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Paving the New Way Forward for Your Business in Raleigh

This is the era of everything going digital. So why should businesses in Raleigh be left behind? We at JDM Web Technologies got you covered. We are a digital marketing agency in Raleigh that helps you scale up your business manifolds by targeting the right market segment using the correct strategy.

Digital marketing strategies must be the correct blend of creativity, conciseness and preciseness. In order to achieve this, you need to choose an agency that knows the game of digital marketing and will help you every step of the way. There are several channels of digital marketing like email marketing, social media marketing and website development.

Why should you trust us?

We would say simply because we deliver what we promise. Please read on to know how we excel at what we do.


Our Vision

We want to help every business reach its maximum potential. We envision an industry wherein no enterprise must worry about its digital presence. If they choose to work with us, we will provide the best services to strengthen their presence on digital platforms and leverage it to the best of our capacity.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create meaningful digital campaigns for all businesses who approach us. We believe that good quality content attracts the right customers for any business. Hence, we put in our creativity and knowledge to make use of the latest trends and bank on them. This helps businesses have a strong foothold among the fierce competition that goes on.


Our Values

There are no two ways about the fact that organizations that survive all storms and carry a strong body of work have values deeply etched in their methods of working. Our values of integrity, hard work and dedication are something we hold very close to us. We work with a customer-centric approach which helps us assist our clients in the best possible way.


Our Team

The heart of any organization is its team. We have a team of mind-blowing professionals who know their job and are perfectly skilled to do that. We have handpicked seasoned team members who have years of experience in the digital marketing sector, and they will never let you fall behind in creating and maintaining a strong digital media presence.

How We Help Businesses in Raleigh Scale Up Their Digital Presence

Ensuring That Your Services Reach the Target Audience

In Raleigh, there are countless dreams, and some of these get realized in forms of business ventures. We at JDM Web Technologies understand your passion to take your business to an altogether new height. Digital marketing is the surest way to go forward. In today’s day and age where everything has a tag of social media validation, you cannot stay away from digital marketing.

Digital marketing has some pillars on which it stands strong and tall. We have professionals in Raleigh who know how to build these pillars for your business for it to have a strong foundation. This is exactly why we have several services aimed at various niche activities of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO has been one of the most curious concepts in the digital marketing industry. We simply cannot talk about content and marketing and not bring in the unparalleled importance of Search Engine Optimization. The concept of SEO is that search engines like Google, Yahoo and others sequence the website links according to the traffic they receive, and hence, the website getting more traffic ranks higher. This traffic is monitored by mapping the keywords present in the content given on the website and the keywords found in the queries given by the users against each other. In SEO optimization, we make a list of keywords that are extensively used by users of the search engine and try to embed them in our website. This increases the visibility of the website in a very organic way. The best part of this is that you do not need to pay anything to the search engine to get more traffic. Hence, it is a cost-efficient way of digital marketing.

Content Writing

It is to no surprise that content is the king! If you have the right content, you are halfway there. Content needs to be drafted in a way that makes the reader a part of it. The concepts that we put across should seem organic and come with a lot of clarity. If content is written correctly, it forms the backbone of a good marketing campaign. It is an important tool for information dissemination and customer education. It is important to let customers know that you are knowledgeable in what you do, and a good way is to put out intelligent content that attracts clients. Content is written in different forms like blogs, articles and educational materials. There are different platforms like full-length blogging sites, microblogging sites and personalized content platforms. We live in a world of information, and hence, good content is a prerequisite to good digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This is the era of social media. Every stratum of the population heavily uses social media to keep themselves updated with information, find some entertainment and share what’s happening in their lives. The unique attribute of social media is the personal touch that it provides between the business and the customer. There are countless social media sites. Some of the most popular are Instagram and Facebook. These ads are paid and they give a wide reach to all kinds of audiences. Also, they can be tailored in a way that reaches a specific target segment of the market if you feel you have a niche product. Also, LinkedIn connections are a great way to enhance corporate connections for better business-to-business communication. It is also a great way for employer branding.


There is a common question floating around, what is the main difference between content writing and copywriting? The answer is simple. Content writing is more focused on the content that is being written whereas copywriting is goal oriented. It is the process of writing material used for marketing, publicity and promotional purposes. Hence, it is drafted in a way that makes it succinct and crisp. The scripts for advertisements form a major part of the copywriting industry. The final product is called a copy or a sales copy. Copywriters usually work closely with other stakeholders like graphic designers, content writers and marketers to brainstorm about the kind of material they want to put out for a certain marketing campaign. Copywriting involves clear and explicit messaging and calls to action. It is mostly used in email marketing and to curate website landing pages.

Email Marketing

Many people are afraid that email marketing is nearing extinction. But that is absolutely untrue. Emails continue to reign the department of formal communication. If you want to be taken seriously, email the client! Unlike generic social media ads, email marketing is formal and specific. There are concepts like cold mailing and warm mailing that come into the picture. It is very cost-effective and straightforward. The groundwork involved is collecting a lot of potential customer data. If you have access to a rich database, you can have a successful email marketing campaign in Raleigh.

web development
Website Development

In the digital world, businesses need a website. A website that is attractive, easy to navigate through and simple to comprehend makes its way to the customers. If you are in Raleigh, we can provide you with the best website development services. There are several components in developing a website like the design, content, programming using the right technology and hosting it. we understand it can get tedious for you to figure out everything on your own, but don’t you worry for we provide end-to-end website development services. This will help you stay reachable and accessible to your clients with just one click. The trust and relationships that develop because of this are unmatched and have a lot of value in any business.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe the most important components of digital marketing are content, design and the channel of communication. If these three are in perfect synchronization with each other, you can create a great digital marketing strategy.

That is a great question for at the end of the day, we are all partly working for tangible and measurable success. There are various (Key Performance Indicators) KPIs like website traffic, click-through rates and conversion rates. These parameters can be measured for each channel of digital marketing and then combined using a weighted average to find the cumulative result. Also, when it comes to finances, you can check the ROI.

We are always there for those businesses who are keen to expand the horizons of their digital marketing campaigns. You can get in touch with our customer service team, and we will be happy to assist you.

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