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Believe it or not, outperforming your business competitors in the industry requires halting for a second, from time to time, and involve yourself in this ‘get found’ business. But the question is – can your business afford to halt? If you are starting your new business, stopping – even for a second- is not a wise decision. But large enterprises are no different either – everyone has competitors.

The good thing is that we help businesses with ‘get found’ without your having to halt. How do we do it? By providing digital marketing strategies that are effective, all-inclusive, and budget-friendly.

Partner With JDM Web Technologies for Your Digital Marketing in Philadelphia

It doesn’t matter where your business is today in the online marketing game, and we can build your brand recognition from scratch if you are new to the game. Or we can enhance your Internet marketing strategies if you have been looking for enhanced growth. Building a good online presence and recognition is a combined effort. It includes various skills and tools that result in a robust digital marketing strategy. But most of all, expertise in multiple forms of digital marketing and industry experience in the same is essential, without a doubt.

At JDM Web Technologies, we have explored every nook and cranny of different forms of digital advertising with time and experience. Over the years, our team of professionals has worked on varied projects. Be it simple or challenging, they have maintained the track record with exceptional quality. We can provide a complete digital marketing package or a custom package that includes the only services you want. You can choose either – the ball is in your court.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services For Your Businesses in Philadelphia



Online marketing is an effective way to connect with your customer directly and get instant feedback. Valuable feedback helps businesses get insight and align their business offerings according to customer expectations.


Connect With Customers

Advertisement helps a lot in gaining new clients/customers for your business. It is all about appearing in the results of your potential customers who are looking for what you offer.


Target the Right Audience

Digital marketing uses various tools and resources, making it easier to track and target the right audience for your advertisement. This audience is the same audience that has the highest chance of becoming your loyal customers.


Track Your Growth & Performance

Digital tools help you track your campaign’s performance and growth patterns. Based on these metrics and data, you can better work on strategies in future.

JDM Web Technologies’ Digital Marketing Services

All our digital marketing offers are backed by expert professionals with years of experience in their skills and roles.

Social Media Marketing

Handling social media accounts when running a business is a demanding task. But with JDM Web Technologies, you have a team of social media marketers who will create, manage and deliver highly engaging social media posts and campaigns. Our campaigns will increase your follower count, increase engagement in posts, and drive traffic to your website. Our team will recommend effective strategies like how often you should post, what topics you should post about, etc.

E-commerce Marketing

To run a strong ecommerce marketing campaign, our marketers work on understanding your product, the market and the industry as a whole. We have separate SEO packages for ecommerce marketing, and with the best strategies and suitable channels for your business, we will help you generate more revenue.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

The whole point of ‘get found’ is not possible without using Philadelphia SEO and Philadelphia Link Building in our digital marketing. Building an online presence and reputation is often followed by building visibility towards your brand, especially if you are a small or new business in Philadelphia that has yet to create a fan or consumer base.

Our Philadelphia SEO specialists help you rank on the top of search engines SERPs by using non-competitive yet effective search terms specific to Philadelphia. Our specialists can also help you with local SEO for your local Philadelphia business like law firms, insurance firms, financial institutes, etc. We specialize in various forms of SEO like on-page SEO and off-page SEO such as guest posting and Philadelphia link building, among other strategies.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing team includes creative professionals who can produce effective and valuable content like articles/blogs, press releases, website content, infographics, videos, etc., to attract and educate target customers. Our team of content writers write all types of content like articles, blogs, website content, guest posts, and anything and everything your business requires for content marketing.

All our video editors and content writers work collaboratively with SEO specialists to bring out optimized content which eventually will reach your target customers. Remember that we don’t just churn out content to incorporate keywords. We believe in engaging, educating and providing something valuable when people reach the content on your business website.

PPC Management

When people search for something, using search engines like Google, Bing, etc., they leave behind data that we can use to target them when they visit websites the next time. We do this through Pay-per-click advertising, which includes advertisements that appear to potential customers who have searched for certain services.

Targeting your relevant prospects is one of our many skills that can guarantee conversion. The best thing about this form of PPC marketing is that its performance is highly traceable and very affordable. You pay for the advertising only when someone clicks on your link.

Website Design

Social media and PPC can only do so much. If you don’t have a dedicated website, you cannot have a customer base ready to build long-lasting relationships. Having a website is not about a website for the sake of having it. An ideal website serves as brand recognition, where potential customers in Philadelphia get to read about you, your story, your services, your mission, and everything else in detail.

At JDM Web Technologies, our digital advertising also includes Philadelphia web design and development. We focus on designing your business website with your audience in mind in Philadelphia. With technical SEO, we build websites that are not only beautiful and sleek but also fast performing.

Why should you hire JDM Web Technologies as your digital marketing agency in Philadelphia?


Fully Equipped

You don’t have to take our SEO services and look for another company for your website development or content writing. Even when it comes to services under major service categories, we provide a comprehensive range of services.


Enhanced ROI

Our SEO team can considerably improve conversions and drive valuable revenue. Using various from SEO, we will optimize all aspects of your website that will enhance ranking and sale leads.



We maintain the highest transparency and decency in our prices. We are looking for building a long-lasting relationship with our clients by providing effective and honest services. No matter what your budget, our approach and aim are to provide you with the best service that comes under this budget.


Industry Experts

We have the best experts in the industry, which helps our company become the industry leader. We stay updated with the latest technologies and developments in the field to ensure we bring you the best of services. Our campaigns are thought through and always comply with guidelines for search engines.


We wouldn’t say it is cheaper, but it is more cost-effective. Digital tools help businesses target relevant audiences which have more chance of turning to your loyal customer in the future.

Every company has different needs. The requirements of various forms of digital marketing are based upon the size of the business, the industry it belongs to, the level of popularity, and many other factors.

You will always know a good company from the way they present their business website. You can also refer to testimonials on their website or other review sites. Google reviews are known to be pretty helpful in this case also.

Yes. After designing and developing your website, we will provide you with comprehensive support regarding any issues you face. We will also work on updates and changes that you request.

SEO decides whether a considerable amount of people will invest in your business offerings. The higher you rank on search engines, the higher chance of people clicking on your page to hire buy from you or hire your services.

The best way to start your digital marketing strategy is to define your business goals at first. It is no different from ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ But a digital marketing strategy also should be built keeping a budget in mind if you are a small business.

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