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JDM Web Technologies is a digital marketing agency that focuses on getting the most excellent value for your brand/company online. We work with a result-oriented approach with all our clients to maximize goals and show actual value through various forms of digital marketing and outreach. As an agency, we use SEO, content marketing, website creation, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising to a company or brand’s specific needs and work with their teams to deliver optimum demonstrable value through our digital marketing strategy.

No business is too big or too little for us, and each customer receives personalized attention and meticulous planning and execution to achieve tangible results through digital marketing.

Our Team

Our team has professional expertise across the gamut of digital marketing and social media marketing. We have graphic designers, business analysts, social media specialists, content developers, digital marketers, and content writers. Be it bringing a turnaround in a company’s image with videos-driven content marketing or using social media to increase awareness, we have demonstrated success across different forms of online marketing across the globe. We work in tandem with a company’s team to deliver on a vision and target as a collective of minds focused on a single goal to provide our best for you!

Our Vision and Values

We aim to deliver comprehensive digital campaigns that help our clientele increase profitability through visible returns on investment. We adapt vast experience and market-leading knowledge base to build customized marketing strategies for specific markets.

Partner with us, and we will create a comprehensive outline for social media optimization, growth, development, expanding the reach, and building key recall value in your niche for your brand online.

Affordable Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) merges technical aspects of digital marketing with qualitative thinking to raise a website’s or page’s ranking on searches. Google is the benchmark, and ranking higher on a Google search will mean more end-users and greater visibility online. Building a successful SEO strategy is a must for holistic digital marketing. We have in-depth knowledge and experience in producing specialized SEO strategies like local SEO and enterprise SEO. Please work with us to build an SEO strategy that will trigger steady and consistent progress in your business. SEO matters for businesses of all sizes, and we help you make the most of it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for converting prospects and cultivating client loyalty. It provides a curated database of customers/users that may be tapped to generate long-term interest. It boosts click-through rates and delivers value over time through word-of-mouth. By recruiting, developing, and staying engaged with targeted consumers, we can help you create a successful email marketing campaign. Our professionals will assist you with creating attractive email templates, curate captivating email messages, and compose and broadcast the email to an extensive database. We also help you in tracking the open rate and analyzing the email response.

Website & Landing Pages Development

These days, in a world dominated by digital technology, a website serves as your company’s calling card. It’s all about making an excellent first impression. We are experts in creating visually stunning websites that are also informative and interesting. Similar to a brief autobiography, a landing page tells the story of a company’s journey and vision. We help you create a website that is both visually appealing and interesting to capture potential customers’ attention. In partnership with our highly trained graphic designers and website developers, we create user-friendly websites and landing pages that attract the attention of search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers you a chance to get and develop quality leads across search engines. PPC management covers a wide range of digital marketing and outreach like keywords research, split testing, and campaign optimization through target channels (Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on). We offer bespoke packages for PPC management. While running a live multi-channel campaign, we measure and analyze outcomes. Get a custom-made PPC management campaign and cut through the complications of SEO.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to connecting with millennials and consumers from all backgrounds and financial levels, social media marketing is the most accessible and effective medium available. To put it another way, it means you create relevant and engaging content to post on the social media profiles of your brand or company on the major social media platforms. Building brand image, marketing products, increasing sales, and driving website traffic are all accomplished by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. While launching focused campaigns on social media platforms, we use social media marketing to listen in on followers, communicate with customers, and assess perceptions while conducting market research. Make effective use of social media to market your business, generate sales, and maintain long-term interaction with your customers.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is essential to build influence and a sustained relationship with the public and customer. With a digital business transformation that has changed the way people buy and consume, recognition and trust have become competitive for businesses.

Know the latest news before it impacts your general impression or brand image. We can harness social media, websites, online advertising, and a host of other tools for a solid online brand. JDM Web Technologies’ reputation management services will ensure that you are visible, proactive, and well prepared for any controversy or negative comments.

Why Choose JDM Web Technologies


Reliable Services

Over the past ten years, we have delivered appealing websites, successful digital marketing campaigns, and effective social media strategies for a range of clients. Our clients range from pharma, diagnostics, local transport, signage and printing, and sports goods, among others.


Affordable Customized Services

We offer our services in a manner that fits budgets across a broad spectrum. Driven to deliver profitability and tangible results, we focus on building a high-impact marketing strategy. We optimize a marketing budget with a frugal and cautious approach when necessary.


Fully Equipped

Our team has content writers, developers, graphic designers, web designers, analysts, and social media specialists. We work with the latest software and technology to deliver visually appealing content and cutting-edge marketing design for your brand.


Trusted Globally

We have worked with brands and markets across different countries and markets. We have designed and executed digital marketing campaigns for companies in the US, India, and Australia.


Experienced Team

We started as a small team with entrepreneurial passion and have become an industry leader over time. We have knowledge, experience, and expertise in building a business ground up, maintaining it, and expanding it. We have delivered over 1000 digital marketing campaigns so far across local markets and international markets. Our clients have built sustained customer bases and online communities through high-impact marketing.


24 Hours Customer Support

If you have issues and concerns related to your project, you can reach out to the dedicated project manager at all times. We are available by email and over the phone. If you need to contact us suddenly, reach out to your project manager for ongoing projects. To partner with us, call us or write to us anytime. We are always there for you!


Dedicated Project Manager

We have a project manager dedicated to each project through its run. Working with an end-to-end approach, the manager monitors, develop, liaises, and updates clients on targets and outcomes of all initiatives in a digital marketing plan. Our teams specialize in swift changes and quick delivery for live multi-channel digital marketing campaigns.


Transparent Reporting

We update you on how a strategy is playing out regularly. We test new designs and try out new plans internally before bringing them to you. Once digital marketing and social media marketing is in motion, we offer updates and visible impact frequently. We measure data and use a data-driven approach to monitor and alter different strategies so that we can assure you maximum utility.

How do we do it?



When developing a digital marketing plan for our customers, we place a strong emphasis on making the most of available time, effort, and resources. Every step is meticulously planned, utilizing a multi-channel approach that includes scheduled actions and synchronized social media. Additionally, we test the consequences of engagement before implementing them for a brand. We invest our advertising budget in digital advertising to get tangible outcomes.



Our committed team, led by a project manager, will ensure that a thoroughly defined digital marketing strategy is carried out smoothly from start to finish. We communicate with the customer regularly, outline their objectives, and provide reports on the various activities made across multiple channels and social media platforms.



Our goal is to make the most of a client’s investment while also delivering tangible results. We are laser-focused on meeting or exceeding our previously stated goals on schedule. Our teams work around the clock to ensure that our plans are carried out and routinely coordinate their efforts. We are adaptable in our approach, allowing us to successfully pivot and alter our efforts in response to feedback and data analytics results.



We are meticulous in the upkeep of your website, social media properties, and digital ads. We go above and beyond the limits of targeted, high-impact marketing that is time-bound to ensure successful delivery over an extended period by providing continual support. Once the website is launched, or ads are executed, we ensure that we keep an eye so that everything continues to function well.

Hire a Dedicated Team for Your Business in Louisville

Ready to transform your brand digitally? We assist you in expanding your digital marketing team by making ourselves available as an extension of your in-house team.

As an experienced team, we will determine the most effective approach and appropriate execution method for your company to reach the most clients and build Louisville loyalty. Our team of professionals will assist you in your development. Join us and witness the results for yourself.

Over 1000 Satisfied Customers From Various Sectors

Over the years, we’ve successfully delivered websites, end-to-end social media and marketing campaigns, and PPC advertising for clients in various industries and locations. We have over 1000 customers that are happy with our services. We would be delighted to add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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