Digital Marketing Services for Oil Gas Companies

Until recently, the oil and gas industry has lagged behind the rest of the industry in embracing necessary digital marketing trends – whether it is content management, social media marketing, or the use of simple analytical tools – and this is expected to continue. According to statistics, oil and gas companies typically have a marketing budget that is quite limited (a mere 7 percent).

In order to showcase its products, the sector has traditionally relied on conferences and trade exhibitions, which has resulted in excessively protracted sales cycles. In today’s fast-paced business world, these out-of-date marketing methods are unable to communicate the competitive advantages of oil gas companies effectively.

The solution lies in developing a digital buyer-supplier interface that can be used to the mutual benefit of the parties involved.

According to research, innovation-friendly oil and gas companies that have implemented the most up-to-date digital marketing techniques, such as website design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and other such techniques, have carved out a well-deserved niche for themselves in the industry.

Why should Oil gas not ignore digital marketing services?


Among the many reasons digital marketing for oil gas is crucial, the following are just a few of the most significant. Internet marketing is critical if you want to keep your oil and gas company one step ahead of the competition.


Internet marketing tactics include those that will assist your company’s website rank highly in search engine results for keywords that are relevant to your products or services. It also helps you to communicate with both potential and existing customers through social media.

Each of these advantages contributes to your company’s ability to stand out in a crowded industry. Due to the high volume of searches for the terms “oil company” and “gas company” each month (up to 11,500 and 118,000 searches per month, respectively), it is critical for your organization to be visible online.


In order to market your business to clients who are searching for you online, you must make it easy for them to contact you. This is where internet advertising comes in. By having contact forms on your website, making yourself available on social media, and sending out regular email newsletters, you make it possible for your potential clients to obtain the information they require.


When you use oil and gas digital marketing to establish your brand online, you inform your potential customers about what your company does, what it stands for, and what it promises to deliver for its clients. Your website can assist you in distinguishing your brand from competitors by the way it shows information about your firm and the material that is displayed thereon. Your website is the first impression that customers will get of your company, so it should be distinct, innovative, and instructive to them. PPC advertisements can also help to raise brand awareness because they will display your company’s name consistently and allow it to spread among consumers.

JDM Digital Marketing Solutions for Oil Gas Companies

One of the prefered methods to ensure that your oil and gas company gets the clients it needs to flourish in terms of sales and revenue is to use online marketing. With oil and gas digital marketing, you can reach out to present and potential customers where they spend the majority of their time: Online.

Website Designing

Because the appearance of your website is the first impression that everybody who views it has of your company, every business should strive for a visually pleasing website. Our website design and development services, on the other hand, are not only intended to provide you with a visually appealing website by matching color tones. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind website, visually appealing, and easy to navigate.

We work on various websites, including professional websites, custom websites, WordPress websites, e-commerce websites, and many others. These are built with an optimized design code and are incredibly functional. Design and development teams collaborate to create websites that are both timeless and up to date with the latest web standards and specifications.

Social Media Marketing

By creating an account on social networking networks and uploading engaging content to attract clients, you may market your company and attract new customers. It might be anything from competitions to infographics, but the ultimate aim is to enhance traffic to your website while also raising awareness about your company and its products.

Additional tools for marketing on social media include paid social media adverts, which are presented directly in users’ social media feeds. To ensure that you obtain the most relevant audience possible, you may also target these adverts to consumers based on particular demographics, such as age and geographic location.

Email Marketing

Because it is incredibly cost-efficient, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market on a tight budget.

You can send emails to present and future customers informing them of company news, deals or events that are taking place, and other industry news, among other things. By sending email newsletters to potential consumers, you can ensure that you are at the forefront of their minds when they require your services.

Online Reputation Management

Possessing an internet presence has both advantages and disadvantages. Even if you benefit from being well-known on the internet, you will meet situations in which you will have to deal with bad attitudes from your clients on occasion. In order to keep a careful eye on our digital profiles, we employ online reputation management (ORM) professionals who reply to comments and reviews as needed.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation, sometimes known as SEO, is the foundation of the majority of successful Internet marketing methods. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website easy for search engines to crawl and understand. Website optimization is a continuous process that involves a variety of tactics in order to achieve the best possible results. When it comes to SEO, keyword research is an essential component since it optimizes your content for keywords that are incredibly useful to your sector. Suppose you are in the oil gas industry, and one of your most important keywords is “gas company in [your city].” Another aspect of SEO that contributes to your website’s authority is the development of an excellent backlink profile. When you obtain backlinks from high-authority websites, it works as a vote of confidence in your website’s credibility. The more you optimise your site, the easier it will be for search engines to determine when your site is a relevant result for a user’s search query. Users will be able to find your site and services more efficiently, which will result in more significant revenue for your firm. Whenever it comes to digital marketing in the oil gas industry, search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical.

PPC Advertisement

PPC, often known as pay-per-click advertising, is a type of internet advertising that allows you to target visitors who have expressed an interest in learning more about your brand. In search engines, you may target visitors depending on the keywords they’re searching for, allowing you to publicize to your most valued customers.

Because you determine in advance how much you’re ready to pay every time your ad is clicked, PPC is a simple form of advertising to manage on a budget. It operates on a bid system, which means that for your ad to display, you must bid higher than the other advertisers bidding for the same ad space as you. Investing in online advertising tactics such as pay-per-click (PPC) can yield quick returns to marketing for oil and gas enterprises.

Why choose us?

We at JDM Web Technologies are well aware of how critical conversions are to your company’s success. Our staff will develop a customized Internet marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website and assist you in acquiring new clients. As your digital marketing partner for the oil and gas industry, we’ll work with you to get actual, measurable outcomes from your online marketing efforts. Whether you’re aiming to reduce churn, generate leads, or enhance income, we can assist you in achieving your objectives through marketing for oil and gas firms.


Over 15 Years of Experience

We have been in the business of digital marketing for more than 15 years, and our knowledge and experience dates back to the days when our company was founded. All of our professionals are certified and enthusiastic, and they come from a variety of backgrounds to assist organisations survive in the market for the extended periods of time that they deserve. So far, we have only been able to provide complete satisfaction to the businesses and individuals who have chosen to go on this adventure with us.


In House Resources

Whether it is designing your website or writing your social media captions, no outsourcing is involved. We have in-house teams engaged and engrossed in your industry and business, and we also have tools and technologies that provide substantial benefits.


Dedicated Project Manager

A professional project manager will be assigned to you to assist you with any questions you may have and to connect with the in-house team regarding your needs. This project manager is a highly qualified employee who has extensive experience in managing digital marketing initiatives.


Affordable Digital Marketing Packages

We provide several online marketing packages that are inexpensive for businesses of all sizes since we want to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. We also create custom packages whenever a company wants them in order to meet their specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions for Oil Gas Companies

There has been a rise in the adoption of digital methods due to technological advancement. Oil gas firms are also shifting from traditional marketing tactics to digital marketing, which helps them gain more clients and create more income.

Digital marketing is, without question, the future of oil gas organisations because of the radical developments in the marketing stream. With the increasing competition, oil gas companies must take up digital platforms for marketing themselves.

Companies in the gas and oil sector must demonstrate their process of manufacturing and production, as well as their environmentally friendly goals, to their customers.

For oil gas companies, it is critical to know their target audience, or else they will be advertising their assistance to those who do not want or need them. As a result, JDM Web Technologies’ initial step is separating its intended audience from the rest of the population.

JDM Web Technologies develops plans based on the client’s needs after understanding the target audience. The client’s goals are reached through a combination of various digital marketing tactics and constant effort.

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