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At JDM, we’re driven by our commitment to providing clients with top-notch Raleigh social media marketing services at affordable charges. Even if you belong to a highly competitive industry, our Raleigh social media marketing team has the ability to generate measurable results for you. If you desire to stay ahead of the competition and build your brand efficiently, partner with us.

Raleigh Social Media Marketing Services

Use our comprehensive range of Raleigh social media marketing services, get results quickly

Social Media Marketing

Irrespective of your specific social media marketing goals, you can count on our Raleigh social media marketing pros to attain them. Our services cover all the spectrums of social media so that you can take an all-round approach to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts and justify the use of your marketing dollars.

Facebook Marketing

With the maximum number of monthly active users, Facebook is an extremely powerful platform to promote your offerings, find new prospective customers, and drive them to your landing pages. Although succeeding with Facebook marketing has become a very difficult task these days, our Raleigh social media marketing experts will ensure you get results.

LinkedIn Marketing

Do you want to focus on certain groups of professionals and convert them into your customers? If so, use the top-rated LinkedIn marketing services offered by our Raleigh social media marketing specialists. We’ll help you reach your target audience and expand your network efficiently by developing a powerful marketing strategy.

Twitter Marketing

If you wish to generate the best results from your Twitter marketing efforts, you need to have a strong strategy. Use our Twitter marketing services and our Raleigh social media marketing analysts will handle everything, from creating powerful Tweets and using the right hashtags to publishing them at the right times and more.

YouTube Marketing

As the world’s largest video-based platform, YouTube gives you incredible opportunities to promote your services and/or products to a wider audience and attract them to your site. As per your specific requirements, our Raleigh social media marketing professionals will create ads and make them appear before, within, or after the right videos.

Pinterest Marketing

Since a lot of people view Pinterest as a premier source of inspiration, it’s easy to capture their attention here using the right Pinterest marketing strategy. Our Raleigh social media marketing team will utilize all the unique features of the platform to ensure your pins are seen by all your prospective customers.

Instagram Marketing

You need to focus on three main things to succeed with Instagram marketing quickly and efficiently – captivating images, high-quality videos, and an effective content-uploading strategy. If you don’t have the time to manage all these aspects simultaneously, use the data-driven Instagram marketing services offered by our Raleigh social media marketing specialists.

Ready To Take Your Business to Another Level with Raleigh Social Media Marketing Services?

Our Raleigh social media marketing services cover all popular platforms to make your efforts foolproof

Why Is It Vital To Engage JDM as Your Raleigh Social Media Marketing Company

Whatever type of support you need to grow your business, our team has you covered


Unrivaled Social Media Expertise

Our Raleigh social media marketing analysts have exceptional proficiency in handling different social media platforms. This means whether you only want to focus on the most popular ones or leverage the other ones, our team will take care of all your activities efficiently to help spread the word about your brand.


Unmatched Industry Experience

Our Raleigh social media marketing team comes backed by decades of collective experience in the social media marketing field. Therefore, whether you want to stick to conventional marketing methods or utilize the advanced ones, or use a combination of both to expand your business, we can cater to your needs efficiently.


Extensive Knowledge of the Field

Our Raleigh social media marketing analysts can help you with different social media platforms. We have exceptional knowledge of the unique features and tools offered by different platforms. This enables us to develop powerful strategies for individual platforms. By choosing JDM, you get to have the most knowledgeable team handling your social media activities.


Measurable Results

With JDM as your Raleigh social media marketing company, you don’t ever need to do any guesswork to assess the performance of your campaign. This is because, irrespective of the scope of your campaign, we’ll send detailed reports to you. These reports will mention the results of our activities, helping you comprehend their performance.


Support 24/7

Without constant monitoring and resolving the issues within a reasonable time frame, it’s nearly impossible to make the most out of your social media activities. However, with us on your side, you won’t need to think about it because our Raleigh social media marketing specialists will take care of it.

Why It Is Vital To Utilize Social Media Marketing For Your Raleigh Business


Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is one of the most important factors that help a business grow. While this has become quite difficult to achieve good brand awareness these days, a powerful social media marketing strategy makes it easy for you. By reaching your target audience efficiently and running campaigns, contests, etc., you can increase your brand awareness.


Better Engagement

Once you’ve reached your target audience, it becomes easy to improve your engagement. With the help of informative pieces of content and an effective posting schedule, you can entice your prospective customers to stay connected with your brand. The more your content benefits these people, the better will be your engagement.


Improved Reputation of Your Brand

With the help of social media marketing, you can take your brand’s reputation to the next level quickly. When you prioritize things like replying to your prospects’ queries, answering your present customers’ questions, and educating other users, this helps establish customer centricity of your brand, improving its reputation in the market.


It Is Cost-Efficient

Social media marketing is the only digital marketing method that doesn’t require a large budget but can generate exceptional results within a short span of time. This is among the key reasons countless brands prefer social media marketing over other methods. The charges of your chosen Raleigh social media marketing company will be your only cost.


More Traffic to Your Site

When your social media posts have high-value keywords and key phrases relevant to your offerings, business, and industry, they’ll be viewed by most of your prospective customers. Either they’ll use the About section of your profile or the links in your posts to go to your site to obtain more information about your business.


More Qualified Leads

Social media marketing facilitates fast and effective communication with your prospective customers. This means you can give your best shot to convince them about the benefits of your offerings. Since they’re already prepared to interact with your brand, they’ll easily complete your desired actions, whether it’s filling out forms, sharing their email addresses, or buying from you.

What Should Be the Approximate Cost of Social Media Marketing Services for Business in Raleigh?

You should be prepared to pay within a range of $100 to $199 when you want a premier Raleigh social media marketing company to handle your social media activities on an hourly basis. For most of these companies, the minimum project value starts from $5,000 and can go up significantly depending on your specific requirements.

Basic Social Media

When your objective is to outperform your competitors in and around Raleigh by gaining more social media prominence than them, you should go with our basic social media package. As part of this, two social media platforms of your choice will be fully managed by our Raleigh social media marketing specialists.

Advanced Social Media

Choosing our advanced social media package is your best option when you want to acquire a large number of leads for your mid-sized business. When you purchase this package, our Raleigh social media marketing team will create up to 10 custom image posts and 20 monthly posts while managing three of your platforms.

Enterprise Social Media

If you wish to make the most out of our Raleigh social media marketing services to expand the customer base of your large business, you shouldn’t look beyond our enterprise social media package. Our Raleigh social media marketing experts will create a customized strategy and handle five of your chosen platforms.

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