect your brand identity.

We will handle it all, from creating your social media accounts to responding to your customers and audience. All the posts that we create will have targeted keywords and targeted hashtags so that people will find you easily. In addition, we will include primary, long-tail, and LSI keywords to make it easier for your posts to always be on top of the search results.

Website designing

As an industrial company, your business website is one of the most vital platforms for customers to find more details about your services and products. If you have a website that hasn’t been used in a while, we will optimize your website to ensure that everything is up-to-date. If not, we will remove or add any number of web pages to make it a useful, functioning website. We will also optimize the text size, images, videos or any graphics so that your website has a high loading speed. Once we are done working on your website, it will be high-speed accessible from any device – mobile, tablet or desktop, so that no matter what device people use, they will have access to a high-functioning website.

If you do not have a website, we will create one from scratch. Our website developers will include images and graphics that are closely related to industrial companies. We will also include fresh, keyword-rich website content with targeted keywords for web crawlers to find it easily.

Online Reputation Management

Putting yourself out on online platforms and creating a brand is easier said than done. Having a clean reputation is exceptionally vital, as it can sometimes be the sole reason behind the making or breaking of a brand. So, our ORM team will ensure that all your reviews, comments on your social media profiles and testimonials are moderated before they appear on your online pages. Since people will decide to do or not do business with you after reading these reviews, your competitors might hire people to leave fake reviews on your page. We will monitor and filter out any fake comments or reviews people leave. Our ORM team will also contact the people genuinely unhappy with your service and solve the issues instantly, to ensure you have a perfectly clean online reputation.

Email Marketing

For some reason, some businesses tend to think that email marketing is an ancient form of marketing. However, they cannot run further from the truth, as email marketing is an ideal way to stay connected with customers and build an incredible way to build a relationship with your customers. So, we will create impactful newsletters email content that will keep your customers closer to your business. You will also be able to inform your customers about any discounts sales you might be running for a season.

PPC Marketing

If you are interested in getting a high number of organic traffic on your website, PPC advertisement is the aspect you should choose. While other digital marketing procedures are in the works, PPC advertisement might turn out to be the holy grail for your business. With our PPC advertisement, we create targeted ads that will appear on top of the SERPs, even above organic search results. Therefore, PPC advertisements are a perfect way to promote your business if you are tight on your budget but want to try digital marketing. In a PPC advertisement, you only pay when someone clicks on your website link that appears with an ‘ad’ tag in search result pages.

Why Choose Us?

As a digital marketing agency that has been around for more than 12 years, we do several things different from the other new agencies. First, we have far more experience in almost all the fields of digital marketing, as we have handpicked our team members with years of experience under their belts, and they know what they are doing with your requirements.

We provide 360° digital marketing solutions to businesses across several verticals, from comprehensive SEO solutions to PPC advertisements. We leverage state-of-the-art tools and technology to keep track of any new and upcoming global digital marketing trends, which ensures us that whenever we offer marketing solutions to a business, it is always up to date. Ever since our inception, we have been helping companies meet their marketing and business goals at an affordable rate and quick turnaround time. It does not matter whether you are a small business or an already established one; with our services, you will reach a broader customer base with a successful campaign.

Our digital marketing campaigns are unlike anything you have ever experienced before because we make sure of providing not only pre-made packages for all your digital marketing requirements, and you can also pick customized packages with us for the only services that you might need. The best way to decide which services you would benefit most from is to get on a consultation call with us to discuss what you are looking to achieve once the marketing procedure is in place. Here is how JDM Web Technologies stand out from other agencies:


Skilled Professionals

All of our team members are highly skilled in what they do, whether it is online reputation management or email marketing. We know what content your audience finds relatable, and we create marketing strategies that address their concerns. Apart from being skilled and experienced, we also keep ourselves informed on any latest marketing trends so that we can complete your marketing strategy to be future-proof and work in tandem with changing algorithmic changes.


Multiple packages

We serve businesses worldwide, and of different sizes, so we have numerous packages that might appeal to companies with different budgetary limits. We also create customized packages to tailor our services to a specific business. As a result, our packages are affordable for companies with a tight budget, and we offer different services in all our packages.


24/7 services

We cater to a wide variety of global clients, so we are available to handle any complaints or answer your queries 24/7. Whenever you have a question or want to lodge a complaint, you can reach our customer representative on our phone calls. We will try our best to solve whatever problems you might have within 24-48 hours so that you do not fall behind your competitors.


Consultation calls

For people who are still confused about how digital marketing could be helpful for their business, you can always get on a consultation call with us to know more about it. We will discuss your business goals for the next five years your pain points, and we will determine what services you will benefit most from.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the growth and development of technology, digital ways have also increased. This causes industrial companies to also shift from normal marketing methods to digital marketing methods, which helps them generate greater customers and revenue.

With the revolutionizing changes in the marketing stream, digital marketing is, without a doubt, the future of industrial companies.

Industrial companies must show their audience their production and manufacturing process, their environment-friendly plans, and the types of services or goods they create.

Understanding the target audience is crucial for industrial companies, or else they will be offering their services to those who do not desire or require them. This is why JDM Web Technologies’ first step is categorizing its target audience from the rest.

After understanding the target audience, JDM Web Technologies’ experts will forms strategies according to your requirements. Various digital marketing methods and consistent hard work reach your goals.

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