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Changing The Way, You Advertise Your Business

Along with the food sector, one of the ever-running industries is the medical equipment industry, no matter what time of year it is. In 2020, the global medical equipment market reached over $456 billion, and it is expected to grow by $745 billion in 2030. So, it goes without saying that in this ever-growing market, expanding the way you market your business to the masses requires time-appropriate measures. At a time when the internet and digital space play a huge role in how we conduct businesses, digital marketing for medical equipment companies has helped several companies before you achieve their marketing goals of quick lead generation and creating an efficacious sales funnel.

As one of the globally leading digital marketing agencies, JDM Web Technologies leverages modern technology and tools in its digital marketing strategies to help companies stand out in a highly saturated market. Our digital marketing helps you increase your online visibility among your desired customer demographics. We create your digital marketing schemes targeting hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals who can benefit front your medical equipment. While as medical equipment company, the world of digital marketing may seem overwhelming to you, which is why we help you navigate the digital landscape with ease and a seamless approach.

Instead of making digital marketing a puzzling secret, we aim to make it something uncomplicated to understand and accessible by businesses from all types of industries. Even if you have never implemented digital marketing strategies in your business model before, we will make the transition an easy and fun one so that it resonates with your brand. Connecting with new customers, retaining your current customers, and directing them to specific products, digital marketing services make it easier to handle all of these.

About Us


We are a family of digital marketers, SEO specialists and content writers, and web developers, working towards one goal- making digital marketing available and easy for companies across all industries a person could think of. Launched in 2009, in the last 12 years, JDM Web Technologies have helped small and enterprise-level businesses to reach their business goals in no time by implementing several digital marketing procedures. We work with real companies and know what it takes for businesses to stand apart from the crowd. Instead of a theoretical blueprint, we focus on metrics that mean the most to a business, like generating leads and revenue.


We have partnered with some of the best companies across a wide range of industry verticals within our JDM digital marketing services. With our full-service strategies, we use a combination of digital channels to increase your brand’s visibility, conversions, and revenue. Hence, our dedication to making digital marketing easier, we have helped businesses drive millions of dollars to their brand and thousands of organic leads to our clients. We will effectively track your progress with our tailored strategy with our services.

Choosing JDM Web Technologies Services

Makes Digital Marketing Easy For Your Company

As a digital marketing company, we like pushing our boundaries of what we can do and what we can provide to our clients instead of limiting ourselves. So, we are constantly looking for industries where we can get involved and help businesses achieve their business goals. We are versatile, and instead of focusing on making big promises and failing to achieve them, we focus on creating a relationship with our clients where we both understand our requirements and limitations.

Unlike other digital marketing companies, JDM does not jump into creating a marketing schedule for every company we come across. Similarly, as a medical equipment company, you would first be required to have a consultation call. In this consultation call, we will be discussing your marketing requirements, your business goals, and how fast you want your results. If we feel like we could arrive at a decision that works for your company and us, we will create a digital wireframe of the entire strategy.

Here are some of the top online promotinal services that JDM Web Technologies provides for medical equipment companies:

Online Reputation Management

Your digital reputation matters a lot to your company because this is what your audience first sees when they visit your website or your brand’s social media pages. It is extremely crucial to maintain a positive online reputation To create a positive image in the minds of your audience. So we will monitor your online pages and instantly solve issues that your customers face. We will also delete the fake reviews that people post to pull you down. We utilize state-of-the-art ORM software to filter negative and fake reviews to streamline your ORM practices and shed light on more positive reviews.

Website audit and development

Most medical equipment companies have a website that they have not used for years on end. So audit such websites and fix all the critical shortcomings. We optimize your web pages, images, text, and videos if you have any. We will also add or remove web pages as per the requirement. We will ensure that your website runs at an optimum speed across all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktops alike. We create visually compelling content for your website page and add them to the existing pages to encourage page visitors to take the desired action.

8-Content Marketing
Content Writing

Without meaningful content on your website or in your social media accounts, no one is going to take you seriously. So our content writing team will create engaging content with targeted, long-tail, and LSI keywords to ensure that your blogs, articles, and guest posts reach the intended audience. The blogs we write will be included on your website so that people can know about the medical equipment you sell and the new inventions in the respective field. We will also create guest posts backlinking them to your website and blogs page, and post them to high DA sites, so that people can find you, thus increasing your organic traffic.

PPC advertisement

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is an effective and affordable way to reach your customers quickly and with precision. Our PPC strategies will create targeted ad copies to reach the right customer demographics. PPC ad is an amazing way to generate organic leads in less time. Since PPC ads always appear on top of the search engine result page, people are more likely to click on them even before organic links. We will also run campaigns during seasonal trends to promote your business to the targeted customers.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram play a crucial role in business marketing trends. No matter the size of the business, social media works well, mostly because people of almost all ages have a social media account. We will create social media accounts for your business on all the popular platforms and help you manage them as well. From creating intriguing social media posts to engaging with your prospects via chats, comments, we do it all.

We also provide email marketing services, where we send regular newsletters and updates to your prospects and current customers who have signed up to receive emails from you. In email marketing, you will be able to send the details about any seasonal discounts or sales going on your medical equipment online and offline stores.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

A great SEO practice is what makes or breaks the website ranking on the search engine result page. Our SEO specialists stay up to date with changing SEO trends. They closely monitor the SEO trends and implement them in our client’s projects to give you a competitive edge in the medical equipment industry.

We will implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to all your website pages to increase your website’s crawlability and indexability. We will optimize your images, pages, add alt titles to your images, add meta-titles, meta-description and eliminate duplicate content within the website. Making all these changes and adding and removing content will allow Google to find your website and rank them high on the first page of the search engine results.

Website design

The use of the internet in healthcare facilities, no matter how big or small they are, has become a norm. As a medical equipment company implementing digital marketing, having a business website allows such health facilities, doctors, and physicians to reach you at once whenever they want to do business with you. It allows them to transfer information from one point to another and easily connect with other health-related organizations. Your website is also where your prospects could learn more about your business and determine whether you are the company ideal to do business with.

We design professional-looking, attractive websites that instantly catch your customers’ attention. Our web experts can help you create a website that meets industry demands and is ADA compliant. We will design your website in such a way that it creates a positive first impression on everyone’s minds who comes across it.

Why should you choose us?

Not every business is aware of a digital marketing strategy’s advantages. Most businesses fail to make it big or make their way to the international markets because they focus on running the marketing campaigns instead of hiring an agency. It leads them to lose focus on both the marketing and the core business operation at one point. Here is how choosing us for digital marketing services for your medical equipment company can be beneficial:


Experienced professional

While your team might have the best engineers and technicians to create the medical equipment, we have skilled professionals for marketing. We are familiar with market trends, what Google and other major search engines love and how to help you reach your business goals. Our handpicked professional team is comprised of marketing experts, analysts, SEO specialists, and content writers who will provide you with 360-degree digital marketing experience under one roof.


Multiple digital marketing packages

Since we cater to a wide range of clientele, you will find that we have multiple packages in place. So you choose whichever package suits you the most in terms of your budget, service requirements, and how long you want to avail of our services. There is no hard & fast rule to choose only one fixed package, and you are free to upgrade it anytime you want.


No-locking contract

We believe in providing top-notch services to all our customers, which means we think that you would be happy enough to stay with us for a long time. However, we don’t believe in limiting your options; we do not ask you to sign any contract within the time limit of our partnership. You will be able to end the partnership anytime you are unhappy with our services. We also create customized offers for all our clients with only services tailored to them.


Top-of-the-class services

If you are unsure whether we are the right company for your digital marketing service requirements, you can always look at the testimonials left by our previous clients. We have previously worked with some of the top companies and global leaders in their industries, and their testimonials are available on our website. If you have queries about our packages, our customer representatives are more than happy to help you with your queries.


Yes! Digital marketing services are the most cost-effective strategy to boost revenue. We’ve worked with and aided several medical equipment companies. You can connect with one of our experts and request a demonstration of previous work.

The best time to begin digital marketing for any business is when you know you have one and want to grow it. Internet marketing is not a magic that will produce results the day you start. As a result, you must begin to and give it some time to produce results.

We’ve worked with a wide range of businesses from diverse industries. We will make it simple to promote your medical equipment firm because we understand what it takes to increase revenue through digital marketing strategies.

Your project will be handled by our in-house professionals. You will be assigned a project manager who will act as a mediator between you and the team.

The project manager will provide you with monthly reports that will give you a comprehensive picture of the targets that have been achieved. Furthermore, you will notice a boost in your traffic, leads, and sales after using digital marketing methods.

We have carefully crafted a few digital marketing packages for medical equipment companies, and we hope that at least one of them will meet your needs and expectations. Nonetheless, if you believe that the typical digital marketing packages are ineffective, request a customised package.

That’s very rare to happen. However, if you are not satisfied with what we do, request to pause the service, and we will hand over all account credentials to you.

Call, email or fill the form to connect with us. Our representative will call you to understand your requirement.

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