Low Cost SEO Services for Small Business

Running a small scale business is not the easiest thing to do, as a business owner has to manage a lot of things that are integral parts of a business. Among those things, business marketing or promotion is crucial. For effortless business marketing, different strategies are required to be embraced. A business need online exposure in today’s time, and thus SEO is crucial. With seamless search engine optimization campaign, it is possible to fetch the best business result.

At JDM Web Technologies, we can obtain professional SEO service with precision. We are a team of experienced people who are well-versed with different SEO techniques. The most important thing is that we can provide you low cost SEO solutions with perfection. We have worked with many small scale businesses, belonging to different industries. We assure you the best SEO campaigning solutions.

Why Choose Our Low Budget Service?


Local SEO
Our low cost SEO services for small business include low SEO solution. We can optimize your local SEO ranking in Google. We shall also provide Google My Business solution to you. Optimization of your local listing is what we aim to provide you with perfection.


Customized Campaign
We can provide you low cost SEO service as we offer you customized SEO campaign. For managing a custom campaign, we take all inputs from clients. You can choose the services as per your budget and requirements. Customization cuts off unnecessary or excessive expenses.


Specialized Service for Small Business
SEO for small business or startup is different from the SEO campaign for the large scale businesses. We have unique marketing or promotional plans for the small scale businesses. We can help you to achieve the results with perfection.


Low Cost Web Optimization
At JD, you shall get low cost website optimization solution. We are poised with technical knowledge and expertise to provide you low cost service for optimizing your website. Optimization of website will help you to attain a more user-friendly website.

What Makes Our Service Low Cost?

So, what makes JDM Web Technologies a low cost SEO service provider for the small scale businesses? There are many reasons, and some of those reasons are listed in the following section of this article.


As a service provider, we believe in transparency. You shall find breakups of all the services and associated cost. We prepare detailed reports and invoices for clients. This is why we can assure you low budget service.

Assured Ranking

Not just low budget service, we want to provide assured ranking in Google to our clients. It helps the businesses to grow financially. As the businesses make more profit, it can become competent to invest money in SEO service.


If you want to personalize SEO campaign, you should opt for our service. We offer effective solutions for personalization of your SEO campaign. Based on your custom demand, we provide you tactical and effortless SEO service with perfection.

Easy Payment Options

With our SEO campaign service, small businesses can enjoy the convenience of flexible and easy payment terms. You can pay for yearly SEO, and we would offer you some discounts. You can also go with monthly payment scheme.


As an SEO service provider, we often provide discounted packages for search engine optimization. You shall get healthy discounts on the SEO packages. Every package comes with realistic price which will suit you perfectly.

Factors That Influence the Cost

To obtain low cost SEO service at JDM, you need to understand the factors that could influence the overall cost for SEO for you. There are many factors, and we have tried to list down few of those factors in the following section.



From our experience, we have noticed that competition is one of the major things for managing the SEO campaigns. If your business belongs to an industry where competition is high, getting the best SEO result would come in exchange of high investments.


Cutting Down Competition

There are many ways to cut down the competition to make the SEO low cost. We have unique and innovative strategies to beat the competition for your business. As a result, your business gets edge over the rivals and also you can get the service at affordable cost.


Flaws Of Your Website

Despite investing money, people do not get SEO results. This happens when you have a flawed website. Thus, we start your SEO campaign by auditing and optimizing your website. It will ensure the most cost-effective or budget-friendly result for you.


Use Of Tools And Technologies

Though we have a team of competent individuals, we also rely on tools that can be used for running ethical SEO campaign. We use robust tools for website optimization. As a result, the overall cost of running the SEO campaign will come down.

Low Cost Campaign Based on Innovative Strategies

At JDM Web Technologies, you can obtain low cost SEO campaign with innovative strategies. We put a lot of stress on the process of building strategies for running the SEO campaign. We follow standard SEO techniques, but at the same time we mix the campaign with our innovative ideas. A combination of innovative ideas and contemporary strategies will help your business to grow effortlessly.

Service for Startups

Startup businesses find a lot of challenges at the initial stage or beginning stage. For a startup business, budget for business promotion stays low at the initial stage. In exchange of low investments, startups want sustainable promotional result so that the business starts getting recognition. As the business gets exposure, it stands the chance of becoming successful. With commercial success, a business can earn better brand value and higher profitability. Thus, the startups become competent to invest more in the business campaign.

At JDM Web Technologies, we have dedicated team for consulting the startups that seek SEO solution. Our team is competent to deal with different sorts of SEO campaigns. We assure that our low cost SEO services will help your small business to grow.

To know more about our service, we would request you to get in touch with us. We are here to provide you the best service with perfection. Call us or email us to talk to our team.

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