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What makes your website unique from thousands of different websites in the industry? At JDM Web Technologies, we bring our web design and development skills to deliver brands rather than just websites for business. From flexible budgets to comprehensive digital marketing services, JDM Web Technologies targets companies looking for budget-friendly digital marketing and web design services.

Seattle Web Design Services

We offer a good range of web design services that is enough to build a brand

seo and web optimization final

What’s the point of a business website that is not SEO-optimized. With our services, you have an SEO website that can also act as a marketing tool. From optimizing your website with responsiveness to regular website maintenance, we know all the ways to make it to the top of the SERPs.

Web Design

We are 100% up to hearing out your preferences while designing the website, but do we all agree that the end-user is the priority? At JDM Web Technologies, we are aware at every stage of our design process that the design affects user experience, which eventually dictates conversion rates.

Custom Web Development

How customized do you want your website and branding to be? With a set of questions during the consultation, we try our best to gather about your target audience, goals, requirements, budgets, etc. Then, based on your custom requirements or preferences, we leverage various website development tools and technologies to meet your standards.

Responsive Web Design

When we say our priority is the end-user, we also ensure we provide data that will improve the user experience. Mobile devices contribute significantly, and we do everything in our power to build responsive websites performing to the fullest across multiple devices and resolutions.

eCommerce Web Design

We extend our skills to all the major platforms for eCommerce development, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix, Magento, etc. It’s all upto you, your website requirements, and your goals that dictate the choice of platforms. If inexperienced with the knowledge of platforms, our skilled designers and developers will choose the right one for you.

WordPress Web Design

For serving the most customized websites, we make use of WordPress to design, develop, and distribute blog content with utmost flexibility. With endless options of temples and plug-ins, WordPress offers customization to its fullest. Our skilled designers and developers are well-familiar with WordPress website design and development and consistently deliver highly functional websites.

Website Maintenance

SEO is a life in itself – it changes and evolves. Our website maintenance services keep your website updated to grow and evolve parallelly with SEO. Our website maintenance services include creating blog content for your website at regular intervals, keeping your website safe, and keeping all links working and active.

Website Redesign

A brand new website might not always break into the market as it is supposed to. With time, our agency will help you eliminate what doesn’t work anymore and enhance what works. Our skilled designers can work on redesign without much affecting the uptime of your website.

Ready To Grow Your Business With Seattle Web Design Services

Building authority, increasing engagement, and conversion come with web design

Why Choose JDM As Your Seattle Web Design Company

We are striving towards offering unmatchable services. Explore how we do it.


Expert Workforce

At JDM Web Technologies, we always look forward to working with skilled, passionate, and experienced individuals. Our workforce is why our digital marketing services are well received and reviewed today. JDM Web Technologies value the crew as much as we value our clients.


Timely Delivery

We don’t like messing around with deadlines. If we are swarmed with projects and clients, we will make it clear to you about the same. With dedicated project managers overseeing the projects and their processes, it is quite doable for us to deliver projects within deadlines.


Happy Clients

We serve a wide range of businesses, industries, and clients. With a wide range of talents among our workforce, we can easily manage to deliver satisfactory results to all our clients. From offering customized packages to respecting privacy and deadlines, we leave no room for dissatisfaction.


FREE Website Maintenance

6 months of free website maintenance – that’s right. If your website is designed and developed by us, a free website maintenance service is an effective way to analyze how your website grows and ranks in different positions with time. We will offer all the services included in general website maintenance from JDM Web Technologies.


Transparency All the Time

From our process to prices to our skills, we like to keep you aware and knowledgeable about all aspects of our practices. We will never make you spend money on something that we know will not work for your business. We will help you invest in services that will bring genuine results for your website and business.


Support 24×7

We have dedicated customer support teams to ensure that whenever you call us, we are ready to respond, listen, and guide you towards your requirements. Our support teams are understanding, polite, and own fundamental knowledge about our offerings and business to adequately help you.

Why Invest In Website Design For Your Business In Seattle?

  • Engage Your Visitors & Increase Your Conversion Rate

    Your web design is what decides how your users will interact with your website and how easily they can navigate your content and services. A strong web design is a way to engage the visitors, make them explore, and eventually impress them enough to convert to paying customers.

  • Creates a Strong First Impression

    Digital marketing is a lot about branding rather than asking people to buy your services. We focus on a solid web design that will make you stand out amongst your competitors, present you as a professional brand, and create an impression that lasts even when you are not making noise in the market.

  • Better Google Rankings

    The more your website offers better performances, the higher it ranks on the Google rankings. Google loves websites that provide the users and audience good performance and satisfies with their search intent. With responsiveness and keyword implementation, our web design services are all in for satisfying audiences and Google.

  • Minimize your Bounce Rate

    Whether it is your website design or your page load speed that is making visitors leave without even spending a few seconds on your website. And this will hurt your bounce rate real bad. With Google Analytics, you can check what part of your website is resulting in an increased bounce rate and fix it accordingly.

  • Brand Consistency

    Branding matters a lot. Whether you are keeping your website maintained with redesign services or regular content creation, you have a good chance of becoming a consistent and valuable brand in the market, to customers, and to Google’s SEO.

How Much Does Website Design Services Cost?

Website Design Services costs vary depending on the services required, amount of content, and various other aspects like website maintenance which are an ongoing process unless you request to stop it. Having said that, explore our most common ready-made service packages.

Small Website

Our Small Website package starts at $899 and is often suitable for small Small Local Businesses. This package includes the following services:

  • Custom Home Page
  • No of Pages – Up To 10
  • 5000 words of content writing
  • Blog Page
  • Free SEO services for a month
  • Website ownership
Corporate Website

Our Corporate Website package starts at $1999 and is often suitable for small Medium Size National Businesses. This package includes the following services:

  • Custom Home Page
  • No of Pages – Up To 20
  • 10000 words of content writing
  • Blog Page
  • Free SEO services for a month
  • Website ownership
E-Commerce Website

Our E-commerce Website package starts at $3,999 and is often suitable for small and Large Business’s like E-commerce. This package includes the following services:

  • Custom Home Page
  • No of Pages – Up To 40
  • 20,000 words of content writing
  • Blog Page
  • Free SEO services for two months
  • Website ownership

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