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One of the most fiercely competitive industries is the restaurant industry, and it strikes out through numerous hurdles to come out with more uniqueness to attract clients. You must put your efforts into displaying your best menu, ambience, inside the kitchen, robust delivery model, etc., to set your restaurant apart from the competition.

Because many consumers use smartphones, and their decision to dine is mainly impacted by the online content accessible, having an online presence is critical for your restaurant. Customers also want the ability to order online, view seating, and book tables through the convenience of their smartphones. Not having strong online visibility and a mobile-friendly website could likely mean that you are losing prospective customers. As a result, digital marketing plays a crucial part in the potential success of both large and small businesses.

About JDM Web Technologies

Based out of India, we are a group of digital marketers working together to help businesses improve the outcomes of their online marketing tactics and strategies. We love to interact with our customers on a day-to-day basis, understand their problems and come up with the most creative solutions for them. We create and execute cutting-edge advertisement campaigns that provide measurable outcomes for our clients. We are specialized in a diverse range of Digital marketing aspects like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Pay per click (PPC), Online reputation management (ORM), etc.

We are genuinely dedicated to our customers to the fullest, and maintaining a customer-centric approach is our top priority.


Mission and Vision
Our objective is to provide integrated brand marketing that is both original and successful and help our client grow their business and achieve their marketing goals.
Our goal is to use our knowledge and understanding of our clients’ businesses and requirements to develop a fine-tuned digital marketing solution to their specific needs.


Our Team
We have carefully and thoroughly selected a team made of capable and experienced individuals. Our digital marketing service team works with your marketing team to create and execute successful and engaging campaigns for your current and prospective customers.
We are a large team of online marketing experts, Content Creators, Graphic Designers, Social Media Strategist, SEO experts, and business analysts. We are in charge of staying on top of current trends and making your online business sound.

Why Should Your Restaurant business not avoid digital marketing services?

Owning and operating a business involves much effort, and running a restaurant makes things considerably more challenging. Customers’ expectations of foodservice businesses are continuously evolving, and in today’s increasingly digital environment, business owners are expected to find new ways to win them over constantly.

According to a recent stat, 83% of smartphone users rely on their phones to search and review sites and make dining decisions. Thirty-one percent of all millennial foodies snap regular food pics and share them on various social media.

If you operate a restaurant, you must have a robust digital marketing strategy to stay updated and build a loyal customer base.

  • Digital Marketing has a vast reach and costs less in terms of the profit it garners. It gives the scope to reach out to many customers simultaneously and within a limited budget. Digital Marketing creates a better growth opportunity for small businesses as well.
  • Digital marketing is personal in approach; hence offer multiple ways to establish an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Your restaurant social media page can be a go-to place for people to ask questions, make suggestions, and you can respond quickly.
  • Every trim level of investment in digital marketing has the potential to deliver good customer engagement results.
  • The percentage of the audience who got converted into leads and then purchased the service is easy to measure in real-time. Various web analytics tool helps business owners to know if they are getting the optimal ROI or not.
  • By measuring the market campaign in real-time, we can see which tactics are working and which are not. Then we can adjust and improve our campaign accordingly.

JDM integrated Digital Marketing solution

Website Design & Development

A website helps to promote products and services and build market credibility. But we only have a few seconds to engage the user’s attention, so we will create a responsive website that provides a superb user experience. We have an excellent team of web developers capable of producing high-performance website development of any complexity. We are here to assist you regardless of the size of your business and promise to deliver you a website that suits your business needs.

Social Media Connect

social media should be the top priority for the restaurants and foodservice industry. A considerable part of the prospective audience is on either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We can help you find the right social media platform, create and manage top-performing social media channels, showcase your business, and gain followers. Our techniques include competitor analysis, managing social media reputation, creating organic social media campaigns, and tracking social media campaign results.

seo and web optimization final
Search Engine Optimization

We offer comprehensive SEO services that help you reach your target customers whenever they search for your offerings. We’ll construct a Google My Business profile for you, and in case if you already have one, we will make sure your contact information is up to date, so clients can easily reach you. We will research and analyze your website and target market, make on- and off-page SEO changes, and conduct experiments and tests for areas of opportunity.

Email Marketing

It’s a cost-effective way to grow your business. Our professionals help your business stay top of mind with prospects and existing customers by sending monthly email newsletters. Our team will handle everything related to email marketing, including design, copywriting, and customer list segmentation.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is used to generate more clicks on the website, and you only pay for each click made on the advertisement. Our PPC experts can help you set up a PPC campaign for a faster conversion rate and ROI and promote your ad at the top position in Google search. Our PPC experts will also improvise the Ad clicks to get them turned into business leads. We manage the PPC campaign our clients with dedication and deliver better outcomes in a short span.

Content Writing

Your website content is the foundation of your SEO. We will write your content precisely, utilize high-performance keywords, incorporate imagery, and structure your blogs and posts to promote easy reading. When you use effective SEO in your blogs, it makes customers reach your website and keep them engaged.

Online Reputation Management

Our ORM staff will take care of the bad publicity. We delete all negative remarks to keep your brand reputation intact. Our ORM services include

  • Eliminate Negative branding
  • Customer complaint management
  • Remove False and bad reviews
  • Respond to negative comments
  • Prompt Customer response
  • Place positive feedback

Why Should You Choose JDM For Your Restaurant’s Digital Marketing Promotion?

More than a decade has elapsed since we first entered the market. Given that time is money, we establish reasonable deadlines and adhere to them. We interact with our clients on a regular basis to keep them informed of our work and to ensure that our project is launched on time. By tracking our visits, we can evaluate how successful we have been and what has worked and what has failed. Monthly reports are sent to the customer through email, and all traffic data may be accessed online at any time by the client.

There are businesses of variable scale, and some just have begun their journey while some just need revamp. We have flexible packages for every business, big or small. Any startup or small business can contact us without any second thought because of our affordability. We do not hold our clients under a contract and allow them to cancel at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The core of any restaurant that wants to go digital is the website. Your website should have a few features like Where are you located, Menu picture with the price, Booking link, connection to a social network, etc. A blog on your website about good food, recipes, or local event will be helpful to attract readers. Use your social network channel to connect with the customer by replying to their queries and taking their feedback.

Because you need to be present everywhere your customers are, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this subject. Different businesses cater to different demographics; one spends most of their time on Instagram or Facebook, while another prefers LinkedIn. So, we need to find out our respective audience and follow them there.

While word-of-mouth marketing can be effective, most people seek for and research restaurant online before deciding to visit. Your restaurant’s internet presence establishes credibility and raises brand awareness. In addition, your website can be used for a variety of marketing methods.

Ready To Promote On Restaurant Online?

We have helped many restaurants globally to go visible online. If you are looking for an expert to handle your digital presence, we are right here!

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