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Exceptional prowess, decades of experience in the industry, access to the latest resources, and unwavering commitment to helping businesses of all sizes – these are what summarize JDM. When it comes to helping clients leverage social media platforms, our Sacramento social media marketing experts leave no stone unturned. Hire us to stand out from your competitors efficiently. Give us a call today!

Sacramento Social Media Marketing Services

Our broad range of Sacramento social media marketing services is designed to help every business grow

Social Media Marketing

When you prioritize social media marketing, you start getting a diverse range of benefits. If you desire to get all these benefits efficiently, turn to our Sacramento social media marketing specialists. No matter which platform you need help with, we’ve got the knowledge and skills to support you in the best possible manner.

Facebook Marketing

By using a strong Facebook marketing strategy developed by our adept Sacramento social media marketing analysts, you can elevate your business’s growth quickly. Whether you wish to leverage paid promotions, organic marketing methods, or a combination of both to promote your services and/or products, our team is here to help.

LinkedIn Marketing

If you want your brand to achieve recognition on LinkedIn, it’s essential to have a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy. With such a strategy in place, not only can you boost brand awareness but can also drive more qualified leads to your landing pages. Our Sacramento social media marketing pros will help you achieve all these.

Twitter Marketing

When your goal is to take your brand awareness to another level quickly, you should opt for Twitter marketing services from our Sacramento social media marketing team. We’ll leverage all the advanced features of Twitter to maximize your reach, make new audiences aware of your business, and build your brand recognition.

YouTube Marketing

With each passing day, YouTube is becoming more and more popular, and hence, neglecting YouTube marketing may translate into missing out on incredible opportunities to grow your business. Armed with many years of experience in YouTube marketing, our Sacramento social media marketing pros can help you with its all aspects.

Pinterest Marketing

To succeed with Pinterest marketing, you need to post content that highlights different aspects of your brand. When handled by an adept team of Sacramento social media marketing experts such as JDM, you can improve your brand awareness, acquire more traffic, and make more sales efficiently at the same time.

Instagram Marketing

Having developed and executed many successful Instagram marketing strategies already, our Sacramento social media marketing professionals are well-positioned to help you make the most out of the platform. From promoting your offerings to the right audience to helping you sell on Instagram and more, our team will help you with everything.

Set To Grow Your Company with Sacramento Social Media Marketing Services?

Use our Sacramento social media marketing services will pave the road to success for you

Why You Should Hire JDM as Your Sacramento Social Media Marketing Company

No other social media marketing company has strengths similar to what we have


Decades of Industry Experience

Our Sacramento social media marketing team has decades of combined experience in social media marketing. This massive experience enables us to develop innovative and powerful marketing strategies that not only help our clients attain their desired results but also help them establish their brands as authoritative ones in their industries.


Solid Social Media Prowess

No matter if you want your social media marketing activities to be managed as per the latest industry trends or according to conventional practices, our Sacramento social media marketing specialists have you covered. Over the years, we’ve gained unequaled expertise in the field and will use it to cater to your needs.


An Unparalleled Track Record of Results

Our team of Sacramento social media marketing analysts has built a long list of successful social media marketing campaigns with exceptional results. This track record has helped us stand out from any other Sacramento social media marketing company. With JDM on your side, you get an assurance of getting noticeable results.


Unmatched Knowledge of the Domain

Engaging JDM is equivalent to taking an all-round approach to maximize the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. Even if you want to focus on several social media platforms simultaneously, our Sacramento social media marketing experts possess the knowledge and skills to support you in the best possible manner.


Exceptional Technical Support

Our Sacramento social media marketing pros have earned a distinct position in the industry for offering the most efficient technical support to each client. Our technical support specialists work 24/7 and monitor every campaign closely. This helps us ensure that whenever an issue crops up, it gets resolved as quickly as possible.

Why You Need To Prioritize Social Media Marketing For Your Sacramento Business


Improvements in Brand Awareness

To improve your brand awareness, more and more people need to be aware of your business, what it does, and what its mission and vision are. With social media marketing, you can spread the word about your company easily and effectively and uplift your brand awareness within a short period of time.


Enhancements in Engagement

While it’s really hard to improve user engagement with other digital marketing methods, social media marketing helps you do it with minimal effort on your part. As long as you have the right marketing strategy and an effective content strategy in place, it shouldn’t be difficult to entice users to interact with your posts.


Improvements in Brand Reputation

By prioritizing social media marketing, you can build a good brand reputation within a reasonable time frame. However, improving brand reputation isn’t an easy task and requires a strong marketing strategy that covers all the aspects of your brand’s social media profiles. Therefore, it’s best to let a reputable team of Sacramento social media marketing professionals handle this.


Significant Results on a Low Budget

Social media marketing is probably the only digital marketing method that lets you achieve good results on a minimal budget and that too within a short span of time. Since all popular social media platforms are completely free to join, your initial expense will be the cost of your chosen Sacramento social media marketing package.


Growth in Inbound Traffic

When you post engaging and informative content on social media, the pieces will naturally be seen by many users. Depending on the nature of your posts, many of them will go to your site to learn about your brand in detail, giving a solid boost to the volumes of your inbound traffic.


Improvements in the Number of Qualified Leads

Whether you want to target individuals with a specific background, a particular gender, a specific age group, or any other group of people, you should be able to do it effectively with social media marketing. By placing your offerings before them and convincing them about their benefits, you can attract more qualified leads.

What Should Be the Approximate Expense of Using Social Media Marketing Services for Business in Sacramento?

Although the hourly rates significantly vary from one Sacramento social media marketing company to another, you can expect to pay a fee between $100 and $149. When it comes to project budgets, it usually starts from $1,000 for most social media marketing agencies in Sacramento and goes up as per client requirements.

Basic Social Media

If you run a small company in or around Sacramento and want to see if social media marketing works for you, you should buy our basic social media package. Our Sacramento social media marketing professionals will manage all the activities of two social media platforms of your choice under this package.

Advanced Social Media

You should select our advanced social media package when you need to acquire significant volumes of qualified leads for your mid-sized business. When you buy this package, three of your social media platforms will be fully taken care of by our Sacramento social media marketing experts along with other services.

Enterprise Social Media

Our enterprise social media package is the ultimate option for large companies looking to gain prominence at the national level and expand their customer bases quickly. With this package, our Sacramento social media marketing specialists will manage five social media platforms and come up with individual marketing strategies for each of them.

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