Digital Marketing Services for Physicians

JDM Web Technologies is a comprehensive digital marketing company that provides SEO-driven marketing services for small businesses and large businesses alike. Starting in the year 2009, we have been offering tailored SEO and digital marketing packages to companies that have started their business journey with digital marketing along with those who shifted to digital marketing. Our services are often customized to meet the client’s requirements.

Many industries like financial institutions, tourism, medical, retail, etc., benefit from our digital marketing services. Our digital marketers are experts at building strategies that bring efficient results. Our important metrics include sales, conversions, and customers.

Our Digital Marketing Experts

Our digital marketing experts focus on comprehensive campaign planning, website design and development, SEO, content marketing, PPC ads, SMM, branding, and optimization for your website. All our experts are skilled at more than one skill of digital marketing aspects. We have experience working with various industries and companies of multiple sizes.

Our Vision & Goal

As companies and businesses shift their marketing services online, new challenges await them. It is a long journey from driving new customer bases to their offerings to growing their companies with sales. We want to partner in this journey while adding value to the company to establish it as a brand.

Why Should Physicians Not Ignore Digital Marketing Services?

The benefits of digital marketing are why physicians should invest in digital marketing services. A general physician will need more than a doctor sign to gain more customers as he progresses through his career. While traditional marketing still holds importance for a physician, opting for the proper digital marketing forms can provide the practice much needed attention and visibility.

Here’s how digital marketing helps physicians:


Digital marketing is an affordable alternative to traditional marketing. An experienced and expert digital marketing service will advertise your services to your targeted market. Since there is no publishing or paper advertising involvement, digital marketing services are highly affordable.


By saving time
Digital marketing services, if incorporated correctly, can provide results in the shortest possible time. A physician requires a digital marketing strategy that includes local SEO, social media marketing, a responsive website or app, and an experienced digital marketer behind all these.


By creating a brand image
A brand image helps a physician stay ahead of the competition. By building a unique brand image, a physician can provide their potential patients a way to decide your services based on Google reviews or social media posts.

JDM Digital Marketing Services for Physicians

Physicians are gradually adapting to these needs as more patients seek more appropriate patient care for their needs. You can position yourself as the go-to physician with our services, offering. We have digital marketing professionals to assist you every step of the way so you can maximise the power of digital marketing for your services.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing solutions help you gain valuable feedback from your practice that will help it grow and increase the desired quality. With our marketers’ help, you will have a successful social media campaign and strategies, eventually leading to a professional social media handle.

Online Reputation Management

JDM Web Technologies help you with reviews and improve your brand’s ratings in the digital space. We all manage our reviews in a single location and immediately respond to feedback and anything that demands attention.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization game involves creating inbound and outbound links, boosting your website’s performance, incorporating keywords, optimizing content, etc. We are experienced in medical and healthcare SEO services that drive organic traffic to your website.

Our SEO services help you increase visibility and rank higher in the search engines. But we also ensure that your website is incorporated with technical SEO aspects for higher performance.

Website Designing Services

Our process includes building a roadmap of your digital presence and ensuring it meets your design needs. We conduct thorough research on your target market and try to understand what your services are and what could make you stand out.

Our main aim is to deliver you a website that meets your requirements but is also fast performing that meets the users’ requirements.

Email Marketing

With skilled and experienced copywriters, we ensure that we deliver highly professional email marketing services to our physician clients. You will get an opt-in email marketing list for your healthcare practice. We engage in various social media strategies to grow your email marketing list. When you avail our email marketing services, we help you design a catchy email template, write compelling message, and broadcast it to a bulk database. Furthermore, we help you understand the open rate of the email campaign and re-broadcast to the relevant database.

PPC Ad Service

Our PPC ads are aimed at increased visibility. We build our PPC strategies so that it appears at the right time when your potential customers are looking for your services. We provide you with an PPC expert and a dedicated project manager that will manage your PPC account and help you with all the technical details to learn how your PPC ads are doing.

Why Should You Choose JDM Web Technologies?

We have a thorough understanding of the marketing requirements of physicians. It has been noticed that physicians deal with a hyper local audience, which means that they cater to people who live within 10-15 miles of their physical location, resulting in a highly competitive environment for their services. Today, it’s unthinkable for physicians not to have a web and social media presence, especially when more than 90 percent of potential patients are searching for them on the internet.


All Digital Marketing Services Under One Umbrella

We have a team of experts skilled at various aspects of digital marketing services. From creating a brand presence to driving sales, from building you an eCommerce site to delivering copywriting materials, we do it all.

We help you with local SEO, reputation management and help you grow your business overall in the digital space.


Affordable Digital Marketing Packages

Our approach to digital marketing packages and prices has always been about meeting different budgets. We have a significant platform for marketing with in-house resources and teams, which helps us provide affordable marketing solutions to many small businesses and startups. You can create your own custom package and use the services you think will help you.


Advanced Tools

Our agency uses advanced in-house tools that help us in better marketing. We use designing, management, testing, development, and various other industry standard tools to deliver you services that are fast, polished, and always up to the mark.


Unique Strategies

We approach each project with a creative and refreshed outlook. Depending on your industry, your marketing strategies or campaigns might require a unique approach to ensure that you are ready to outrank your competitor. Our first step to provide you with a unique strategy is to find your unique selling point and your competitor’s weaknesses.


24 Hours Support

Whether you want to talk about your forgotten piece of requirement or require a last-minute copywriting service, we are here for you. You will always find our teams working at surprising hours, which means we can provide a fast turnaround. Call our customer services anytime or pick up your phone for marketing support. We always have a solution.


Experienced Specialists

JDM Web Technologies have experienced specialists skilled in multiple forms of digital marketing. Our specialists keep themselves up to date with the latest algorithms and guidelines, along with trends and newest online practices.


Yes. You can keep investing in your traditional marketing campaigns even while investing in online marketing services. It can be an excellent way to find out which form of marketing is working best for your business and help you make decisions in the coming years.

Yes. Any practice or business whose audience or target market dwells in the online platforms or social media platforms, digital marketing can benefit those services greatly. A physician can have many types of patients, but at least half of them are likely social media or active internet users.

Yes. In our 10+ years of providing digital marketing services, we have worked for the medical industry and thus have worked for physician practices before.

Not expensive. There is no straightforward answer to the digital marketing cost because every client is different; company and client are different. It will completely depend on your project – what you want, how long you want, and how fast you want.

We understand that all the technical stuff might be too technical for you to understand whether our services are working for you. Therefore we will provide and explain the essential aspects of data and analytics. We will help you make sense of your website traffic and show you how close you are to your goals.

No. You don’t have to sign any contract where we say you are required to work with us for several months. But we always suggest that you wait for more than 6 months before you unsubscribe from us to see whether we are a great match.

You can always cancel our services anytime. But if that’s not what you are looking for, we can always talk about your expectations and how we have failed to meet them. But we are always working hard to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen to any parties.

We will offer dedicated digital marketing specialists for your project, who will learn about your company and target market. Depending on different campaigns, you will have an SEO specialist, PPC marketer, social media managers, etc.

Yes. Having a website for digital brand awareness is a much-needed step but not mandatory. Without a website, we still have other ways like Google listing, social media marketing, PPC marketing, email marketing, and many more.

Yes. We will go through your current existing website and look for all the weaknesses starting from broken links, web pages, contents, files, images and optimize it all. We ensure your website will be professional-looking, fast, and highly optimized by completing the project. .

No. You don’t have to engage yourself in a course to know or understand our services. We will help you with basic details to have a fair idea of how your business will have a boost with our services.

We will need to know your company’s details, your competitors, your target market, your requirements, your budgets, and many more. We will guide you through everything, and it is totally okay if you are not specific about certain things.

Ready to Reach More Patients With Digital Marketing Services?

We develop and bring creative and innovative digital marketing solutions to our clients across various industries. Let us tell you which online platforms to invest and help you gain the best results.

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