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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been regarded as the key thing to make a business popular on the web platform. We offer SEO service to the businesses through various measures. For different businesses, you can find different packages at JDM Web Technologies. This is why we are here to provide you SEO at different pricing ranges.

Search Engine Optimization is a service, and thus it does not come at fixed value. There are many factors that have impact on the pricing of the service. As a professional service provider, we feel that we are bound by duty to provide you complete guidance.

What Influences Your SEO Pricing?

As stated above, there are many factors that can potentially influence the pricing of the SEO campaign. These influencing factors are discussed in the following section of this article.



When it comes to choosing the SEO packages, you need to judge the effectiveness of the service provider. You need to find a service provider that offers contemporary SEO service. It should offer you seamless SEO packages.


Efforts Or Measures

With our SEO service, you can get different measures or efforts. SEO is not a particular technique. It can be regarded as collection of various techniques. Thus, depending on the efforts you have to pay the prices for the SEO packages.



The pricing of the SEO service depends on the strategies. When complex strategies or advanced strategies have been used, pricing of the SEO packages seems to go higher. You need to strategize the campaign properly for your business benefits.


Term And Range Of Service

Depending on the terms and ranges of services, you need to decide your SEO strategy. Long term service will cause high investment at the beginning. But, long term service may also be money saving on the long run.

SEO Service Pricing at JDM

So, what are the prices of SEO service that we offer at JDM Web Technologies? If you want to know the prices, you need to visit the SEO packages page. At this page, you shall find ample of SEO packages to suit your business type and requirements. Pricing of SEO service is determined by us based on the following things.

Competition: We have to put more efforts, when you belong to an industry where competition is high and cut-throat. In high competitive situation, we have to put more efforts to fetch the best SEO result.

Activities: Every package comes with arrays of activities. When you want more activities, we feature packages with higher price range. For beginners, we recommend SEO campaign with limited activities.

Customization: Though we feature the packages to clients, sometimes we are asked to customize the packages by clients. We are flexible to provide custom SEO packages, but customization may attract higher cost for SEO campaign.

Expected Result : Different businesses come to us with different expectations. As per your expectations, we have to design the SEO campaigning strategies. Hence, your expectation can influence the cost of SEO packages at JDM.

Cost of the SEO Packages at JDM

So, what is the cost of SEO packages at JDM? Since different packages are there, you have different pricing options in hand. Each package has unique pricing, and the cost will change with your personalized needs. In general, the SEO packages at JDM are based on the three pricing categories. In the following section, those pricing categories are discussed.

Low Cost Packages

We offer low cost packages to provide you support for running SEO campaign. These packages are suitable for the startups. If you have launched a new company, you need to start with this entry level SEO packages. This package is pretty basic, and services are limited.

Mid Budget SEO Packages

After low cost packages, you shall find our mid-budget packages. These packages are designed to support the small businesses, which have already tried our entry level packages. After entry level packages, you need to go one step up to inject more SEO activities for promoting your business.

High Budget SEO Services

At the end, we have the third type of SEO packages. These packages come with high budget or pricing, and thus they are suitable for large scale businesses. When you need to add more value to your brand identity, these packages are high recommended for you.

Manage Pricing for the SEO Service

With a small budget, you can start SEO campaigning with us. The entry level packages are extremely cheap. They come with basic services which the new businesses need at the beginning. As you move on, you need advanced SEO service. For that, you need to invest more into SEO. With us, you can plan your budget and expenses for SEO campaign. We, at JDM Web Technologies, shall provide you guidance on managing the SEO campaigns with perfection. With our service, your SEO campaign will become more effortless. With low investment, you can get excellent business promotional result with our SEO campaign.

Steps for Budget Estimation

When you want customized SEO service from us, you need to go for a budget estimation process. To understand the budget for SEO, you have to follow a few steps. In the following section, you can get these steps.


Consult With Us

At step one, we would recommend you to consult with us. Consulting with us will fetch good result for you. We believe in providing honest advices to clients. Hence, we give you assurance that you would not be misguided by us.


Customize Packages

You run a business, and you can judge better the services that your business needs. Hence, we urge you to provide us customization requirements on your chosen SEO packages.


Budget Calculator

We provide you complete guidance on calculating the total budget. For suitability of clients, we provide interactive presentations to understand the overall investments that clients need to do for their SEO campaign.


Cutting Unnecessary Cost

After running campaign for a few months, few exercises may be found futile or lesser impactful for your business. You can cut down cost by eliminating those SEO activities.

To know more, you can write email to us. Alternatively, you can pick up phone and call us anytime for assistance.

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