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Increase Your Brand Reach Using Tried and Tested Digital Marketing Solutions

Running a locksmith company is a high-pressure job since you need to assist people with emergencies quite often and need to coordinate your team accordingly. Installation of security locks for gates, safes, houses, offices, and buildings of all sizes follows under the authority of locksmiths. Providing so many services round the clock to clients far and wide can lead you to forget about an extremely important aspect of your business – marketing. It’s even more important to note that marketing today isn’t as simple as distributing a few pamphlets around the town, it’s all shifting to the digital mode. Digital marketing has made commerce extremely competitive and if you want to retain your existing clients and gather new ones as a locksmith, then you need a solid team to back your digital marketing efforts.

JDM Web Technologies has gathered an expertise in assisting locksmiths with their digital marketing plans over several years now. We understand the nature of your business and deliver exactly what’s expected of us. Elevating your brand image and awareness is our responsibility and we accomplish it by using the finest digital marketing techniques of all time.

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies for Marketing Your Locksmith Business

Locksmiths work in a very niche space. This means that your work and services need to be closely researched and understood before somebody can launch campaigns to market it digitally.

JDM Web Technologies has been a part of the digital marketing industry for years now. We’ve worked with companies across all industries and situated on several continents. Our portfolio is as diverse as it comes so you can rely on it to have custom digital solutions for your locksmith business that suit your needs.

Here are a few reasons why JDM could be the ideal digital marketing agency for your locksmith business.


The commercials of your business are of utmost importance to you, and we provide services that add to your finances in the long run much more than they take away. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and helped them grow regardless of their budgetary constraints. Whether you’re just a start-up, a singular service provider, a small business, or an established company – we’ve got the ability to build effective online marketing for everybody.


Keen Quality Control
Everything JDM puts out displays clear effort. We do not create meaningless content for your business or design websites that seem to have no creativity – we always stick to our standards of quality. The marketing campaigns we launch for you shall be packed with both SEO content and topics that add value to the viewer’s life. This will urge your clients to build greater brand loyalty. Thus, whenever they’d need a lock in their home or office to be fixed, your business is going to be the only one that strikes their mind.


Expertise Across All Social Media Platforms
There are different core users to every social media app these days. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest, the strategies to be used to capture the attention of the audience that may actually invest in your money are different. Since locksmith services are required in all households and commercial buildings from time to time, it’s important that your business is visible to users of all social media platforms.
Due to JDM’s expertise in social media platforms of all kinds, you receive a holistic digital marketing strategy that covers all the necessary bases. We can help you climb to the top of your industry with consistent effort and quality performance.


Result-Oriented Approach
The point of spending on digital marketing for locksmiths is to gain greater customer engagement that turns into higher revenues. Thus, we assess the performance of our marketing campaigns on practical metrics. We will maintain complete transparency with you and show you how the ads for your locksmith business are doing. We will immediately shift our approach in the areas the returns aren’t as great. This helps your marketing strategies to keep evolving organically and help you make more profits.


Dedicated Managers Assigned
If you choose to work with JDM, you’ll have a dedicated account manager assigned to you. You can refer to him/her in case of all queries and discuss your expectations from your digital marketing campaigns in depth. This breaks the barrier between you and us and lets you reach out to us 24/7 without waiting for a call back for days. Customer satisfaction is extremely crucial for us so we assure you that your locksmith business will get the attention it deserves.

JDM’s Digital Marketing Services for Locksmiths

Climb to the Peak of Your Industry With Digital Marketing Strategies

JDM does not believe in a one size fits all policy. We believe that your business is unique and try to understand your specific needs to modify our services to help your locksmith business become the No.1 in your area. We will take out the time to understand exactly what your specialisations are and what your target customer base is. We will then combine this information with our marketing tools to come up with a personalised online marketing strategy for you. Here are some of the tools that JDM will use to increase a locksmith’s reach on the internet.

Website Development

Since people need locksmiths during high-priority situations, they’re always looking for fast solutions. In case a client has gotten locked out of their apartment, the first thing they’ll do is call up a locksmith that they can find on the internet. To make sure that yours is the business that people find, we need to optimise your online presence. Our tech team will do this by creating a beautiful website that includes elements from your business and follows your fundamental colour palette so as to stay true to you.

Website Maintenance

It’s one thing to build a website but another to maintain it. We do not abandon your website after creating it. We can help you maintain and update it regularly, so your on-page SEO is on point and includes all terms that are relevant when marketing for locksmiths. We may even redevelop your website if the need arises to keep you at par with the times. As long as you’ve got team JDM assisting you, you can trust us to take the best care of your websites and help you pull customers through them without any difficulty.

Small Business SEO

There’s a difference between how small and established businesses need to be marketed. If you’re still trying to expand your business, then the importance of digital marketing is immense to you. But chances are, that your budget doesn’t allow you to run ads on multiple platforms constantly.

With JDM by your side, your locksmith business will get the exposure it deserves. We endorse small businesses using unique methods that are affordable but also effective. We focus on spreading the word about your business as quickly as possible so that you can perform a range of services such as key duplication, door installation, re-keying, lock repair, and more at multiple locations.

Reputation Management

In the service sector, reputation and word of mouth is everything. What your customers say about you can either open up new streams of business for you or even close the existing ones. Since the advent of the internet, leaving a poor comment or review about a company has gotten easier than ever. If this happens to you, people might not call you up when they need a locksmith anymore since they’re likely to search you up on the internet first to check your reliability.

JDM will ensure that no false or negative comments about your business remain on the internet and whenever the name of your locksmith company comes up through a Google search, it only urges people to trust your services.

Technical SEO

Whether you are a residential locksmith or an automotive locksmith, your job is bound to include highly technical terms and instruments. Including technical SEO in your marketing strategy helps you gain customers who are looking exactly for what you provide. Since these keywords are quite targeted, they have a high conversion rate and assure better results.

Great technical SEO also creates the impression that you actually know the craft well and have thus built a website that deals with specific services. As a Locksmith, this can be your golden ticket to bagging big clients.

Local SEO

Since locksmiths have to visit on-site to execute projects, travelling to far-off lands isn’t possible for you. What your business needs to prioritise is local SEO.

We will build your online presence in a way such that whenever somebody Googles about a locksmith service around your area, your business will automatically pop up in front of them. What’s in front of their eyes will be on their mind, hence, appearing on local searches will help you gain more customers and increase revenue generation.

Social Media Promotion

If your locksmith company doesn’t have an active social media presence yet, then you’re missing out on tonnes of customers that could engage with your business and then convert into real customers. Our marketing team will analyse your status on social media and then implement strategies so that whenever somebody searches for content about locksmiths, your name always comes up.


Absolutely! In fact, we believe that you need a digital marketing strategy even more since you’re a one-man army and need additional promotion to increase awareness about your operations amongst people. Whatever be your budget, we will try to devise a social media and web marketing plan for you that will help you advertise your locksmith services online and gain new customers.

Yes, you do! Since you work in a niche sector, JDM will find the specific keywords associated with your services and include them in the content we produce on the behalf of your business. This way whenever somebody needs help with their car, van, or truck locks, they will find your business on the internet easily and call you up.

Our web design experts can execute any vision you have in your mind onto your website. We will include graphics that are related to your business such as locks, keys, and safety systems. We can even include images from your work portfolio!

Your website will be designed in a way which will make it user-friendly and one-of-a-kind. We do not just copy-paste templates, our web designs will make your locksmith business memorable.

Yes! We have in-depth knowledge of E-commerce development and SEO. JDM will help you begin your journey in the world of E-commerce by building a platform that’s easy to handle for you and attractive to shop from for the buyers. We can help you start out your locksmith tools business by creating a shopping website so that you can begin your functioning without spending too much. We will also include the keywords that are most searched for in your industry so that your website is easy to find for buyers.

We provide YouTube Marketing services that will enhance your business and provide high returns on investment. We will publish ads on the behalf of your business that target audiences who may really have a use for your locksmith services. This way your money will be well spent, and you will be able to reach the correct customer base.

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