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At JDM, we’re driven by our commitment to provide every business owner with top-notch PPC services

When you want to convert your prospective customers most efficiently and within a short period of time, choosing JDM Pittsburgh PPC Services is your ultimate option. Our Pittsburgh PPC experts will utilize their prowess and advanced techniques to help you improve your conversion rates. No matter if you run a small business or a big enterprise, you can count on us to achieve success quickly.

Pittsburgh PPC Services

Use our comprehensive range of PPC services to make more conversions and increase sales figures

Keyword Research & Analysis

Detailed keyword research & analysis is the backbone of any successful PPC campaign. You can only reach your prospects efficiently by using high-value keywords and key phrases in your ads. Our Pittsburgh PPC specialists will use the latest tools to discover the most appropriate keywords for your brand and offerings.

Landing Page Optimization for Conversion

Even if your campaign drives significant volumes of qualified traffic to your site, you may not be able to convert that if your landing pages aren’t properly optimized. That’s why our Pittsburgh PPC professionals will thoroughly each of your landing pages. This will also help lower your site’s bounce rate significantly.

PPC Management

With JDM by your side, you don’t need to think about having an in-house team to manage your PPC campaign. Our Pittsburgh PPC analysts will completely manage every aspect of your campaign, from keyword research and analysis and creation of your ads to managing, monitoring, and modifying them whenever required.

Search Ads Campaigns

Our Pittsburgh PPC pros will craft and run captivating ads for your brand so that they can appear on all the relevant paid search result pages. Regardless of the search engine you use as your PPC platform, these ads will drive good volumes of qualified traffic to your site, helping you make more conversions.

Display Ads Campaigns

Display ads are known for their ability to capture the attention of their target audiences faster than ads that only use plain text. Our Pittsburgh PPC experts will make use of different visual elements to create your display ads. These will include elements like your company logo and images of your offerings.

Remarketing Ads Campaigns

If you want your past visitors to revisit your landing pages, remarketing ads campaigns can help you do that efficiently. As these individuals have shown interest in your brand and/or offerings in the past, it’s usually easier to convert them than new prospects. Our Pittsburgh PPC analysts will ensure that your remarketing ads reach the right group of people.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping campaigns crafted by our Pittsburgh PPC specialists will help improve your sales figures by presenting your items to your prospects efficiently. We’ll include all the key attributes of your products in these campaigns, helping your prospective customers make informed decisions in your favor. This will also help you capture more traffic.

Video Ads Campaigns

If you want to use the power of YouTube and other Google video partners to build your brand, you should run video ads campaigns. Our Pittsburgh PPC professionals will use different ad formats to create your video ads, which will compel their viewers to visit your landing pages before those of your competitors.

Local Campaigns

You should run a local campaign if you want to have more visitors to your physical location in Pittsburgh. Our Pittsburgh PPC team will ensure that your potential visitors get all the vital information they need to visit your store. These include driving directions to your store, your business hours, and more.

Ready to Speed Up Your Business Growth with Pittsburgh PPC Services?

JDM Pittsburgh PPC Services will help you get both online and offline traffic efficiently

Why Partner With JDM as Your Pittsburgh PPC Company

These are the factors that helped JDM become the best Pittsburgh PPC agency


Unparalleled Industry Experience

In the domain of PPC marketing, experienced professionals can do wonders in making a campaign highly successful. JDM is the only Pittsburgh PPC agency that boasts a solid team of highly experienced PPC professionals. By choosing us, you can rest assured that your campaign will be taken care of by the best PPC team in the area.


Google Ads Certified Specialists

As Google Ads is the most effective PPC platform out there, countless brands rely on it to expand their customer bases. If you too want to make the most out of it, our Pittsburgh PPC specialists are here to help. Armed with several Google Ads certifications, they’ll help you build your brand using it.


PPC Campaigns with Proven Results

To date, our Pittsburgh PPC experts have crafted and successfully managed many PPC campaigns for brands across industries. Each of our past clients got exceptional results from their campaigns and was able to grow their businesses exponentially. So, you can rest assured that you’ll also be able to build your brand quickly.


Extensive Knowledge

Whether you want to use a particular PPC service or need all our Pittsburgh PPC services to increase your conversion rates and grow your brand, our Pittsburgh PPC team has you covered. Our PPC professionals have mastered all the aspects of PPC marketing and hence, you’ll always get the best services from us.


Quantifiable Results

At JDM, we strongly believe that our clients should have all the metrics to understand our activities related to their PPC campaigns. This is the reason our Pittsburgh PPC professionals will send detailed reports to you each month. You only need to see them to learn the exact results generated by your campaign.


Support Around The Clock

Our dedicated technical support team works 24/7 to make sure that all our campaigns run flawlessly and without any issues. Constant monitoring of the performance of each of our campaigns also helps our Pittsburgh PPC analysts understand when to make adjustments to a campaign so that it continues delivering optimal performance.

Why Should You Invest In A PPC Marketing Campaign for Your Pittsburgh Business

  • Enhance Brand Awareness

    If you want your business to grow quickly, you’ve to focus on improving your brand awareness. Since PPC ads primarily depend on keywords, it’s possible to build brand awareness by using high-value ones. Whenever online searchers will use them, your ads will promptly appear before them, letting them know of the details of your brand.

  • Instant Results

    SEO activities take at least several months to produce noticeable results. On the contrary, an effective PPC campaign when created and managed by a team of experienced Pittsburgh PPC pros can start generating results almost instantly after you launch it. So, you don’t have to waste money and time to drive traffic to your site.

  • Connect With Your Target Audience

    In today’s highly competitive business landscape, if you cannot reach your target audience quickly, you miss out on significant opportunities to convert them. However, with a PPC marketing campaign, you get to present your offerings to your target audience efficiently, enticing them to visit your landing pages and buy from you.

  • Manage Your Budget

    Even if you’re a small start-up, you can easily create and run a PPC marketing campaign to capture more qualified leads. In fact, you can buy one of our basic PPC packages with a monthly budget of less than $1,000 and keep your brand competitive. Once you start getting results, you can purchase one of our advanced or enterprise packages.

  • Boost Website Traffic

    One of the key reasons brand owners prefer to run PPC marketing campaigns is that they can capture large volumes of qualified traffic within a short period of time. It becomes possible because of the keywords and key phrases present in their ads, which make them appear at the top of paid search results.

  • Increase Sales

    When your site has fully optimized landing pages and it receives significant volumes of traffic on a regular basis, it becomes much easier to convert a good portion of that traffic quickly. If your brand has the right products and/or services, you should experience noticeable improvements in your sales figures.

Why Is PPC Crucial For Your Company?


You Get To Attract More Qualified Leads

With PPC by your side, you don’t necessarily need to spend time convincing your prospective customers about the benefits of your offerings. As these online searchers are already in a mindset of buying things similar to what your brand offers, they’ll naturally go to your landing pages by seeing your ads.


You Get Targeted Visitors in the Fastest Possible Manner

When you’re in a rush to build your brand, choosing PPC is your best option to get targeted visitors very quickly. By having a top Pittsburgh PPC company like JDM create and manage your campaign, your ads will appear promptly before your prospects, driving large numbers of targeted visitors to your site.


Your Brand’s Reputation Gets Improved

With the help of PPC, it’s possible to place your ads at the top of paid search results. When your target audience sees your ads above those of your business rivals regularly, they’ll essentially start considering your brand as more effective than theirs and prefer to visit your landing pages before theirs.


You Can Make Use of Advanced Targeting Methods

PPC lets you use a varying array of advanced targeting options depending on the age groups, locations, interests, etc. of your prospective customers. Therefore, you can conveniently target groups of people both locally and globally. It’s also possible to make adjustments to targeting options based on the results you get from your campaign.


You Can Outperform Your Business Rivals

PPC puts you in a place from where you can compete with your business rivals, even if they’ve been using SEO tactics for months. With the help of the most appropriate keywords and key phrases and thoroughly optimized landing pages, you can get more traffic than them and make more conversions than them.


You Can Execute Advanced Marketing Techniques Such As Retargeting

If you’ve got a large number of past visitors who didn’t convert or complete your desired actions, you can use the retargeting option of PPC to reconnect with them. By presenting your current offerings to them in a more efficient manner, you may entice them to revisit your landing pages and buy from you.

What Should Be the Cost of PPC Services for Business in Pittsburgh?

On average, the hourly charge of a leading Pittsburgh PPC company varies between $100 and $199. If the same agency manages a small campaign, your minimum monthly cost should be $1,000. However, your final cost will depend on factors like your campaign’s scope, the competitiveness of your industry, and more.

Basic PPC Packages

If you have a small business in Pittsburgh or its adjoining locations and want to expand your customer base quickly, choosing one of our basic PPC packages will be your best option. With these packages, our Pittsburgh PPC experts will carry out services such as detailed keyword research and analysis, configuration of your Google Analytics, etc.

Advanced PPC Packages

If you have a product manufacturing unit or similar mid-sized business and desire to improve your sales figures, you should opt for one of our advanced PPC packages. Aside from the services available in our basic packages, our Pittsburgh PPC professionals will fully manage your Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns.

Enterprise PPC Packages

Our enterprise PPC packages are ideal for large businesses such as e-commerce marketplaces and stores looking to achieve prominence at a national level. Under these packages, you’ll get all our Pittsburgh PPC services. Our Pittsburgh PPC team will also devise a tailored PPC strategy to help you address the specific needs of your brand.

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