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The Power and Utilities Industry is extremely essential for the survival of modern-day humans since it facilitates us with basic services such as sewage system building and maintenance, natural gas production, electricity generated from water, coal, air, etc. Since they are so staple to everybody’s lifestyle, the industry will never run out of business and will always see a high influx of competition owing to the insurmountable amount of profits that can be made. So then how do you stay ahead of other businesses and make your energy and utility company the most coveted one out there? The answer is stealthy digital marketing.

Since the power and utilities industry is such a major part of every country’s economy, all the companies are expected to engage in advertising and marketing. Doing it through print media or television ads can cost tons of money and more importantly, is starting to show lower conversion rates as time goes on. JDM’s digital marketing solutions can help your business come at the forefront of public viewership on a global scale and fulfill all your marketing goals, whether you’re more focused on B2B or B2C marketing.

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    Why Choose JDM Web Technologies to Market Your Power and Utilities Business

    The team at JDM has prolonged experience in working with companies of all sizes. We can help you all your fundamental brand pages online or optimize existing ones equally well so that whenever the need for a utilities company arises, people can come across your business using search engines such as Google, Bing, Microsoft Edge, and more. We are responsive to all your needs and queries so if at any point you need modification in your marketing campaign or want to understand our digital tools better, we are open to hopping on a call or sitting down with you to discuss every detail. Such care and attention at a marketing business that has been thriving for over a decade are hard to find and it will help your Power and utilities firm build an online brand that sells.


    360 Degree Services
    Having to outsource every element of your online brand building from a variety of service providers is cumbersome, expensive, and leaves plenty of room for mistakes due to the lack of coordination. At JDM, you get all essential digital services under one roof. From creating your website and social media profiles on apps such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram to running relevant campaigns on all these platforms that are relevant to the specialty service you tender in the utility industry – JDM handles it all. This lets you receive an aggregate report on how your business is doing online.


    Meeting Deadlines
    The world of digital marketing is fast paced so if you snooze, you lose. Every piece of content and industry news has to be acted upon within time to receive maximum returns. We deliver the promised results on or before deadlines and never come up with excuses. Every SEO campaign and website update shall be done on time so that your power company can stay up and always running online.


    Reliable Team
    It’s hard to do business with people you can’t trust and Team JDM understands that completely. Therefore, we treat all our clients with equal importance and deal with their projects with a keen disposition. We genuinely want your business to become a leading name in the power and utilities industry, so we exert every effort needed to help you fulfill this goal. Our marketing experts are available round the clock so whenever you have a doubt or need some assistance with your business operation, you are welcome to reach out to us and you can be assured that we’ll get back to you quickly.


    In-depth Industrial Knowledge
    The power and utilities industry is immensely technical and has to stand by various government regulations and compliance. This means that no error is allowed in the copies that go out in the name of your company and they need to be well-researched. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge about utility enterprises and their requirements. What’s even more important is that in any areas that we are unfamiliar with, we conduct thorough research so as to obtain relevant keywords, accurate messaging, and specified visuals. This ensures that your marketing content is unique to you and your operations instead of just attracting general crowds that have slim chances of converting into customers.


    Dedication To Delivering Only the Best
    Team JDM does not believe in settling for anything less than the absolute best. We believe in delivering concrete results that exhibit how our marketing services have helped your firm either meet other businesses who might want to avail your utility services or get big projects from governing bodies themselves. To accomplish this, our team shows utmost dedication to regularly tracking the analytics for every campaign, ad, and post. Your conversion rates will go up with us because we will deploy the most effective strategies in the book to direct traffic your way.

    JDM Digital Marketing Solutions for Power and Utility Companies

    As times are changing, the number of digital marketing tools in the market are increasing too. But as it’s said, too many cooks spoil the broth, we must not deploy every trick that comes up since that might do more good than damage. JDM Web Technologies researches your brand and its vision thoroughly. Then we derive strategies that are authentic to how you’ve mapped out your brand’s path to progress while being relevant to the demands of the power sector.

    Here are some digital marketing tools that you’d get the complete benefit of if you decide to work with JDM.

    B2B Marketing

    As far as the B2B customer base for Power and Utilities Companies are concerned, it can be largely segregated into micro-businesses, industrial and commercial firms, and small and medium enterprises. To keep scaling, we need to prioritize each of these categories and execute digital marketing plans that are in sync with them all. We help you reach out to companies using the internet and advertise your firm based on the latest trends that have the highest ROI.

    B2C Marketing

    B2C Marketing is all about driving up engagement and building a strong connection with your clients. We can launch ads for your company on YouTube to amp up your brand awareness every time your customer base uses the app. We will influence consumer behavior by bringing in attractive content and visuals concerning the power and utility industry so that people are persuaded to avail solely your services and generate good word of mouth for your business.

    Social Media Marketing

    social media is the heart and soul of our digital marketing efforts. Often big companies despite having the right resources miss out on having an engaging social media presence. Your page on various social media apps needs to be optimized not only for people looking to gain technical info on the utilities industry but also for usual consumers who are primarily interested in your product above all.
    We lay great importance on tracking app analytics and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We build a special identity for your brand on social media so that you can encash the various trends that come along and become a household name as a power sector company.

    8-Content Marketing
    Quality Content Creation

    In the marketing industry it’s widely known that content is king. No matter how many sales pitches you make, if your audience doesn’t receive anything valuable from your website or social media pages, they will not consider investing any money in your business. Hence, we go back to the basics and develop content that rings true to your clients’ concerns. We will identify the key pain points your customer base faces when working with other power companies. Then we’ll create high-quality graphics and text to show them how your company can solve all of them. This will definitely make people want to switch to their company since your marketing content will actually strike the right chord in their minds.

    Website Redesigning

    A lot of utilities-based companies already have a website that does display their agenda but doesn’t necessarily drive the desired amount of traffic. They may have broken backlinks, slow loading speeds, website bugs, and other similar problems which are inhibiting their website from ranking high on search pages for industry-related keywords. Our masterful tech team will pick up each and every issue on your website and fix them to recreate your website into a source of clients, and in turn, revenue generation.

    Technical SEO practices

    Although the power and utility industry is so deeply woven into our daily lives, we seldom use mainstream keywords to search for companies related to it. Instead, most traffic generated by these businesses comes from their technical SEO. Team JDM will dig deep and find all the keywords that provide the best results to your market competitors and accumulate them all to create an SEO strategy for you that’s foolproof.

    PPC Marketing

    Pay-per-click marketing or PPC Marketing takes online advertising to the next level. You may drain your finances on offline pamphlets and video ads but with PPC, you will only pay when your ads create an actual impression on your viewer. We will make sure that your ads have attractive Calls To Action(CTA) to increase the number of website visitors that actually avail your services. A power and utility company has to deal with big budgets, so we understand how important money management is to you. As a result, we ensure that you don’t pay on digital ads any more than required and observe very high returns on investment.


    Absolutely! LinkedIn is crucial for B2B Marketing so it’s essential that your company has a detailed strategy to increase your reach on it. First of all, we will optimize your LinkedIn profile by promoting all that your company does and how great your work ethic is. Next, we will move on to content generation where we shall provide valuable insights regarding the renewable energy industry that people you might want to connect with could find helpful. This will significantly increase your following after which your chances of getting reply backs from other professionals will drastically get better.

    The best part about JDM Web Technologies is that it caters to companies of all sizes and budgetary constraints. Once you let us know the amount you can afford to spend on your digital marketing, we will readily come up with solutions that match this figure. It’s also important to remember that you prioritize online marketing for your company because to generate any revenue at all you must have some buzz going on for you amongst your clientele.

    JDM has one of the finest tech teams in the business and we can create a website for you that will help you set a strong foot in the online market. We’ll build a sturdy framework that doesn’t give out while managing big data or traffic. To cater to the aesthetic demands of the market, we shall also make sure that the design is on point and in accordance with your brand colors.

    Franchise SEO is one of JDM’s specialties so yes we can market as many outlets you need us to manage under your brand’s name. We will keep tabs on how each franchise is performing and levy different local SEO strategies for the different branches so that none of them are left behind.

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