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At JDM Web Technologies, we work on custom web design solutions for companies across various industries. Our custom solutions mean investing in a website that is not just unique but also made to fit your requirements and preferences suitably. We dedicate quality time and effort to building a website for you that wows your audience from the moment they land on your website.

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From visuals to navigation and from content to coding, our websites are built keeping SEO aspects in mind. Optimized websites increase your website’s visibility and increase your rank on the search engine results page. Our SEO specialists, designers, developers, etc., work collaboratively to deliver websites that are fast and responsive across all platforms.

Web Design

JDM Web Technologies hire top skilled web designers in the industry, who are not just passionate but also certified in web designing. Our designers work closely with web developers, who together bring your vision to a live website that is ready for interaction and navigation by the audience.

Custom Web Development

At JDM, we know that no two businesses are similar in all aspects, and each of them requires a different website content. Even though websites might look similar in a way, their images, contents, number of web pages, etc., are completely different. With us, you will never have to make-do with a ready-made website unless it perfectly fits your requirements.

Responsive Web Design

We offer responsive web design services that allow viewers to access your website from any device, of any resolution, and still have a seamless experience. With a responsive design service, you can make navigation easy and hassle-free even when a website is accessed from a smartphone.

E-Commerce Web Design

We offer the simplest and the fastest methods for setting up an eCommerce store for your products within your official website itself. From listing countless products to setting up a secure payment gateway, our services are a great way to add eCommerce functionalities to your site.

Website Hosting

How fast your website works or the active status of the links in the website are not everything that contributes to a good performance. Malware or unexpected traffic might cause issues with the performance of your website. Our website hosting services offer excellent security to look for malware and get rid of them actively.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress has become a preferred and common choice for building websites for small businesses. If you are not familiar with website design and development, our designers will build your website in no time from thousands of templates, themes, and plug-ins and deliver a website that is customized to your specific requirements.

Website Maintenance Services

Having the website is not the end of your marketing requirements and building one for you is not the end of our responsibilities. With time, your website is going to grow old – which requires regular maintenance. Our maintenance services looks up for broken links, update content with new and trending keywords, etc.

Website Redesign Services

Are you growing your business or adding new services? If your business is getting revamped, your website can also use some re-doing. Get in touch with our designers, and talk about the sections you want to re-do or parts you want to keep. Our designers can also change the complete look of your website.

8-Content Marketing
Content Writing

We also offer content writing services with our digital marketing packages. Our writers work closely with digital strategists and SEO specialists to bring about content that is rich, engaging and optimized to reach the target audience. We offer guest posting, copywriting, social media writing, press releases, articles and blogs, etc.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Jdm’s Jacksonville Web Design Services

JDM Web Technologies is fully dedicated to establishing your business as a brand.

Why Choose JDM as Your jacksonville Web Design Company

Explore what makes us your potential web design company to hire


Expert Workforce

JDM’s workforce includes experts from various fields, including SEO, writing, design, development, marketing specialists, data analysts, and many more. From creativity to passion and from skills to experience, our workforce values everything and leverages them to deliver websites that are fast, unique, and competent.


Timely Delivery

Once the deadline is set, we will deliver your website within the deadline. JDM Web Technologies have never disrespected a deadline by being late. We have skilled teams for working on various projects all at the same time. We only set a deadline that is convenient for you and realistic for us.


Happy Clients

JDM Web Technologies have a satisfied client base who have shared their satisfaction and love of working with us. We have delivered an endless number of websites that are playing an important role in the growth of many businesses actively. Our services are helping websites to drive traffic and increase revenue.


FREE Website Maintenance

Among various other services, JDM Web Technologies also offers website maintenance services. With JDM Web Technologies, you can have 6 months of free website maintenance provided your website was designed by us. Building and delivering the website to you is not the end of our responsibilities, and reliable website maintenance can offer you the expected results.


Transparency All the Time

Whether it is about our packages and pricing or about project deadlines, we are transparent in all aspects. We don’t boast about services or skills that we don’t have expertise or experience in and don’t outsource our services. We also help you figure out what services are working for you and what services are worth investing in.


24×7 Support

Our customer care support team might always be glued to seats and phones, but we have employed dedicated teams that work around the clock. Whichever time zone you are in, don’t hesitate to call us. We are serving across the world and are ready to answer questions, solve doubts, offer guidance, etc.

Why Invest In Website Design For Your Business In jacksonville?

  • Engage Your Visitors & Increase Your Conversion Rate

    A professional web design has the power to engage your visitors and increase your conversion rate significantly. Most visitors have the tendency to get attracted by strong visuals more than anything and tend to connect the credibility and professionalism of the website with the design.

  • Creates a Strong First Impression

    Not all visitors to your website visit it for buying a product or service or looking for something particular. But you can define how they leave your site by creating a strong first impression with excellent web design. Visuals can be compelling if colors and design match.

  • Better Google Rankings

    Google likes a website that offers the viewers a good show – technically, websites that can hold visitors’ attention for longer. Google highly depends on users’ data to check whether a website is recommendable to the next visitors. While it is up to the users how they like your website, you can control their interaction with a good design.

  • Minimize your Bounce Rate

    A higher bounce rate is often a result of poor navigation, speed, or overall website performance. All of which are a result of poor web design. Working on a compatible and good design not just attracts your prospective audience, but it can also hold the attention of your visitors who didn’t intend to land on your website.

  • Brand Consistency

    A website design can bring in more than expected traffic if only the design matches the brand’s voice, tone, or narrative. When a website design – from colors to fonts – is parallel with the brand, it offers credibility and authenticity. This way, your audience can connect better with your business.

How Much Does Website Design Services Cost?

JDM Web Technologies offers a comprehensive range of services and at least 3 different ready-made packages for building new business websites. But a business with an existing website can also hire our custom services and take advantage of our custom packages. We offer 3 different packages for businesses looking for full-fledged website building.

Small Website

Our Small Website package is a ready-made package designed for small local businesses and includes the following:

  • Custom Home page, blog page
  • Up to 10 web pages
  • 5000 words of content writing
  • Up to 2 Shutterstock images
  • One month of Free SEO services
  • And much more

Corporate Website

Our Corporate Website package is a ready-made package designed for medium-sized businesses and includes the following:

  • Custom Home page, blog page
  • Up to 10 web pages
  • 5000 words of content writing
  • Up to 2 Shutterstock images
  • One month of Free SEO services
  • Google Analytics
  • And much more

E-Commerce Website

Our E-Commerce Website package is a ready-made package designed for Large Businesses like Ecommerce and includes the following:

  • Custom Home page, blog page
  • Up to 10 web pages
  • 5000 words of content writing
  • Up to 2 Shutterstock images
  • Two months of Free SEO services
  • Google Analytics
  • And much more

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