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Marketing tactics have developed in response to changes in how consumers obtain information. With the digital revolution, radio advertising gave way to television advertising, giving way to digital marketing. Businesses have realized the significance of digital marketing and the impact that it can have. While television is a popular advertising medium for many organizations, digital marketing can reach a worldwide audience online.

If you are a private investigator looking for the ideal route to market your service or adapt to the norm of digital marketing, then JDM Web Technologies is the one you should hire. We have helped several domestic and global private investigators reach their target audience considerably, and we can help you too.

Why Should Private Investigators Not Ignore Digital Marketing Services?

Companies and individuals stay current as of the scope of digital marketing technologies increases by adding online components to their marketing strategies or combining various digital marketing methods to build an internet presence.

Because most customers use smartphones and conduct product research online before purchasing, digital marketing methods are critical for businesses. However, companies worldwide use digital marketing to more effectively target their clients online— and many are experiencing a solid return on investment (ROI) due to these efforts.

As a private investigator, you must not ignore digital marketing services as part of your marketing strategies for the following reasons:


Audience targeting is easier to do

Private investigators can utilize data to target customers based on identity, ethnicity, location, age, hobbies, and education for digital marketing. Additionally, you can retarget prospective consumers already acquainted with their services by employing different approaches and messages for the target audience. Online marketing credentials for advanced practitioners are available, and they can teach digital marketers how to target their audiences better.


Low up-front costs, high return

Digital marketing has a lower cost per lead than traditional marketing, by 61 percent. As a result, more and more private investigators are turning to digital marketing to save money on their advertising initiatives. As a result, many businesses employ pay-per-click (PPC) advertising tactics to keep expenses low while reaching a targeted audience. Overall, digital marketing strategies have a higher and faster return on investment (ROI).


Getting your message to mobile device users

By 2024, it is expected to be about 18 billion mobile devices in use around the world. Private investigators can now easily reach potential clients wherever they are, at any time, thanks to the widespread availability of internet-connected smartphones.

JDM Digital Marketing Solutions for Private Investigators

We specialise in assisting private investigators in the acquisition of new clients through the effective use of various online marketing strategies. Our experts provide services including Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Website design, Online reputation management, Email marketing, and PPC advertising

Online Reputation Management

Regardless of their size, private investigation companies will always require help managing their internet reputations. The reputation of your business can suffer if you don’t handle any mistakes or misunderstandings that could harm it. Customers who see unwarranted hatred and unfavorable evaluations on your website may choose to do business with your competitor instead.

Online reviews that are fake, fraudulent, or unpleasant will be dealt with immediately by a JDM Web Technologies online reputation manager. We’ve seen this kind of thing before, and we know how to deal with it. We ensure to evaluate and control your company’s poor press, as well as deal with the consequences.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is adopted to the fullest extent in the private investigation industry. As a result, people are attempting to establish themselves in the region. However, aside from getting your followers to like and share, social media marketing is much more than that. One of the most effective ways to attract new consumers and distinguish your business from the competition is social media.

It’s easy to get started with social media for your business with the support of our experts. However, a great way to maintain your social media profiles and keep them active is to publish frequently to them. Consequently, our team is continuously on the lookout for any social media updates from your fans.

PPC Advertisement

It’s now simpler than ever to interact using your present and potential customers with PPC advertising. Blogs, movies, and photographs are uploaded on the internet every minute. However, it is more challenging to get your word in front of the right people with all this information.

This means you can utilize a variety of demographic, location, and interest-specific targeting options in your sponsored search advertising campaigns to make sure your message gets to the right individuals.

We created an in-house platform to make this possible for clients with multiple locations that needed cost per lead tracking. Depending on the success, trends, and other data related to a particular site using this platform, it is possible to tailor paid advertising.

In addition, we believe that you have the right to know exactly how your efforts are progressing at any given time. You’ll always know where your project stands, thanks to our project management staff. In our opinion, you have a right to know how our project is performing, whether they are thriving or failing, and for our team to meet your goals and provide the ROI you want from us.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is unquestionably the most individualized way of interacting with customers. To help your consumers stay updated about your company’s perks, you should employ email marketing. As a result, the relationship with the customer remains strong and healthy. Our core strategy in email marketing is to make it personalized and targeted. We help you keep your customers engaged in your products and services by providing them with helpful and relevant email content.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimisation

Organic search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing can be improved by using search engine optimization, also known as SEO. Optimizing your website’s organic traffic, or “organic search,” is what we mean when we say search engine optimization or SEO.

As a key component of the sales funnels, organic search plays a vital role for most financial insurance websites. SEO may lead to higher brand awareness, more traffic, more qualified leads, and increased revenue. In addition, it gives you access to the immense influence that comes with being seen.

JDM Web Technologies has a team of competent technical SEO experts who will optimize the back end of your site. Enhancements to your website’s SEO make it easier for browsers to crawl and analyze. Your audience and sales will grow due to our aid with SEO-optimised, keyword-rich, and relevant, unique content.

Is it time to ramp up your SEO efforts? Talk to us if you need help designing an SEO plan tailored to your needs.

Website Designing

Is your website well-suited to customers who wish to hire private investigation services? If your company does not already have a website, we will build one for you. For your company’s internet persona, our web design and development team will come up with a unique look for your website. Only after reading about your policies on your website will customers feel comfortable doing business with you.

Is your site struggling to rank well in the search engines? Let us take care of the renovations. We have created many websites for private investigators. As a result, we are well-versed in the demands of the market. Our website designers work with aesthetic web designers and content creators to produce a user-friendly website. Our staff can create a consumer-friendly website that produces leads and cross-sells chances for our clients’ businesses.

Our staff can create a consumer-friendly website that produces leads and cross-sells chances for our clients’ businesses.

Why choose us?

Many private investigators and investigation companies have benefited from our services throughout the past decade. We look at the statistics to determine which marketing bundle is best for you. Since we started, we have assisted many other companies in getting their services transferred to us from scratch. There are several reasons why JDM Web Technologies is a well-known digital marketing agency.


A group of specialists

Current industry trends and the preferences of Google and other search engines are second nature to our team of experts. Thereby allowing us to assist you in realizing your ambitions. Before creating a team of digital marketing experts, analysts, SEO consultants, and content creators, JDM Web Technologies goes through a thorough selection procedure.


Personalized services

Our extensive customer base can offer a wide range of solutions based on our large customer base. Therefore, our recommendation is to choose a service plan based on your financial circumstances, servicing needs, and desired length of service.


No lock-in contract or agreement

Assuming that you will want to continue utilizing our services in the future means that we do not sign up for a long-term commitment. But we do not believe in confining your choices. Because of this, you are not obligated to sign any agreements during our time together. Our services might be terminated at any time if you are not happy. Personalized offers for each consumer include only those services that are available to them.


Steady growth and successful results

The testimonials of our former clients can help you decide if we’re the right firm for your digital marketing needs. In addition, some of the world’s largest organizations and global leaders have provided their recommendations on our website. You must not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions By Private Investigators

Yes! Without a doubt. People looking of private investigators search online, read reviews and then hire one. This makes it important for you to be there where people are searching for your services. Whether you are a small group or a large company, digital marketing services can help you grow.

Our digital marketing packages makes it easy for private investigators to start investing and grow constantly. Depending upon your goals and budget, you can choose from various packages available. Our digital marketing experts can help you select the right online marketing package.

As soon as you sign up with us, our digital marketing experts will start spreading the word about your brand online. Using various digital marketing strategies, your private investigation services will soon have an online presence. As the visibility grows, you will start receiving leads. Our experts will also share monthly reports with you, that will give you a clear picture of online activities and results achieved.

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