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IPTV Stream is a subscription-based site that provides viewers with 3500+ channels, international movies, TV shows and sports. They stream a mix of HD and SD channels of good quality. The Internet Protocol Television is a service that live streams channels and various on-demand web content that is provided over the internet. They are usually free of cost, but some premium services may be chargeable.

One can get a complete TV viewing experience from anywhere in the world, on any device. There are written instructions and video tutorials for first-time users that eases the installation process.

IPTV Share

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JDM Web Technologies stepped in and immediately began making a difference.

+ 8,726
+ 6,531
New User

Iptv-share.com Reduce (80.35% to 42.84%) Bounce Rate, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate 2018 Bounce Rate 2019
80.35% 42.84%

Increase Number of Backlinks (iptv-share.com)

Backlinks 2018 Count Backlinks 2019
Referring domains 2 131
Dofollow 5% 84%
Domain Rating 1 3.4
Backlinks 245 1,283

Iptv-share.com growth 2 to 17 Domain Authority, from Year 2018 to Year 2019

Increase Domain Authority

DA 2018 DA 2019
2 17



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