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At JDM Minneapolis PPC Services, we believe that every business can leverage the power of PPC marketing as long as the campaigns are created and managed efficiently. Our Minneapolis PPC experts have decades of experience creating and managing campaigns for several world-renowned brands. When you choose us as your Minneapolis PPC agency, we’ll work as your extended team, helping you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Minneapolis PPC Services

Whether you’re a new business or an established one, our PPC services have got you covered

Keyword Research & Analysis

Our Minneapolis PPC analysts will use the latest techniques and advanced tools to discover the most relevant keywords for your offerings. Then, we’ll use those keywords when creating ads for your campaign to make sure that your target audiences get to see them whenever they need something similar to your offerings.

Landing Page Optimization for Conversion

If you want your site’s visitors to stay on your landing pages for a significant amount of time, you must optimize them thoroughly. Armed with decades of professional experience, our Minneapolis PPC professionals will take care of all aspects of your landing pages, from content and headlines to images and navigation.

PPC Management

Without proper management of your PPC campaign, your ads may not be able to generate the desired results. When you entrust our Minneapolis PPC team with the job of your PPC management, you can rest easy knowing that all your campaigns will be managed by the most trusted name in the field.

Search Ads Campaigns

No matter which PPC platform you prefer to utilize, your ads must become visible to your potential customers at the appropriate time. Not only will this help them know of your offerings but also drive them to your landing pages. By leveraging the power of high-value keywords, our Minneapolis PPC specialists will ensure this.

Display Ads Campaigns

If you desire to reach a wider base of potential customers within a short period of time, you should run display ads campaigns. Our Minneapolis PPC pros will include a number of elements in your display ads and keep them aligned with the requirements of your target audiences. This will help you get more targeted traffic quickly.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

Your brand must have some individuals who’ve interacted with it in some way in the past. When your objective is to reconnect with those individuals and convince them to complete your desired actions, running a remarketing ads campaign can be of great help. Our Minneapolis PPC experts will use different parameters when creating your ads.

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Shopping Campaigns

Do you know that the Google Shopping platform has the potential to help you get large numbers of targeted visitors and increase your sales significantly? Our Minneapolis PPC specialists will create your shopping campaigns highlighting the benefits of your products so that your potential customers can make informed decisions fast.

Video Ads Campaigns

Video ads campaigns allow you to deliver the right message to your potential customers efficiently without consuming much of their valuable time. Our Minneapolis PPC pros will make sure that your video ads contain all the catchy elements so that they can drive the viewers to your landing pages quickly.

Local Campaigns

Run a local PPC campaign when your objective is to increase the number of footfalls at your physical store in Minneapolis. Our Minneapolis PPC professionals will include all the details of your store in those ads to help your potential visitor decide what’s the best time to visit your store and how to reach it.

Ready to Increase Your Revenue with Minneapolis PPC Services?

Make use of our data-driven Minneapolis PPC services to improve your sales numbers fast

Why Join Hands with JDM as Your Minneapolis PPC Agency

Here’re the reasons a large number of businesses consider JDM the best Minneapolis PPC agency


Unparalleled Industry Experience

All our Minneapolis PPC analysts come with robust professional experience. In the rapidly-evolving PPC marketing field, experience matters a lot. As a result, irrespective of the scope and goal of your campaign, our team can help you get the most out of it efficiently within a short period of time.


Google Ads Certified Specialists

The Google Ads platform has earned a distinct position as the most powerful PPC platform. You can take your sales figures to the next level quickly with the help of its potential. Our Minneapolis PPC team consists a number of Google Ads certified specialists who will help you achieve this.


Proven PPC Campaigns

All our past PPC marketing campaigns have generated exceptional results and have helped the respective business owners achieve their PPC marketing goals efficiently. Therefore, even if your business rivals are large businesses, you can surely try to outperform them by using the knowledge and skills of our Minneapolis PPC experts.


Quantifiable Results

All the results of our PPC activities can be measured using a number of key performance indicators. Even if you hire us to create and manage a small campaign, we’ll provide you with a detailed report each month. This report will contain several metrics, which will give you a clear idea of how we’re using your advertising budget.


Exceptional Knowledge

Whether you choose one of our enterprise PPC packages or take your pick from the basic ones, you can rest assured of receiving top-quality services from our Minneapolis PPC specialists. Additionally, our team members sharpen their skills continuously, meaning they’ll manage your campaign in compliance with the industry’s best practices.


Around The Clock Support

These days, if you want your PPC campaign to deliver top performance, you’ve to monitor it continuously. Our Minneapolis PPC pros will completely take care of this. This also helps us make sure that all the errors and issues, which may arise during your campaign, are being addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

Why Do You Need To Prioritize PPC Marketing Campaign for Your Minneapolis Business

  • Establish Brand Awareness

    Our Minneapolis PPC team will ensure that your ads are placed before your potential customers at the appropriate time. When your prospects view your ads regularly and often before those of your competitors, they become aware of your brand and its offerings. This essentially helps take your brand awareness to another level.

  • Immediate Results

    The opportunity to experience immediate results is one of the foremost reasons you need to prioritize running PPC marketing campaigns over other marketing methods. It may sound surprising, but it’s possible to start getting results instantly after your launch your campaign and your ads start appearing in front of your target audiences.

  • Reach Your Target Audience

    No matter if your goal is to improve your sales figures, increase your conversion rates, enhance your brand awareness, or outperform your competitors quickly, you must connect with your target audiences quickly and efficiently. And running data-driven PPC marketing campaigns is the most effective yet affordable method to achieve this goal.

  • Regulate Your Budget

    Running a PPC marketing campaign doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a hefty monthly advertising budget. You can easily create and run an effective campaign within a small budget. And once you start improving your conversion rates and increasing your sales numbers, you can always increase your budget to reach a wider audience.

  • Increase Website Traffic

    A PPC marketing campaign lets you reach targeted visitors within a very short period of time. Since these people are already searching for products and/or services similar to yours, most of them will naturally visit your landing pages to check your offerings out. This will give a solid boost to your site’s incoming traffic.

  • More Sales

    When you consistently receive large volumes of qualified traffic, it becomes quite easy to increase your sales numbers. As the visitors of your landing pages are already interested in things similar to what your business offers, you only need to use some effective CRO tactics to drive them to your sales funnel.

Why Is PPC Very Crucial For Your Company?


It Helps You Acquire More Qualified Leads

As your ads will be filled with the most relevant keywords, you can rest assured that they’ll appear before your potential customers in the results of relevant search queries. As a result, a good number of them will naturally go to your landing pages to see if your offerings can help them meet their needs.


It Helps You Reach Targeted Visitors in the Quickest Possible Manner

Even if you choose very expensive marketing methods, you may not be able to reach targeted visitors as quickly as you can by using PPC marketing. This is because PPC ads are created to appear before your target audiences, drive them to your website, and ultimately, compel them to complete your desired actions.


It Lets You Improve Your Brand’s Reputation

With PPC marketing, you have full control over the content of your ads and how they should appear before your prospects. You can also modify several things, depending on the performance of your campaign, to keep your ads aligned with the search intent of your prospects. By seeing your ads regularly, your prospects will eventually start considering your brand a reputable one.


It Allows You to Utilize Advanced Targeting Options

Every brand has some kind of target audience that it needs to connect with efficiently. When you create your PPC campaign, you can make use of multiple advanced targeting options to reach your target audiences. And connecting with your target audiences quickly is synonymous with getting more opportunities to increase your conversion rates.


It Helps You Beat Your Competitors

As PPC marketing campaigns produce fast and fully measurable results, it’s possible to compete with your business rivals efficiently. Even if your competitors are already established businesses, you may be able to outperform them by having your campaign created and managed by a leading Minneapolis PPC agency such as JDM.


It Allows You to Implement Advanced Marketing Techniques Such As Retargeting

When your objective is to bring the individuals, who’ve done interaction with your brand and landing pages in the past, back to your website again, the retargeting option of PPC marketing can do wonders for you. As these people have already shown some kind of interest in your offerings, it’s relatively easier to convert them.

What Should Be Your Cost for Using PPC Services for Business in Minneapolis?

On average, the hourly charge of a well-reviewed Minneapolis PPC company remains between $100 and $199. If the same company creates and manages a small PPC campaign, your monthly advertising budget should be at least $1,000. However, factors like the complexity of your industry, the scope of your campaign, etc. will impact your total cost.

Basic PPC Packages

If you’re a small business owner in Minneapolis and prioritize getting more local customers, our basic PPC packages should be the right fit for you. When you choose these packages, our Minneapolis PPC specialists will carry out keyword research & analysis, optimization of some of your landing pages, and more.

Advanced PPC Packages

Our advanced PPC packages are designed to help mid-sized business owners improve their conversion rates by attracting large numbers of targeted visitors. Under these packages, you’ll receive services like complete PPC management, search ads campaigns, display ads campaigns, etc. from our Minneapolis PPC professionals, in addition to the services available in our basic packages.

Enterprise PPC Packages

Our enterprise PPC packages are the best solution for big businesses such as e-commerce stores and marketplaces that desire to expand their customer bases significantly. By opting for these packages, our Minneapolis PPC experts will provide you with all our Minneapolis PPC services. You’ll also have support from a dedicated account manager.

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