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Digital Marketing has been around for a while, and we can all agree that this form of marketing is rather affordable. And guess what? JDM Web Technologies makes it more affordable by providing custom packages. Our custom packages are perfect for small businesses or startups who work under budget or just want to try out our services.

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    Marketing – traditional or digital, is all about targeting your potential customers, which means appearing where your target audience is. Modern customers are spending their valuable time on social media platforms and search engines. At JDM Web Technologies, we start by understanding your business and audience and try to work out the best online platforms that will work efficiently for your business.

    Businesses and brands need a strong online presence. And for that, an effective marketing strategy is a must. However, a strong or effective marketing strategy is not similar in all online platforms. Depending on the industry, target audience, and medium of marketing – the idea of effective strategy varies.

    At JDM Web Technologies, our experts help you with creative and effective marketing strategies that are suitable for different platforms, and campaigns. We have experts that are well-versed in various social media platforms, building websites, PPC marketing, local SEO, or SEO in general.

    Our Passionate Team Of Digital Marketing

    Creative Manager

    Our creative team consists of front-end developers, brand strategists, graphic designers, etc., who perform and bring out their creativity to give your online presence a unique vibe.

    Content Manager

    Our content team consists of content writers – blog/articles, website writers, etc. We have skilled media editors and social media managers on our team. Our content team brings your brand a little closer to your audience with engagement.

    Analytics Manager

    Our analytics team consists of various specialists that specialize in testing, conversion and data analysis.

    Lead Generation Manager

    Our SEO specialists are well-versed in various forms of SEO. Apart from that, our lead generation team includes email and paid ads specialists.

    JDM Web Technologies All-inclusive Digital Marketing Offerings

    JDM Web Technologies provides digital marketing services that are needed to launch your online brand or improve an already existing one.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Our SEO specialists develop everything that results in improving your search engine rankings, building authority, and gaining online visibility with both on-page and off-page SEO. With on-page SEO, we can give a boost to your existing website with engaging and relevant content along with optimized web pages.

    With off-page SEO like link building, guest posting, etc., we help you expand your reach and generate organic traffic. Our experts work on advanced keyword research and have premium link-building strategies. They know to target the most effective keywords from a pool of keywords and optimize your content to reach and engage more audiences.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content Writing & Marketing

    Content Writers at JDM Web technologies delivers optimized blogs/articles, press releases, website content, SMM posts, guest posts, etc., that are both educational and engaging. As one of the leading SEO companies in the industry, our talented team of writers use modern tools and collaborate with SEO teams to bring out content that respects the search engine algorithms.

    Our content writers research your industry, company and your competitors to bring out content that is trending in the market. But putting out trending content on your web pages is not all – our writers actually try to provide insightful information to your audience. Our articles or blog posts aim to keep the audience engaged and encourage them to learn more.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

    With our comprehensive PPC marketing services, you have a resolution to the development, management and improvement of your PPC strategy. Our certified PPC strategists can bring you the best possible results by analyzing and maintaining advertising campaigns.

    As a company that has years of experience in the industry, we bring you an approach that is often proven to be effective. We always start with discussing your business goals. During the active campaign, we will provide you with performance insights so that you can understand how the campaign is working or how your visitors are responding to your website.

    Email Marketing

    Our email marketing services are often known to be exceptionally effective. Either it is about connecting with your potential customers directly or engaging them, our email marketing services have benefited many companies and businesses. When we say ‘effective,’ we don’t mean our emails making their way to your subscriber’s inbox. Your potential customers are tempted to open your mail and develop a relationship with your business that ends up in trust.

    Our email marketing process includes building an email list, designing an effective email layout, creating personalized email content, testing & tracking email campaigns, building email marketing strategies, etc.

    Local SEO

    Various strategies are involved in helping your business be seen online in the saturated market. One such strategy is that of the use of local search engine optimisation. It allows your business to gain more regional clientele. It can be quite beneficial when you expect your client to walk into your business. Local SEO can prove to be quite useful an approach.

    Link building

    This approach can be quite helpful when it comes to gaining organic growth in terms of traffic. We make use of trusted links so that your resources happen to be enriched with value. With proper link building, a site can see a significant increase in the amount of organic traffic. This can thus play an important part in aiding conversion and reach.

    Website Design & Development

    Did you know that there are trends in website design and development as well? And do everything with your SMM or PPC marketing, but if your website is not up to the mark, there are high chances of a higher bounce rate.

    Our website designers and developers take utmost care of our website and build you an online presence that is professional, optimized, responsive and fast. Because – let’s not test the patience of modern online users!

    Our web designers know all the trends in the market to design your website in a way that is unique yet follows trendsetting styles. Our developers are no less! They make your website highly functional. They also take care of the responsiveness and the speed of your website.

    Social Media Optimization

    Engaging your audience that dwells in the social media world is highly tricky and needs creative strategies and posts. At JDM Web Technologies, we aim to build a story for your brand. We also aim to engage with the audience for driving like comments, shares, etc., through creative posts, contests, polls, giveaways, etc.

    We understand that optimizing social media posts is a skill that requires being a social media user itself, and perhaps requires someone who is aware of what is happening and what is trending. For this, we have a dedicated team that optimises your presence for the best results.

    Online Reputation Management

    The image your business presents on the internet is quite important. With our services we ensure that clients only find all that is good about the services that are being offered and see your business in the best light.

    Why Choose Digital Marketing Services

    • Creating a positive brand image: Digital marketing services can play an important part when reaching out to the target audience. It allows for the creation of a positive impression on the mind of a consumer so that they reach out when in need of the services.
    • Reaching beyond barriers: Digital marketing allows your brand to have a presence beyond physical barriers. This can be quite useful when approaching the topic of organic conversion and traffic.
    • Establishing consumer trust: Having a resourceful online presence so that clients can extensively evaluate and be better informed about the services and quality of them can greatly contribute to building up client trust as well as loyalty.
    • Growth of organic reach and conversion: Proper digital marketing strategies, when put in place, can significantly increase the rate of conversion while greatly improving the overall organic traffic to your social media handles.

    Why Choose JDM Web Technologies For Your Digital Marketing

    We are a team of individuals who work with passion towards providing the business with the visibility they deserves. Here’s why we deserve our existing clients and those that are yet to join us.


    Client-first approach : What our client wants and what will work might be contradictory at times. But we try to find a way to blend both the ideas together and come up with strategies that are under our client’s budgets and meet their requirements and expectations. But the most important point is – we aim to provide growth and positive results to our clients. We value their business as their business partners.


    Honesty : From consultation to delivering your project, and every stage in between, we maintain the highest form of honesty and integrity. We don’t promise what we cannot deliver. We never provide you fake estimates, and overall we don’t underperform our skills with awareness.


    Our Team : There is no JDM without our talented professionals. Our teams of professionals are some of the most fun and passionate people you will meet. They are smart and know how to approach each project. One of the most important qualities of our team is that they are exceptionally good at teamwork. Our project managers own the right level of strictness to ensure your project is on track.


    Track Record : Over the years, we have worked with a considerable number of businesses and companies. Our experience ranges from different industries to different forms of marketing. For some we have built websites from scratch and while in some, we have improved their website ranking and optimization.


    Result-driven : We often operate campaigns and strategies that have a high chance of efficiency. It is less about trying out strategies and waiting for them to work. A strong marketing strategy often takes time to show results, but we can ensure that the results will work in your favour. We always share our strategies and campaigns with our clients and show them how we achieved their goals.


    Customized strategies : We value all of our customers. When working with us, we consider all of your concerns and aim to come up with strategies that cannot only help your business grow but also effectively address your concerns. All of our strategies are built from scratch, allowing them to be effective for your social media presence helping you stay ahead of the competition.


    Yes. Surely, your business can build an online presence with social media platforms and other online ads, but when you start growing, your potential customers will need to know more about your company and business for credibility purposes. A website can provide a wide range of information and details about your business.

    The suitable social media platform for your company or business depends on the business itself. For some businesses, Facebook will work best, while for others, Instagram could be really effective. At the same time, Twitter might not work for your business at all, depending on the industry.

    A responsive website is equally functional in various forms of devices like mobile devices, smartphones or tablets, and even with large displays of PCs, laptops, etc. Responsive web design detects the user’s screen size and orientation and provides flexible content and layout for equal functionality.

    Three features of a good web design:

    • Invite, engage and convert the audience
    • Visually appealing landing page
    • Easy navigation and fast loading speed

    Yes. Both UI and UX are important for search engine rankings. Both are forms of technical SEO, and the Google algorithm gives preference to websites that have optimized UI/YX.

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