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Get qualified leads and boost sales with JDM’s social media marketing services

Social media marketing strategies aren’t something that you implement once and forget. You will need to devote daily resources to promote your brand’s awareness, build brand recognition, and forge relationships with your target audience by engaging and enticing them. All these and more are what our San Jose social media marketing professionals specialize in. Let us help you leverage the latest social media trends and implement the best practices to craft and implement strategies that bring you high-quality leads.

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    San Jose Social Media Marketing Services

    Grow your business with JDM’s growth-focused, customized social media marketing services

    Social Media Marketing

    Present-day users don’t just expect to see businesses and brands on social media. They want their interactions and experience with them to be quick and responsive. If you don’t have the bandwidth to invest daily resources to accomplish a strong, interactive online presence, let our San Jose social media marketing specialists help you do it with excellent results.

    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook marketing can be tough to master. However, you can rely on the tested and proven methods of our San Jose social media marketing experts to help your campaigns fly high. By using our knowledge and expertise, we can turn Facebook into a powerful lead generation and/or online sales channel for your business.

    LinkedIn Marketing

    Let our San Jose social media marketing professionals create and execute a tailored LinkedIn marketing strategy that helps your business reach and connect with the right prospects. From creating an optimized profile and posting insightful posts to managing paid ads to generate leads, we can do it all and more.

    Twitter Marketing

    Our San Jose social media marketing team has extensive experience with paid Twitter marketing campaigns for content promotion, brand awareness, lead generation, and retargeting. If you need experts to help you leverage Twitter to create brand awareness, get leads, and boost sales to grow your business, we are your go-to experts.

    YouTube Marketing

    Did you know YouTube can help your business grow speedily and at a profitable level? You will just need a trusted partner like our San Jose social media marketing experts to chalk out and execute effective strategies that let you make the most of YouTube’s massive user base to reach your target clientele and engage and entice them with your content.

    Pinterest Marketing

    If you want to optimize your Pinterest efforts, you can trust our San Jose social media marketing analysts to do the job. From creating a content strategy and streamlining scheduling and publishing for Pinterest to tracking profile-level analytics, high-performing Pins, and traffic driven to your domain, we can do them all.

    Instagram Marketing

    To leverage Instagram for business, you will need to create, schedule, publish, and engage with posts. But that’s not all. You will also need to tag products, monitor hashtag usage and performance, track and respond to comments, track audience engagement, and analyze your efforts. If all these sound too much to handle on your own, let our San Jose social media marketing team do it on your behalf.

    Ready to Give Your Business a Boost with San Jose Social Media Marketing Services?

    Work smarter with our social media marketing services to drive traffic and leads

    Why Choose JDM as Your San Jose Social Media Marketing Company

    We help boost engagement, get quality leads, and improve sales


    Extensive Experience

    Every business is unique and our San Jose social media marketing team knows that. Using our extensive experience, along with our creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, we bring a fresh perspective to your social media marketing campaigns. Forget getting the same stale posts, like hundreds of other businesses in your niche when you have us as your partner.


    Unrivaled Social Media Expertise

    We know what works and what doesn’t on various social media platforms and keep up with the constantly changing and evolving scenario where platforms add new features, do away with some others, and change how their algorithms operate. With our San Jose social media marketing professionals at work, you will get unparalleled social media expertise to benefit your business.


    Measurable Results

    If you can’t measure something, you can’t possibly improve it. That’s why the focus of our San Jose social media marketing agency is to deliver measurable results for your social media marketing campaigns. Apart from keeping you posted on your campaign’s progress, we also assess and refine your social media strategy periodically to drive better results.


    Extensive Knowledge

    Since we have worked with a diverse array of businesses, we know how to market different businesses, the type of posts to create, and how to help them connect with their target audience. Whether you want to improve your brand awareness, create better content to give engagement a boost, bring more leads, or all of these, our San Jose social media marketing analysts can leverage our extensive know-how to help.


    Support 24/7

    Want a glitch in your social media campaign to be fixed? Need answers to your questions right away? Or seek guidance with a feature, post, or anything else? Our 24/7 support is built for all these and much more. With our San Jose social media marketing team’s round-the-clock support, you can rest easy knowing that we have got your social media needs and emergencies covered.

    Why Invest in Social Media Marketing for Your San Jose Business


    It Improves Your Brand Awareness

    By capturing your target audience’s attention and connecting your brand with a broader, more diverse customer segment, social media marketing can help strengthen your brand engagement. It gives you a powerful way to reach your prospects right when and where they spend their time to improve brand awareness and engagement.


    It Boosts Engagement

    Authenticity plays a significant role in boosting social media engagement. By helping you find a social media voice that aligns with your brand and sticking to it while interacting with your audience, social media marketing can boost brand visibility, improve your online efforts’ effectiveness, create a loyal community, and make your engagement go north.


    It Drives Your Brand’s Reputation Up

    On social media platforms, positive posts, reviews, and comments can significantly boost your brand’s reputation and even inspire brand loyalty. With well-planned social media marketing strategies, you can reach a wider audience, connect with them on a deeper level, and demonstrate your expertise and value to boost your brand reputation.


    It’s Budget-Friendly

    Traditional advertising avenues cost a lot and yet, fail to help you reach your target audience fast and make a positive impression. But at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising tools like magazines, newsletters, or roadside billboards, you can use social media marketing to get noticed by your target audience and impress them.


    It Augments Your Website Traffic

    Social media marketing campaigns cover a lot – from posting content that links to your website and cross-promoting your social media channels to sticking to a frequent posting schedule on your social accounts, using relevant keywords in posts, and creating shareable content. All these help boost traffic to your website.


    It Helps You Get More Qualified Leads

    Since you can target hyper-specific demographics with paid social media ads as part of your social media marketing campaigns, you can reach your target audience based on their online behavior or interests, age, location, etc. And you can reach precisely those who are really interested in what your brand has to offer. This helps bring in more qualified leads.

    How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost For Businesses in San Jose?

    On average, you will have to pay anywhere from $100 to $149 per hour to hire a leading San Jose social media marketing agency. The actual cost can differ though, as it will be determined by multiple factors like what industry you serve and your campaign’s complexity, objective, and scope.

    Basic Social Media

    San Jose-based small businesses and start-ups looking to grow their business in the region can benefit from our basic social media packages. When you hire these packages, our San Jose social media marketing specialists will let you get the most out of 2 social media platforms with up to 5 tailored image posts and 10 monthly posts.

    Advanced Social Media

    To boost your mid-sized business in San Jose using social media marketing, you shouldn’t look beyond our advanced social media packages. These packages include work done by our San Jose social media marketing professionals to help you make the most of 3 social media platforms with up to 10 bespoke image posts along with 20 monthly posts. Assistance with curated content sharing, paid campaigns and sponsored ad management are also included.

    Enterprise Social Media

    Let our enterprise social media packages help take your e-commerce marketplace or enterprise to the next level. These packages let you leverage 5 social media platforms with up to 20 bespoke image posts and 30 monthly posts. Our San Jose social media marketing team will also help you with sponsored ad and paid campaign management, curated content sharing, and identification of the most effective hashtags.

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