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The demand for psychiatrists and mental health professionals is at an all-time high, and people turn to online platforms to find an experienced doctor. If you are in the profession for a while, you understand how important it is for people to receive proper mental health care at the possible earliest time. However, many mental health professionals like psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists are still unaware of how implementing digital marketing services to their business would help more people find them easily. With digital marketing strategies in place, you will be able to create and post informational content, send out regular mental health newsletters on email, or start a therapy podcast or video series to keep people updated.

Having a well-planned digital marketing strategy can make a massive difference to your business and the people searching for good psychiatric help. Our digital marketing services help companies gain momentum in the digital space, gain valuable traffic, generate long-term leads, convert their potential customers to long-term ones by creating a successful sales funnel.

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    About Us


    We are a digital marketing agency providing 360-degree marketing services to businesses from across several industries. Our digital marketing services have helped several companies achieve their business goals without any hassle. We implement practical strategies so that the businesses do not have to wait around years to determine whether our techniques work. Having an online identity is vital for people to trust you with your profession in this digital age. With so many people with different mental health issues globally, people tend to look up the details and credentials of psychiatrists online before personally visiting one.


    With our digital marketing services for psychiatrists, we help you amp up your business model by making necessary changes to your existing marketing plans. Instead of introducing a completely new marketing strategy, we will take the elements working for you and integrate them with our modern tools and techniques to give your business a new look. With our services, you will be able to outrank your competitors on the search engine result rankings and find the client base you are looking for.

    How Is Digital Marketing Helpful for Psychiatrists?

    Here is one thing about psychiatrists, not everyone can treat everyone out there, no matter good their degrees and services are. The relationship between a psychiatrist and a patient depends on their compatibility. So for people to find you, who will be compatible with the services you provide, you will need to build an online presence just as much as an offline one. This is where we come in; we help you build a solid online identity and maintain it as a part of our effective digital marketing plan.

    We go through all the crucial stages of a perfect digital marketing strategy under one roof, and some of our best services are:

    Website Optimization for Psychiatrists

    Many psychiatrists do not get the time to focus on creating an online identity for their business, whereas many of them have obsolete websites that have not been functional for years. We will recover such websites by conducting a full audit and recognizing the pain points. Our website design experts will fix broken links and optimize images, web pages, text size, and text styles. We will also remove or add web pages wherever needed to give your website a pristine and user-friendly look so that your users would be able to navigate through it easily.

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for psychiatrists

    Our PPC advertising technique is designed specifically for people looking to attract organic leads on their website. If you opt to receive our PPC services, we will create paid ads that will appear on top of google pages, with an ‘ad’ label tagged to it. Since PPC ads use keywords that you want to trigger, we will add long-tail keywords for a better advertisement to attract valuable leads. We will also monitor your PPC advertisement campaign with Google Ads so that we can easily track your success.

    seo and web optimization final
    SEO services for psychiatrists

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most vital elements behind running a successful digital marketing procedure. We will implement on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to your website pages, including fixing URLs, adding backlinks, adding alt text to images, headlines, meta titles, and other SEO components to ensure that your websites will perform seamlessly. We will also optimize your website to run at the same speed across all devices, mobile, tablet, or desktop devices. Since most people surf the internet through their mobile phones than their desktops, it is essential to optimize your website to work perfectly with all devices.

    Local SEO for psychiatrists

    The importance of local SEO for psychiatrists cannot be explained in a few words. When a person looks up psychiatric services in their local area, the services and doctors’ information that appears on the search results are due to the local SEO. We will include your business name in the local business directories, create a GoogleMyBusiness page for you, including your contact number, clinic address, email address, and types of treatments you provide for people to find your business correctly. We will also include Google Maps to give directions to people to your clinic for easier navigation, as well as location-specific keywords to people find you within no time.

    8-Content Marketing
    Content creation and marketing

    Another one of the most vital elements of a successful digital marketing service is content creation and marketing. Websites with relevant blogs and articles are more popular than those without them. People find businesses who talk about their industry-specific services in blogs more trustworthy, so we will create blogs, articles, and guests posts regarding mental health and the services you provide. We will publish these blogs and articles on your website, where the audience will be able to read them before choosing your services.

    We will also post guest blogs in public forums linking them to your website, where people will be able to find more information about your business. We will also write fun and engaging short and long-form social media posts that you will be able to upload on your official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

    Social Media Marketing for psychiatrists

    One of the best things about social media is that businesses can attract the right customer demographics with targeted keywords and meaningful posts. Since most younger generation spends their time on social media, your business will reach their profiles with a social media post than traditional marketing. We will create social media posts with crucial information about mental health-related problems and how you could help people handle them. Our social media posts will be informative and engaging at the same time, and we will upload them consistently to build a brand presence online. We will use the popularity of social media to find you the people who might require your help. We include targeted keywords and hashtags so that it reaches the people it should.

    Website creation and management

    Our website designers will create an aesthetically pleasing website for you if you do not have a website for your business. We will include all the necessary pages for your business, describing briefly your services and how you have previously helped several clients of yours. We will include relevant testimonials from your previous clients, images, and small videos of the services you provide. We will do all the necessary research to ensure that your website always appears on top of the search engine results whenever people search for a relevant term for the kind of services you provide.

    Why choose JDM Web Technologies?

    As a psychiatrist, it is not your job to know about digital marketing or how it could bring in more organic leads. It is not something you should worry about, so that is why we handle your marketing issues as a leading digital marketing agency on a global scale. We create plans that will skyrocket your sales and bring more genuine clients to your business. Here are some of the reasons you should choose JDM as your digital marketing agency:


    Experienced professionals

    As a skilled professional in your field, we are sure that you are aware of how important it is for professionals to work on specific subject matters. We are a team of experienced professionals with years of experience behind us. We talk with our clients before formulating a marketing plan. Then, we will work together with you to devise a digital marketing plan that will generate organic leads and increase your sales revenue. We have handpicked our team from across the country to ensure that our clients receive only the best services available.


    Dedicated team

    We work with multiple businesses at any given time; that is why we have divided our professionals into teams so that each of our clients receives special treatment. Our dedicated team members will be working on only one project at a given time so that we can solely focus on creating a digital marketing plan that will fit your requirements.


    Regular updates

    We understand how nervous it makes you when you are waiting to see the results of something, so we provide regular updates of our implemented marketing strategies. We will send you weekly or monthly analytical reports of how your business is performing after you have started using our services. The reports will contain an in-depth analysis of your sales and traffic on your website before and after implementing our marketing techniques.


    No-locking contract

    We believe that if our clients like our work, they will choose to stay with us naturally. So we do not impose any locking contracts with any of our clients, meaning if you are unhappy with our services, you can leave the partnership at any time you want. We will ask no questions, nor will we force you to stay with JDM Web Technologies.


    Choose according to your budget

    Since we focus on businesses of all sizes, you will find that we have multiple digital marketing packages so that everyone can afford them. You can go through each of our packages to understand the difference, and you can choose the right one for you. You can also upgrade your package anytime you want it.


    Even though you have a good clientele, there are still people out there who might need your service. However, unless you implement digital marketing in your business, they will never be able to find you. With our digital marketing services, we will target people who might be looking for the kind of services you provide.

    To choose the right digital marketing agency for your business, you should first figure what exactly do you need. Then, depending on whether you need help with social media marketing, SEO services, or content creation and marketing, you will be able to search for agencies that provide those services and are within your budget limit.

    Once you opt for our services, we understand that you are anxious to see the results as soon as possible. However, with Google’s algorithm and your industry reach, the timeline may vary from business to business. Nevertheless, we take all the necessary steps to make sure you start seeing the results as soon as possible. Usually, our strategies might take a minimum of four months before you start seeing any results.

    Partner With JDM Web Technologies to Find Out Your True Potential

    Are you starting your business journey and looking for an affordable digital marketing agency? Why not talk with us about your requirements, and we shall see if we are a match? Apart from helping companies head start their digital marketing, we also help those who want to change their digital marketing services from a different agency to ours.

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